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CPA Affiliate Marketing Training: Effective Strategies for Quick Success

In this Post am going to show you what I did to make such huge amount in CPA Affiliate Marketing in just 6 days even though I barely knew anything about CPA.

And if you read this to the end, you’d see the ONE Training I took online and made such good success and how you too can become a killer in CPA Affiliate Marketing too.

I used to earn peanuts from CPA Marketing generally, in fact I never made any dime from CPA.

I applied to different cpa networks like MaxBounty, Peerfly and lots of others.

But then something happened that completely shocked me and turned my knowledge of CPA for good;

In fact, it was so powerful that I now earn around $500+ Weekly.

Below is a screenshot of my first 3 days and the second screenshot, my 6th day with CPA.

First 3 Days – $283.50?

cpa marketing 2

6th Day – $548.35?

CPA affiliate marketing training

My First Payment to PayPal?

powerhouse affiliate payment proof

Second Payment to PayPal the next Friday

Powerhouse Affiliate payment proof vault media

Since 2017 I’ve been looking for an easy to understand cpa affiliate marketing training to make money with CPA.

Finally, I found a very legit training Program today and the first day after following the training step by step, I made $50, Second day I earned $187, Third Day I earned $90+.

In total, just about 3 days of joining, I already earned a total of $283+ and counting as seen below:

cpa affiliate marketing training

A member Jane also made $294+ in 2 days, I will add her video at the end of the post.

Meanwhile, here is my video on first 2 Payments from powerhouse affiliates own CPA network called Vault Media.

I will be getting paid Weekly minimum threshold of $100.

This is to tell you how great CPA can be when it comes to making money online.

So what is the Big Secret and CPA Training?

Powerhouse Affiliate Premium has been a blessing to me.

I’ve been taking the Powerhouse CPA & Affiliate Training that costs me just $47? every Month and earning me atleast $500 Every blessed week.

Just in case you don’t know what CPA Affiliate marketing is all about, I will explain to you in a bit.

Don’t get confused;

There’s a slight difference in Affiliate Marketing and CPA.

This is it;

  • In Affiliate marketing you actually promote a product and until people buy that product, you won’t earn.
  • While in CPA meaning Cost Per Action you get paid commission based on what people take action on;

e.g. You can get paid when people submit their email, or signups for a free trial, or take a quiz.

This is why it’s so simple.

CPA is the only type of affiliate marketing where you don’t necessarily need to sell something.

Below are some few ways you will earn on CPA;

  • Email or Zip Submit: Here in order to earn, visitor only needs to submit his or her email and you make money
  • Free Trial: User agrees to join a program on a trial plan, you earn your money
  • Download or Install: Visitor downloads a game, you get paid
  • Lots More.

So these are very simple to come by and there are many people that bank thousand of dollars daily and monthly from CPA.

Successful Affiliate Marketers need to be Punished Severely

Pro/Expert affiliate marketers are feeding you with lies.

They tell you to register into an affiliate program and drive traffic to it and you will make Millions quickly.

The Real Truth;

Big mistakes people make is actually going into a network they have no knowledge of.

If you don’t know how CPA works and how to drive traffic to it, you will waste a lot of time there without making any dime.

The best thing to do is to actually calm and take a premium step by step training.

You know what?

I have joined lots of CPA networks such as Peerfly, CPAlead (the likes of maxbounty) etc…

But never made a single dime (not even $1).

So a friend of mine introduced me to Power House Affiliate Training Program and I decided to take a look at it.

and BOOM, after checking and using some of the training/courses..I recommend it as the best CPA Affiliate Marketing Training I’ve ever taken online.

The amazing thing;?

After going through one of the training titled “CPA Cash Vault 3.0” (the ins and out of CPA and how it works Plus how to get started)

I was looking for a CPA network where I could apply the strategies I just learnt in order to make money.

Then i discovered they have their own Private Network mainly for those who register in their premium training.

I signed up and was approved in a few minutes.

What happened next will surprise you;?

After approval, I had to login to my CPA dashboard and there I see lots of offers to promote.

I decided to go with one of the offers and sent traffic (Visitors) to it and hey; within few hours I was already making close to $10 in that offer am promoting.

The next 2 days, I’ve made around $286+ as you can see above.

So it’s really worth it; spending $47 every month taking the CPA affiliate Marketing training and following every instructions there in.

I can make cool money.

At the moment, am actually trying to scale this earnings to atleast $100 per day x 30 days = $3000.

That’s awesome.

So that’s really it, and I bet if you register now, follow the step by step affiliate marketing training and apply it, you will make a lot of money from CPA.

Am not trying to get commissions from you, am only recommending what works really well for me so you can as well make money.

