hiwap proof payment

Top Nigerian Investment Companies with Weekly Payouts

Want me to show you the best Nigerian investment company that pays weekly in 2019 where I’ve personally earned over N95,000?

Then you’re in the right post.

and am dead serious, you can withdraw your earnings every Friday.

UPDATE: The recommended company below stopped working, the one that pays now is Swft FX and they pay 20% of your investment in 25 days, click here to check it out;

In fact, I’ve earned and withdrawn a total of N95,000+ from this company as seen in the below image.

hiwap proof payment

As you can see in the screenshot above, all of the payments were made on Fridays straight to my Fidelity Bank Account through Paystack payment gateway.

Yep, they pay every Friday.

In few seconds am going to share with you how it works so you can get started right away.

But before then I want to quickly let you in on something:

This stuff is real and trusted BUT the only way you are going to get results similar to mine or results that can surpass mine is if you take action and follow this post bomber to bomber Lol… I mean accordingly, haha.

Don’t skip anything.

Just keep reading so you can learn and take action immediately.

Remember: No results without action;

If you are shown something that works e.g. Legit Investment Opportunities, you read about it and do not take action, you are not going to get results at all.

That’s it.

So Let’s get started.

First things first; this is Affiliate Marketing.

I’ve been into affiliate marketing for the past 3 years and earned alot in 2018.

If you don’t believe this, then quickly walk away from this post, but If you’ve been following me for a while then you know what am talking about.

Or maybe, you see the Affiliate Marketing Category here just In case you are new here on my blog.

Wait a bit;

Before I share this program with you let me just give a recap again of what Affiliate Marketing is all about, especially if you are a newbie.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online here in Nigeria.

The Simple concept of affiliate marketing is:

  1. Someone known as the “vendor” creates a product and needs to make sales
  2. You apply to help them promote that product
  3. Then you will be given a special link to promote, so once you promote the product and people buy through you, you get a fixed commission.

Still don’t understand?

For example: I create a product that helps people make money online and am selling this product at the rate of N10,000 per piece.

But in order for me to get enough or plenty of sales, I decide to let you help me promote my product to people that are interested in making money online and we agreed on a 50% commission.

If you agree on that 50% commission rate, then I will give you a special link so that you can promote the product.

Whenever anyone buys it through your link, I pay you 50% of the original price of N10,000.

That means you earn N5,000 straight to your bank account just by promoting my product for me.

And guess what?

If you can promote it and get me 10 customers every day, that means you will be making N5,000 * 10 = N50,000 every day.

That’s the explanation of affiliate marketing.

  • You find a good product
  • Apply to promote that product
  • You earn commission when people buy.

So you see?

You don’t even need to create any product of your own.

You only need to promote with good promotional strategies to make sales and earn money.

To be sincere, affiliate marketing is one of the best online business out there and I want to be very, very frank with you; its the most profitable.

I can’t lie to you, you know? hehe.

So enough of the stories, explanation on affiliate marketing, ideas etc..

Let’s get started right away.

HIWAP – The Best Nigerian Investment Company That Pays Weekly?

Hiwap at the moment is my best website where you can invest N2,000 only once and earn passive income for life and even with withdraw every Friday straight to your bank account.

It’s the only one am using for now that’s working for me and as you can see below, I’ve earned N97,000 in total just investing N2,000 one time.

best Nigerian investment company that pays weekly

No need to wait till the end of the month stuff.

You want to know more about it?

What is HIWAP?

Hiwap means Health is Wealth Affiliate Program and this site was launched earlier March I guess, because that was when I joined the company.

Owned by Samuel Joy, a Certified Human nutritionist and personal health consultant along with other like minded great minds, they decided to create an earning opportunity for Nigerians through the site.

How to Make Money with Health is Wealth Affiliate Program

Their earning process is like this;

1: You Earn ?1,000 per Article you write:

You can earn ?1,000 per quality health article you write for them and if you can write 10 articles daily, that is N10,000 everyday.

Even though writing articles is one great way to earn on Hiwap, I personally focus on the second earning process.

2: You earn ?1,000 for everyone you Refer to HIWAP

This is the affiliate marketing aspect.

You will earn 50% (?1,000) direct referral commission when you promote (introduce your friends and family to join and take part in this earning opportunity on healthiswealth.ng)

You also earn 25% (?500) indirect referral commission when your downline refer others (Unlimited earning)

You also earn 10% (?200) matching bonus each time your downline complete their circle (Extra bonus)

Spillover enabled This is the most interesting part as you wont need to wait for your downline. (No delay)

You can always cash out your earnings every week (Fridays) when you reach the threshold of N5,000

and I prepared Hot Bonuses to help you earn a lot of money on Hiwap.

