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Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria 2021: Create Account Successfully (Fix Phone Verification Stage)

I understand you want to make money with the amazon affiliate program in Nigeria but having problems setting up an account.

The Problem;

Amazon affiliate registration procedures is simple but you get stucked in the phone verification stage.


But there’s good news today;?

I have faced the same problem before and found a solution to fix phone verification.

The amazing thing;

Am going to share with you for completely free how to setup amazon affiliate or associates account from Nigeria easily and fast.

Yea, I’m not charging you shishi… haha.

I know how you Feel,

Amazon Affiliate is one of the best affiliate network where you can promote variety of products easily and Fast in any Blogging or Website Niche or YouTube.

But the Big Problem still remains that the Amazon Affiliate Network registration is not working for you.

You’ve tried It in Nigeria, Pakistan, India and lots more .

You get the Annoying We were unable to make a call to your phone number, please try another numberstuffs after wasting all of the Energy filling your details.

The Painful Part

You’ve actually wasted a whole lot of time filling all of the other details successfully at first ?

And you later find out you were unable to connect your phone number in the final registration stage.

phone number verification amazon

Congrats on arriving at this page.

Right now, Amazon Affiliate Registration Failure would no longer be a block for you.

After following the tutorial in this post, you?d learn how to create amazon affiliate accounts easily and Quickly.

Using this simple tutorial, you can create as many as possible accounts.

If you are new to affiliate marketing in Nigeria, then check my affiliate marketing category to learn a lot here.

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How to Register for Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria (fix phone verification)

NOTE: I wrote this post in 2018, but it’s still relevant in 2021 and works pretty well, so read carefully.

Yes, you can create an Amazon Affiliate account successfully after reading the guide in this post.

But before then;

Make sure these are available;

  • Your Android Phone Available
  • You have your PC with good and Fast Internet Connection
  • IF you recently tried to apply for an account, you can use the same email or use a fresh email. It?s your choice.
  • Text Plus App [The Most Needed for this Job]
  • An Android Smart Phone.

Amazon Affiliate Registration Tutorial

Step 1:

Start your PC and Start the Internet.

You don?t need me to show you from beginning till the end again because the main issue is the Phone Number Aspect.

So visit the Amazon Affiliate Website and Hit Signup for an account.

Fill all of the details correctly till you get to the stage where you would need to verify your phone number.

How to Verify the Phone Number Successfully for Identity?

You have read many tutorials on the internet haven?t you?

Yes they all say you can register with your Nigerian Phone Number, but they are all outdated (It doesn’t work some times).

You notice, after getting to that step, Amazon are unable to call your phone number even while your sim is live and with you!

The thing is most of these websites are gradually ruling out some countries and am not going to let that affect you!

Wait, See;

There are tutorials online that also suggest you to use an Android App called Text Plus App.

If you download the app to your phone, you will be given a US phone number, you can give to amazon.

Yes, it Works,

But hey!

TextPlus is only available to United States Users. Which means if you are in Nigeria or other Country other than United States the App won?t be available for your own Country to download.

You will definitely see ?Sorry, this App isn?t available for your Country?

So you See?

They are giving you Half information in their tutorials.

I personally tried this, but was unable to download the App. They won?t let me download it because am outside the United States.

But I found a Solution;

I was able to download it even while am here in Nigeria and I want to show you!

Having used this App multiple times to create many Amazon affiliate account for clients, I want to show you how to do the same EASILY AND FAST.

Keep Reading?

Step 2:

Now you are going to download the TextPlus App successfully using my tips.

But if you will like to confirm it, you can try to download without my tips and you will discover it?s not availableboe to you outside the US!

So here is the Tip to Download Text Plus App.

Step 1:

Download Zenmate VPN for Android from Google Play. Register for Free trial and set the Country to United States.

Go to your Android Setting ? Application ? All Application ? look for the ?Google Play Store?.

Choose Clear Cache only, not Clear data, and then choose Force Stop.

Now open the Google Play and there will be a Pop up Google Play Term of Service. Press Accept.

Now you have accessed Google Play from US.

Click this url to download textplus app again, you will be redirected to google Play Store.

Below is exactly what you are going to download.

textplus app

Now Download it quickly and install.

Operating TextPlus

Now When it finishes downloading, you need to open the App and click signup, Fill your details such as Email.


You may be asked to confirm your email too. So do it and?


You will be given a US Phone Number. You can use this phone number for online registrations that require verification via messages, calls etc.

So Amazon Affiliate Requires Call to verify your account.

Now when you are registering for amazon account, you will give them this phone number and they will call it successfully and give you a code to dial on your phone from your Laptop Screen.

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Do as they say and Yes!

amazon png 2

You successfully own an Amazon Affiliate Account from Nigeria or other Countries finding difficult to register for it.

NOTE: Just in case TextPlus have problems in picking calls from Amazon, you can contact me (Phone Number Removed) and I would setup an amazon affiliate account for you at N5,000 Fixed Price immediately.


I?m not happy until you are.

That?s why I have created this guide and I believe following all the instructions here, you are able to join the amazon affiliate program in Nigeria easily also known as the amazon associates.

This is just a registration guide and on the next posts I will show you how to use your amazon associates id for making money which i call the amazon affiliate income stream hehe..

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41 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria 2021: Create Account Successfully (Fix Phone Verification Stage)

  1. okay. thanks for this helpful tip. the problem am having is, when the call comes, i answer but no response until it will show call ended…then later show missed call. how can this be fixed?

      1. Well, I think TextPlus are now having problems in picking calls stuff….

        So I have a second solution and this one works all the time, you can contact me and I will help you setup the account at N5,000 Quickly.

  2. How did you verify the tax requirement in Amazon. Despite choosing the option of being a Non-US citizen they require the TIN number for the country you are. Don’t have a TIN number since I don’t pay tax in Nigeria. your response will be highly appreciated

    1. Well, No big issues there!

      Just let them know you don’t have any
      that you’re a Nigerian.

      That’s all!

  3. Mr prosper
    How will Amazon pay u….
    What are those things u will be doing to earn money with Amazon…..
    Like NNU… sponsored post, logins, reading news/comment,…..

    Hope it’s will crash our android phone….

    1. Amazon affiliate is for bloggers who want to make money with affiliate marketing on their blogs.

      They pay you when they display a product on your blog and people click on it to buy.

      Once they buy, you get commission ranging from 1% to 5%

      1. Good job.pls After using a PC to create the account, can I continue with my phone?. Because I want to make use of a cyber cafe’. Thank you

  4. Hi there, i signed up for the amazon affiliate program successfully but i used UK as my locale,will that affect me as a blogger from Nigeria?
    If yes, please how do i change my locale (and what should i change it to?) or even to delete the account and reapply; because i didn’t encounter the phone call verification issues(i think they only sent me a verification code to verify my number)

  5. Thanks for sharing.
    But after downloading the Zenmate, I couldn’t register because they kept rejecting my card details. How do I resolve it?

  6. Thanks Prosper for this I was successfully applied this strategy and it works perfectly. Thanks and God bless


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