Just in case you want to register or learn how to start cpa marketing, then follow the below.

CPA Affiliate Marketing Training 2022: Registration Procedures

Like I said earlier, this training is held by Powerhouseaffiliate

About PowerhouseAffiliate

They’ve been in business for the past years and they teach cpa marketing for beginners who want to really make money online.

They are the best bet if you are looking for things like;

  • Affiliate Marketing Course
  • CPA Marketing tools
  • etc.

Lots of knowledge from 7 Figure earners in CPA affiliate marketing.

This isn’t something of joke.

So here’s what to do now;

Just follow the step by step below to register and start your training as soon as possible.

NOTE: Training fee is $47 every month but you can cancel after first month if you are not happy.

But sincerely I don’t see any reasons why you should cancel because literally if you can invest $47 and make at least $500 every Week/Month, then what’s there to lose?


Step 1: Click here to the Website , when you get to the site,register with your your correct details like name, email etc.

Step 2: You need to pay the $47 right now with your PayPal account.

Step 3: Make sure you don’t put anything in the Coupon field, leave it empty.

Step 4: Pay

Finally You will be emailed your login credentials.

Now you can login your premium training and I suggest you go through all the courses step by step.

But if you want to take the CPA training straight away, you can select the “CPA cash vault 3.0” course from your dashboard.

It will walk you through what CPA is all about and how you can make enough money through it.

The amazing thing is that they will approve you into their Private CPA network where you promote offers and make money.

This is hard to enter for any other person but since you are a premium member, you’re approved quickly.

How you Receive Your Payments from their CPA Network

  • You get paid Weekly when you reach threshold of $100 (It’s very easy to come by as you do the promotion tactics they share with you in their CPA Traffic Surge course)
  • Payment method is PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer (To your Bank account) but I always like PayPal method because its very fast. Though you can use Payoneer as well.

Note that wire transfer may take like 2-5 days to get the money into your local bank account here.

That’s it my Friend.

My Plans with CPA

I tag this the best affiliate marketing course 2022 to be sincere.

After following all the strategies in the training, I plan to move from $75+/day to start making atleast $100-200 every day and once I achieve that, I will scale it to $500 every day.

Like I said earlier, here is a YouTube video my friend Jane made as she earned $294+ in just 2 days.

Though they offer a free cpa training as well but I won’t lie to you, it won’t make you any dime.

So you have to pay the $47 Per Month to get access to their premium full training in order to really earn greatly.

I’m very happy with this CPA affiliate marketing training by Powerhouseaffiliate, its really Top Notch.

Try them and See wonders when you take action.

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139 thoughts on “CPA Affiliate Marketing Training: Effective Strategies for Quick Success

  1. Thank you for this Prosper, I signed up today and the training is awesome, not like the other training I’ve taken on affiliate marketing

    Looking to make my first dollars soon from CPA marketing.

    1. Yea, am not an expert but following the cpa cash vault 3.0 I could simply follow and apply to get results.

      Thanks for leaving your comment

  2. I have a few questions prosper. Pls I signed up too but am having problems with where to get started.

    I can see affiliate marketing Bootcamp and other things but you talked about cpa which one are you taking yourself? So i can get started with the training too

    1. Yea its a full course on affiliate and cpa marketing so its cool you take them accordingly but if you want to get started in the cpa right away, then first things first; take the CPA cash vault 3.0 (It teaches you everything you need to know) after then, take the CPA traffic surge, it will help you generate traffic to make money.

  3. Hello Prosper. I am joyous that you can working along side the names God has given you. I am Pastor Benedict Uduasobor. I will like to really meet with you one on one and have you tutor me better if possible, please.

    God bless you Prosper.
    My cell phone: {hidden}
    Whatsapp: {hidden}
    email: *****

    Please, I look forward to hearing from you with a favourable reply. God bless you richly.

      1. Mr prosper thanks for the write up, I sent you a friend request on facebook please accept it

  4. I think this will require me a Blog of my own. Unfortunately, I have not been getting much traffic on my blog. Then, how possible is it.

    1. This is a full training on CPA and affiliate marketing so they walk you through every aspect from understanding cpa to getting huge traffic and making money.

      So stop wasting time, just signup right away and start learning & banking as well.

    1. There is no way you can make money online without traffic, they will take you through all aspect from knowing to generating traffic to your offers as well.

      1. Hi, Awesome article…
        My question is “Is this guaranteed?”
        I mean the generating of traffic. Does it work? Is it a different course I’ll be thought also?
        Cos as you said, “There’s no way to make money without traffic”.
        So with knowledge from the vault 3.0 and generating traffic course, (WHICH WILL BE GIVEN TO US), I’ll be able to make more than $47?