BONUS #1: Referrals Hacker Pro – Worth ?20,000

(In this Bonus eBook, I share with you my super hot strategies you can use to get lots and lots of referrals in any income program you join, containing some strategies I personally used to make over N740,000+ on NNU Affiliate Program, N150,000+ on wakanda.ng referral program and the other income programs totally Free strategies)

BONUS #2: Health & Wellness Articles Writer worth?15,000

(This bonus will allow you to successfully make N1,000 Per article you write on HIWAP)

(In this Bonus, I revealed what I haven’t showed anyone before, It contains how you can become a health and wellness articles writer or blogger using your Android Phone, I show the Tools you need, The Lazy method for finding health topics to write about with screenshots, and step by step how to write the articles fast without any delay, and finally some recommendations to assist you on how to write it that will make HIWAP and anyone at all quickly accept and love you for it)

If you signup for HIWAP straight away and upgrade your account using my link in this post you are getting this 2 bonuses sent to your email within 24 hours.

and be quick about it because Thousands of people are reading this post right now.

After first 50 people, I will stop giving out my bonuses and it will end by 20th May, 2019.

Just send me an email after you have signed up for HIWAP using my link and also upgraded your account, and I will confirm and send the 2 eBooks to you.

Be warned: Don’t email me if you didn’t upgrade your account, I will only send my bonuses to people who actually registered and also upgraded via my link.

How to Register on HIWAP and Start Earning

Don’t forget that you are getting my 2 bonuses if you use the referral link in this post.

So follow the below tutorial on how to register for hiwap and upgrade.

Note: After registration, you need to upgrade your account with N2,000 in order to start making money.

Step 1:Click here to the Website

The website page will open.

Step 2: Click on the MENU button on the site and hit REGISTER

Step 3: Fill the registration form carefully and correctly, put in your correct details like name, email etc.

When done, an activation link will be sent to your email.*

Step 4: Go to your email and click on the activation link sent you by HIWAP.

Finally, make payment of N2,000 for HIWAP Epin to any of the ePin Distributors banks for to upgrade your membership in order to be eligible to make money.

There are lots of ePin distributors, but I trust the lady named Amaechi Uzoma.

So you can send the N2,000 to her account to get the pin you will use in upgrading your hiwap account.

Below is the Account Details to Pay your N2,000 to:








After you pay,Message Uzoma your full name, Email, Username, Phone number, and send debit alert to *08037859257 on WhatsApp. You will get the EPIN instantly without delay

As soon as you pay, she will give you a Pin to upgrade your account.

How to Upgrade your HIWAP Account with ePin

After she’s sent the pin to you, follow below procedures to upgrade your account.

  • Login to your HIWAP dashboard, click on FINANCE
  • Copy and paste the EPIN you received from UZOMA HIWAP EPIN AGENT.*
  • Click on REDEEM
  • That’s all.

You will see a message that says Upgrade Membership Successful.

Then Log out of your account.

Login again and start earning.

After you upgraded successfully using my referral link then send me an email to prospernoah19@gmail.com for the 2 Bonuses.

Again be warned; If your account is not upgraded, don’t send me any email.

After I confirm that you registered and upgraded using my link, I will send the 2 bonuses to you within 24 hours.

If you need a step by step video, I created one for you below:

Okay that’s it.

Go make money with this program.

Make sure you follow the Bonus eBook “Referrals Hacker Pro” to make lots of affiliate commission.

Useful Links:


Note that this is not a high yield investment in nigeria that promises you will make millions by investing little amount.

You promote and earn here, its a business.

and you’ll discover that:

If you search google for best Nigerian investment company that pays weeklyyou may be faced with other articles that talk about programs like moneyonlineinvestment or millionaire mastercode by John Okobi

But to be sincere with you I don’t know about those programs because I haven’t used them myself.

and I can’t recommend what I haven’t used.

So use what I recommend and you’ll make good success.

Probably very soon I’d be writing on genuine online investment companies in nigeria when I’ve tried others, listing them accordingly for you in a blog post.

If you have any questions, don’t forget to ask in the comment section, I’ll reply you.

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  2. The program is real (HIWAP) and i am also a beneficiary by writing articles to earn about 6000 and on friday i requested for withdrawal and the money paid to my account. You can call me on this (phone number removed)

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