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Expertnaire Review 2024: N522,500 Earned on this Platform

Welcome to my expertnaire review in 2024

On this post I show you exactly what expertnaire is all about and also show you step-by-step how you can get started.

Plus I’ll make sure to cover everything ranging from

  • What is expertnaire and who the CEO is
  • How you can earn money from it
  • If it’s legit or scam
  • Secret to get 2 years free access to the network
  • etc..

Before that, I want to let you know that at the time of writing/updating this review post in 2024, I’ve earned a total of N522,500 on Expertnaire as seen below:

Feel free to zoom it.

expertnaire review

Below are some of the products I was promoting:

expertnaire products

In fact below is a YouTube review video I made on my channel back then, the first time I made N103,000 on expertnaire in my first 30 days.

So let’s get started.

but before then;

Who am I to Review Expertnaire Program?

If you’re new to this blog, am Prosper Noah and I own this make money online blog you’re currently reading right now; I’ve reviewed a lot of programs and done lots of sales in affiliate marketing.

Been into Internet Marketing since 2016 and know my stuff, you could confirm those by going to the affiliate marketing category of this blog:

So let’s get started.

How I found Expertnaire

There’s a secret group meant for the buyers of my best selling seo course called the Keyword Ranking Beast and so one of my student spoke about expertnaire and then I decided to check out the website.

At first I saw N10,000 and was surprised but well…. I still went ahead and took the risk, registered with N10,000 to check out the platform and see what comes out.

The registration was successful, then I logged into my dashboard and saw the products to promote.

They were very eye-catching, yes all of the products there are attractive and top quality.

I gave a go, promoted one of the product to my email list and made my first ever sale on the affiliate network, below was the product I promoted when I joined newly on the 17th may.

First ever commission

As you can see above it’s a product created by Joe Okoro and was selling for 12,000 I got 50% commission which is N6,000

I don’t want to waste much time so I’d just go straight to the review and show you what it’s all about, and how to really make money on the network.

Read till the end so you don’t miss anything.

What is Expertnaire & How do you make money with it?

First, expertnaire is a Nigerian based affiliate network.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Clickbank, JvZoo, WarriorPlus, etc? (These are actually international affiliate networks)

Expertnaire is an affiliate network strictly for the Nigerian audience.

They connect product sellers with affiliate marketers.

Here’s 2 ways to make money on Expertnaire

1. Through Promoting the products

Quality high converting digital products are uploaded on the platform and you help promote those products and earn commission as an affiliate marketer.

Just incase you don’t know, digital products are products that can be downloaded online after a customer buys it e.g. eBooks, Video Training, etc.

and the commissions you earn range from 25-80%.

For example, there is a product on expertnaire called 10x eCommerce blueprint being sold for N25,000 and pays 50% commission.

If you promote this product and someone buys through your link, you earn a whooping N12,500.

If you can promote that product and get like 5 sales that’s N12,500 x 5= N62,500

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

You can earn someone’s monthly salary in just a day.

There are lots of products you can promote that pays from 20% to 80% commission.

There’s a particular quality product being sold for N5,000 on expertnaire that pays 80% commission haha.

That’s it below:

expertnaire products

So you literally promote these products and earn commission.

2. Through the expertnaire affiliate program

Another way to earn money here is through the expertnaire affiliate program which pays you N3,000 per affiliate registration.

This means that you can invite your friends and if they signup successfully, you will get credited N3,000 each, if you invite up to 10 people, that’s sweet N30,000

I’ve personally made N54,000 through their affiliate program as seen below;

expertnaire affiliate program

Who created Expertnaire?

Toyin Omotoso is the ceo of expertnaire and one of the top guys in the Internet Marketing Industry in Nigeria and someone I’ve known for a while.

He knows his stuff.

Is Expertnaire Legit or Scam?

Yes! Expertnaire is legit and a lot of people are getting paid on the platform, I’m still earning money from it till date and I would say it’s one of the best affiliate networks out there.

As said earlier on, it’s the first and the best affiliate network in Nigeria right now.

How much does it cost to Join Expertnaire?

N10,000 is the registration fee to join and you pay this every year.

You can’t say this is too high; a lot of people spend more than N10k+ on data every week just watching unnecessary videos on youtube + you may be wondering why expertnaire charge to join their affiliate network unlike other networks.

The thing is they want to only allow Nigerians who are really serious about online business, and not time wasters who’ll just come to register free and dump or do not take it serious later on.

Plus they use it to maintain the website to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The point am trying to make is alot of Nigerians don’t take things seriously, but if you have to pay N10,000 am sure you’ll want to make sure your money doesn’t go to waste.

It’ll also motivate you to make really good success.

What Category of Products are on Expertnaire?

Most of the products on the expertnaire platform are make money online courses and they include areas like mini importation, forex trading, blogging etc…

and consider the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, this is so high in demand and something people will pay for.

