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Hi, Prosper Noah here.

Welcome to my Private step by step practical video to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing on WarriorPlus, JvZoo etc. 

Go through the training videos and feel free to email me anytime you face issues or have any questions. 


VIDEO #2.  Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing  

On this video I explain how and what you need to get started step by step. 

Including:   signing up to an affiiate network, getting an autoresponder, creating your email list etc.. 

VIDEO #3.   Building Your List: Squeeze Page  & Thank You Page

Learn EXACTLY how to create your first ever Email List using GetResponse autoresponder even if you haven't done this before  plus how to setup your  squeeze and thank  you page for collecting emails 

VIDEO #4.   Squeeze Page Cont'd

In this video, I show you step by step how to create your Squeeze and Thank you pages for capturing emails and building your List.  

Continuation from the last video 

VIDEO #5.    Creating Your Website with WordPress (For Landing Pages)

This video is going to show how to create your website with wordpress to host your squeeze pages, thank you pages, link cloaking etc.  

So this video walks you through step by step to buy domain and hosting   and setup. 

VIDEO #6.    Getting Page Builder 

In this video, you are going to learn how to get the Page Builder that is to be used in designing your squeeze pages, thank you pages and all type of pages you may need in your affiliate marketing Journey.

Watch carefully and implement. 

VIDEO #7.   Building your squeeze page  (Getting Lead Magnet )

In this video you are going to start building your list but before then, you have to get a lead magnet.

Watch step by step how to get lead magnet, integrate with getresponse etc. 

Featuring: Idplr (for getting lead magnets) 

VIDEO #8.    Configuring everything & Linking to GetResponse 

This is a continuation of the last video  on  integrating your squeeze page with Getresponse so your leads can added automatically. 

Make sure you watch and implement

VIDEO #9.   Squeeze Page, Thank you Page + Getresponse Done! 

Configuring, integrating and everything on the squeeze page and  getresponse is finished here. 

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

VIDEO #10.  Free Traffic Source:   Quora

Now we  are going to start driving traffic to our squeeze pages in order to capture leads. 

This video introduces different kinds of traffic and how to use them .

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

VIDEO #11.   Free Traffic Source: Facebook

This video goes ahead to explain how to use Facebook to strategically drive free traffic to your squeeze pages  to build your list. 

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

VIDEO #12.  ​Paid Traffic Source:  
Solo Ads

This video focus strictly on using buying Solo Ads traffic to build your email list super fast.

It's one of the fastest and most recommend method  for beginners to build their list fast. 

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

VIDEO #13.   Applying to Promote Offers  Part 1

This video will show you how to apply to promote offers , what to say,   how to get approval fast etc. 

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

VIDEO #14.  ​Getting Approval Fast

This video is a continuation of the last video on how to apply to products and getting approved to promote.

Tweaks to get approved fast, etc. 

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

VIDEO #15.  ​Promotion/Crafting Promo Emails  

This is the real deal where I show you how to write convincing affiliate promo emails so you can start banking commissions. 

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

VIDEO #16.  ​Promotion/Crafting Promo Emails , Using Bonuses etc..  

Crafting Emails Continuation .... plus using bonuses in your promos to make more sales. 

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

VIDEO #17.  ​Promotion/Crafting Promo Emails   & Bonuses Continuation 

VIDEO #18.  Finalizing Everything  & Emailing!  Banking Commissions!

This is the final part of the training where I talk about sending your emails, adding your bonuses to promos, etc 

Watch Step by Step  and  implement

Helpful Resources:

1. Email Swipes/Templates  for  Nurturing your  new Leads 

2. PDF Download, 16 Bonus Ideas  for your Promotions

3. Approval Scripts to get fast and easy approval 

What you're learning in this Video Training:

The Ins & Outs 

You learn all of the secrets to bank lots of affiliate commission

The Recipe

Copy all of the strategies I personally use to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, 

Thousands of Dollars worth of Contents

Instead of buying and going from every course to the other, you learn everything here once and for all 

Traffic Sources that Convert. 

I use lots of methods for generating traffic, both paid and free. I show you everything so you can use and get results 

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