        2. When you opt for paypal, I thought paypal does not pay to Nigerian banks? Does it now work?

  5. If it is as you explained above, maybe I can give it a try………….but I wish I can contact you personally for more clarification though …….

    1. Check my about page above and send me an email, or drop your questions in this comment box.

      Have a great day!

  6. Hello Prosper Noah, I love this post. There’s no doubt In my mind that the platform is a legit one.

    My question is: After paying to get the premium account, how long does it take to get money from the platform.?

    Thanks again for this lovely information

    1. When you register to the training and you follow all what they teach, you apply to their Private CPA program, when you promote offer and make money, you will be paid every Friday to PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer.

  7. If this is coming from your Prosper, then I definitely am signing up right away.
    Your tips have been really helpful and $47 for such a training is not too much to invest.
    Do you have any idea if they accept Payoneer Cards?

  8. Wow, seems like CPA is more cool compared to affiliate marketing, I just registered with $47 too following your link, can you please enlighten me on which course to take first in the dashboard sir?

    More grease to your elbow

  9. I have registered too from what am seeing they even offer free host if I maybe want to create a website.

    That’s very generous of them ?

  10. Thanks Prosper Noah for this insightful post but if i may ask just two questions please:
    1. Have you been paid with this network of theirs,
    2. Hope this network of theirs (Powerhouse Affiliate) would not go extinct anytime soon
    3. Can the tricks/training learnt be used on other CPA networks apart from the one recommended by them,

    Kindly reply

    Thanks in anticipation

  11. Thank Prosper for the info.
    Do you think i can have success with power house affiliate using my smart phone?

    Thanks for answering.

  12. Thanks for this review. But how many course would one take in in this Powerhouseaffiliate? Or is forever &47 monthly course?

    1. It’s a full training on Affiliate Marketing and CPA.

      So you will always need to come back to read through, watch videos just in case you forget anything.

      The website is always there for you!

      Yes $47 is what you pay every month for unlimited access to the premium trainings.

      1. Will you need a budget to run traffic too?…what I mean is that, after paying the $47, will you still need money to run traffic or do any other thing?

      1. I don’t believe in words or screenshot. Why not screen record your payment proof and drop it on YouTube let’s watch.

        1. Yea, I’d try to record a video and add it to this article soon!
          Thank you for coming and leaving your comments.

          Have a great time!

          1. Payment proof is been added already.

            So you can read the post again.

            But do not signup if you are not ready to take action,so that you don’t create problems for yourself.

    1. That is the threshold.

      Meaning you need to reach atleast $100 or More to cashout.

      I cashed out $201 first payment and $340+ second payment as seen in the post and video payment proof.

    1. Not really, but in the long run you may need a landing page, a few pages website.

      The amazing thing is that they give you free hosting to create your own website in order to collect emails or landing pages.

      Everything is explained in their training.

  13. Good training i learnt from you today but please can you help us by telling us the meaning of $14 in naira and others please always Quote the naira in front of it.

    1. I do paid ads with Bing.

      When you create an account you get instant access to their training where they show you how to get traffic and many other things from scratch.

      So you can easily follow, implement and see results overtime!

  14. Good one prosper,though i have seen many payment about the site,pls can you message me on WhatsApp let’s talk 08140209310

    1. You can contact me, check the about page for my contact details.

      Make sure you call or send emails only around 6-8 pm.

  15. (1) What is the different between powerhouses affiliate member page and powerhouse perineum forum.
    (2) And who and who are meant to login in each of them.
    (3)Finally must you pay $47 before you can login there.

    1. Powerhouse free won’t give you access to their premium training.

      In fact, if you registered to the free, you can’t apply and get approved into their private CPA network which am using in this Post.

      You need to follow my tutorial here to register

      1. Someone that has registered freely before can he still registere again with the same credential? Won’t it crash in their data as(already registered) or do he just upgrade the account by paying $47 to have access to their private CPA network and start earn?

        Again why do we leave the coupon column empty?

  16. Prosper you are really pushing forward,that’s good, is it allowed to have more than one subscription account with them.

    1. You can pay to my bank account below and send me an email when you send the N5,000.

      Account details:

      Prosper Noah

      Check my about page for contact details.

      Make sure you contact only around 6-8 pm.

  17. 1.If one already signed to their Free membership, can I sign for the Premium membership from here?
    2. The money you made within those few days, did you use paid traffic or free traffic? This is critical for me because I’m down and would want if I pay for my 1st month, I should be able to have something come in with free traffic within a week or so to offset what I spent, then for the rest of the month make something to pay for the next month. This way I should be able to scale up via paid traffic. Pls reply. Thanks.