There are also health products, travelling etc.

and all of these products are verified for quality, not just anyhow or useless product.

So you’re assured of quality or good products that actually work and the customers are going to love it and thank you for recommending such.

When is Payment date

Who works and not get paid?

You are paid automatically straight to your bank account every Friday if you’ve made sales amounting to at least N5,000.

So lets say N5,000 is the threshold for payment.

I’ve been paid multiple times since I joined and below is exactly how it looks when they send you a payment.

expertnaire payment proof

Expertnaire Registration Tutorial

If you want to join the platform, you can follow the step by step below;

Remember, registration fee is N10,000 Per Year.

1. Go to this link and click on Signup

2. Fill in your details correctly and

when you get toAgree to terms and conditions, you have to click on that link first and read it, if not you won’t be able to tick the button.

When done, make your payment of 10,000 naira with your nigerian debit card and Boom, you’ll be taken to your dashboard immediately.

3. That’s all.

You can start promoting the products either to your Facebook timeline, WhatsApp, etc and make commissions.

How to Really Make Money on Expertnaire

Affiliate marketing with expertnaire is quite simple just like other networks but I have a very strong warning for you.

In order to really make money with affiliate marketing you need to know exactly how Pro Marketers do it.


  • Picking high converting products to promote (No issues here because all expertnaire products convert highly)
  • Creating a squeeze page, thank you page etc.. to collect emails (That’s list building and its how top affiliate marketers make a lot of money with affiliate marketing)
  • Signing up for an autoresponder that you will use in sending emails (Like getresponse, aweber, etc)
  • Driving traffic to your squeeze page (The hotcake: you need to know exactly how to drive the right type of traffic, people that are rich and are ready to buy what you are promoting)
  • and lots more.

I mean if you want to really succeed in affiliate marketing those are the things you will need.

In fact it’s what I did to make over N522,000+ on expertnaire; by building my email list and promoting/recommending helpful expertnaire products to them

How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire

You have to drop whatever you are doing right now and concentrate strictly on what am about to tell you.

You need to take action on this because it’s what is going to change your life and you’re going to thank me for it.

My best advice for you;

If you want to be successful… Find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.

So, instead of spending years trying to figure out how to make money with affiliate marketing, you should get a premium training or Mentor who will guide you step by step till you make success.

and there are lots of courses and mentors online but do not ever make the mistake of chosing the wrong one because you’re going to be wasting your time.

What you need is to find a mentor who practices what he preaches and as well has time for you, will support you etc..

Get his training or mentorship program and apply whatever you’re told to do and before you know it, you’re on your way to financial freedom.

That’s the shortcut to success.

So here’s the goodnews for you:

Don’t play with this;

There’s a particular course on making money with affiliate marketing created by the ceo of expertnaire himself called the 72ig (72 Hour Income Generator)

What is 72ig?

It’s the best course I can recommend on affiliate marketing for you.


Because its top quality and there are lots of testimonies already from people who bought the course, followed it and are seeing massive results.

Like the lady Maureen, she’s made millions of naira from Expertnaire already following Toyin’s course.

Below is a recent update from Toyin in the telegram group:

72 hour income generator

Yea, that’s a group meant for expertnaire affiliates where they share tips and tricks, tutorials etc.

The aunty he’s referring to there is a young lady named Maureen, she was a complete newbie but now she’s one of the top earners on expertnaire and she’s following the affiliate marketing course by Toyin.

She received N381,000 last Friday as at the time of writing this expertnaire review, because the payment date is every Friday.

Not just that, there are lots of others.

Like this guy below just made his first sale on expertnaire following the affiliate marketing training by Toyin Omotoso

second guy

In fact majority of the people on expertnaire currently doing well actually got Toyin’s training and are following it step by step to make money on expertnaire network.

Let me give you some good reasons so you won’t be wasting your time.

Benefits when you get the 72ig Implementation Program

Benefit 1. Free 2 years Access to Expertnaire

You will be given free access to expertnaire for complete 2 years.

Normally, if you want to join expertnaire, you have to pay a whooping N10,000 for registration and will continue paying that every year.

But when you get the course, Toyin will be giving you 2 years access to expertnaire for free, so you see?

and that course is all you need to conquer affiliate marketing with expertnaire.

I warn you again:

If you just join with N10,000 registration fee and you have zero knowledge on affiliate marketing then you are just wasting your time because you may not make a dime.

It’s for serious people who have good knowledge on affiliate marketing and that is why I recommend that you get Toyin’s 72 ig course because it provides you with all you need to become successful.

Benefit 2: Instant Access to Expertnaire Affiliates Telegram Group

You get access to the group I showed you earlier, that is the secret group for all affiliates to share tips and tricks, rub minds together with the boss Toyin Omotoso and lots more.

