Chop40k Income Program: Earn Up to N120,000+ Monthly

Chop40k is an income program that’s been up for a while now and you’ll be able to make a lot of money with it right here in Nigeria.

I’m going to show you exactly how it works but before then, I wanted to let you know that this is 100% legit.

In fact, the owner is my long time internet marketing friend…

Without wasting much of your time, let me quickly show you how it works and how you can make money from it.

How does Chop40k Work As Well as Earning Procedures?

Just before I share the earning procedures, note that the registration fee is N2,500 and don’t worry, as soon as you activate your account you will receive free ₦2,500 cash bonus, with this you have recovered your money already!


So how do you actually earn?

You earn in three ways;

1. E-package
2. Ads Share
3. Affiliate Networking

E-package of Chop40k

In this section as soon as you register and pay your registration fee of ₦2,500, Chop40k will give you a product worth ₦10,700, which has a lot earning opportunities you may never find anywhere, this is an electronic guide where you will learn over 100 types of businesses in fullest details. This product will open you up to divers career opportunities you never thought could make you rich and how to completely set them up, A-Z with support.

Earning opportunities like;

  • How to create a Clickbank account and how to earn $250 through it
  • Earning at least $100 daily through Bitcoin
  • Creating a PayPal account that can send and receive funds and how to earn $10 daily with it
  • How to earn at least $50 daily through AD link and how to withdraw from it and many other premium products that will be discussed as soon as you become a member

Ads Share

The second way to earn money is through Viewing and Sharing Ads

Once you’ve paid you will be able to access your account dashboard where you can begin sharing. On your dashboard, you can then choose a business you think your friends on facebook will be interested in and you’ll be paid

You can only share once a day, and you can begin sharing from the very moment you activate your account.

Affiliate Networking

The third way to earn money is through the affiliate part which gives you ₦40,000 cash in a week, kindly read below an example that clearly shows how the affiliate networks

There are two levels, which are the Bronze and Silver respectively


As soon as you have paid the ₦2,500, you will be in Bronze stage, at this stage, four affiliates will pay you ₦2000 cash respectively, which gives you ₦8000 cash, as soon as you get it, you will be required to Upgrade to Silver with ₦5000 from the profit in Bronze


As soon as you enter silver, four affiliates will pay you ₦4000 cash each, which gives you ₦16,000 cash, as soon as you have reach this step, you will be required to move to the final stage which is Gold with ₦9000, from your profit in Silver

This process barely take a week to complete, minimum withdrawal is ₦6,000 but you can accumulate any amount and withdraw at any time you want

Disclaimer : this is only an illustration of how the affiliate system works, most affiliate earn up to ₦200,000 cash weekly, which is totally possible because their is no limit to the amount of money you can earn using the affiliate system

How to Register and Start Making Money

Remember, registration fee is N2,500

Registration is very simple.

All you need to do is;

1. Click here to go to the website
2. Enter your correct details as well as the bank account where you’d like to receive your payments.

You can either pay online or you can purchase a code for your registration, all instructions are on the site.

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