    1. I used paid traffic though, free traffic is good as well but it might take time.

      If you already signed up to the free membership, you could click on the link from my blog here and upgrade to premium.

      Have a great time!

  18. Hello Prosper, with the help of your paypal ebook; if i received money in to the paypal accoun, will it be possible for me to transfer it to my ACCESS bank account? Or will i be using ecurrency exchangers here in Nigeria.

    1. Yea, you will sell your funds to people who are interested in buying paypal funds and your money will be credited to your Bank account straight.

      You can use exchangers as well!

  19. please I do not have a laptop. Can I do the job with a smart phone only? I am yet a secondary Student in SS2 can I do it? Please send to me the minimum and maximum qualification to start this business. Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. You may need Laptop in the long run, you can use the Cyber Cafe as well until you get your own laptop.

      If you are looking for some make money online offers where you can use phone completely I suggest you signup for the nnu income program

  20. Nice one prosper, pls i hav been trying to login into my paypal account and its saying that my info are not correct. Please what does it mean?

  21. i have opened the pay pal account bt am having issues linking my card
    i bank with uba
    isit compulsary to open an access or fcmb acct

  22. I AM having issues with my paypal account please i need help
    they havent send me the 4 digit code but they have debitted my acct for the charges

  23. I received Powerhouse e mail this morning titled COMPLIANCE REMINDER & Important update – Powerhouse Affiliate,written by its founder, in which it was clearly stated that Nigeria is banned because of Charge Backs from Paypal. 1. I don’t understand it: Is it that some Nigerians knew very well that they had no money in their accounts but still went ahead to order with their ATM cards through Paypal or that because Nigerians are not supposed to be receiving payments by Paypal that’s why?
    2. In the mail they said they’re no more receiving any payments from Nigerians in what ever form whether Paypal or not. So how will some of us who’ve been free members but now want to be paying members, do it? Or is it that if we go through your link here we shall be accepted for payment?

    1. I read above what you’ve written, and it shows you’re having issues with your Paypal account too. So I expected answers from Prosper Noah not you. I needed to know why there’s Charge back from Paypal from Nigerian payments. SO PLEASE, PROSPER NOAH, kindly answer the 2 questions I raised above, and if they’re rectifying it, when?

      1. Yea, most after registering and paying their $47 went back and told paypal they didnt authorize the transaction.

        So they were refunded their money.

        That’s cheating, it was in high volume that powerhouse had no other choice than to ban Nigeria.

        So Nigerians can’t join the program!

        As for question 2 am sorry I can’t say.

        But their terms clearly stated “They no longer accept new registrations from nigerians

        So probably you could email them from your dashboard to know if they will approve you or not.

        1. Yeah, I suspected as much. There are dubious Nigerians spoiling the fortunes of the good ones in e-businesses. This is the reason we’re banned in most of these businesses. How can one think that he will make a purchase without paying? I can’t blame Powerhouse on this. They only need to put in place a mechanism for payment that avoids this Charge Back such as Wire, Skrill, etc. They should please look into it and stop punishing others for the sin of few people. Prosper Noah, while I’ll make a case from my dashboard, I expect you guys to plead for another method of payment that overcomes this.

  24. Hello prosper,
    I tried to reach you this afternoon but you did not pick several calls i put across to you i felt very sorry about it or may be something went wrong that you could not my calls.Actually i want to make some payment but i am short of words here.

    1. Eldee, did Paypal ask for additional information (Incorporation details for tax purposes) as they did to me when I registered account using Prosper’s guide? They even gave me deadline of 3 months effective when I registered. I’ve communicated with Prosper and he told me it’s just usual and shouldn’t be a concern and I should overlook it. I’m just curious whether it was only me that it happened to.

  25. Prosper Noah
    Am having little issue I paid for that e-book on how to open PayPal that sends and receive money
    But my phone was flashed and everything has been erased is there any way I can get it back
    I can show you my paystack receipt if you want

  26. Please Prosper, which Nigerian PayPal supported banks ATM cards we can use presently to verify my PayPal card. I purchased your PayPal eBook but Paypal is rejecting my GT naira master card. Plz reply.

  27. Hi Mr Prosper, I have read all you said about this biz, and I want to know if I can pay directly to Powerhouse from my bank since I don’t have a Paypal account yet? Thanks a lot.

    1. No you cant. Follow my post on creating a paypal account that sends and receives from nigeria,

  28. I want to pay for the training but the bank am met to pay the money is not in my area and I can’t transfer cos I don’t have an account yet..but am with the money in hand what should I do

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