Benefit 3: Instant Access to the Training Videos/Modules

You get instant access to the training modules that will teach you everything you need to start affiliate marketing including:

  • Product & Audience Research (Finding the right product to promote e.g. What is the product about, what results does it deliver, how does the product work to get people the results it promises, etc.)
  • Creating your Landing Pages like: squeeze page, thank you page, generating leads etc and you are getting free access to a Landing Page Builder Software.
  • Email Marketing & List Building Systems (Building your email List Step by Step, Creating autoresponder, writing high converting email copies that will force subscribers to buy etc…)
  • The Art of Pre-selling and positioning
  • Driving targeted Traffic using Facebook Ads, Instagram
  • Lots More.

Benefit 4: Monthly Meeting & Prizes

There’s a special meeting for all affiliates held every month in Lagos and in this meeting, affiliates come together to share ideas, discuss with the founder and win prizes (Top Affiliate of the Month) and lots more.

Now don’t miss this because I believe it’s really going to change your life and make you money.

Whatever I recommend, you should get it because I’ve personally verified it for quality.


It really breaks my heart when I see all kinds of advice flying around the internet on how to make money online.

Most of the guys who share this advice, have never made a dime themselves.

So how possible is it that someone who has never made money will teach you how to make money?

Its just like the blind leading the blind.

And of course, theyll both fall into a pit.

One of those wrong and misleading advice that is flying around is that you need a lot of training to be able to make money online.

This is the best line used by all these decisive marketers to convince you to buy their training courses.

The truth is:

You dont need any special skill or more training.

You need ONE method that works, and thats all.

Once you get your hands on it, continue to take action on it till you succeed.

Dont get distracted by other methods presented to you by those marketers.

Stick with what you have, and youll find success.

Making money is simple if you will stop listening to every marketer online claiming to be an expert.

Grab one method and fly with it till it gives you the type of result you desire.

and the 72ig is what I can recommend for you to succeed in affiliate marketing with expertnaire.

Don’t forget to let me know if you have any questions.

I’d reply you in the comment section as soon as possible.

I hope this expertnaire review helps you make the right decision.

Expertnaire Review
  • Price Affordability
  • Email Support Response Time
  • How Legit?


Expertnaire is a really great affiliate network if you’re a Nigerian and would love to promote Nigerian based digital products to earn commissions, plus it’s easy to get started.

You can go ahead to register an account even if you can’t afford the 72ig course yet, you can promote the products using free traffic methods for a start and when you’ve made some cash, then invest in a paid training and level things up


  • Easy and cheap to promote the products because you’re literally promoting to Nigerians like yourself
  • Products are verified for quality; this means you won’t be promoting thrash


  • Won’t make you money if you’re lazy

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  1. I really enjoy your articles. This Toyin’s course, does it teach email marketing, advertising, leads generation and all those autoresponder stuff you talked about?

    It would be nice if I can see the detailed course content so that I know what I’m buying, please.

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    1. Exactly.

      It teaches and even uses email marketing.

      In fact that’s the best way to really make money with affiliate marketing.

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    1. I have explained everything you need in this post.
      and you’re getting access to the expertnaire affiliate group where you get to rub minds with over 500 affiliates on the expertnaire network.
      So you won’t have problems.
      Don’t forget am in the group myself, so you’ll get great support for sure.

  4. Thanks for sharing this bro, I trust everything you share.

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    Thanks for the Email and I shall be glad if answers are provided to these questions.

    1. It’s okay.

      Here are answers to your questions

      1. Selling other people’s product and keeping the commission, you should go through my affiliate marketing category to better understand
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      3. It depends on how fast you are in learning but they are easy steps to follow

      Feel free to let me know if you have more questions.

    2. Hello prosper,I believe your words and have seen people make money with expertnaire. I have paid 10k to get expertnaire but I need 72hrs training with toyin to get how to start marketing and selling products on expertnaire, please how much will I pay now to get the training?

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    1. If you really want to start a sustainable online business you need a Laptop.

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      Wish you all the best.


  9. If this ebook makes you rich why sell it to people,don’t you think the competition will be too much for you.

  10. Hello Mr prosper, i thank you very much for this great and powerful article, this an eye opener. I am a newbie like you said i need someone who had made money online to direct me. i have spent a lot on how to make money online but no success yet. Please, if i buy this 72 hour income generator through your link, i said please will you be my mentor so that i will succeed. i have spent alot my bro. waiting for your response

  11. hello Prosper. I have registered already on expernaire, and bought joe okoro’s product.
    Please i need your help to set up my business as i want to market the Ultimate Move to Canada Guide With Low IELTS. Pls can u contact or chat me on 08077024809. I really will appreciate your consultations

  12. hello bro ,
    is there an international affiliate program or network that pay directly to ones local Nigerian bank account.
    If yes, which would you recommend i join as a beginner in affiliate marketing.

        1. TIN is only for affiliate based in the US, you don’t need to fill those details.

          Just scroll down and save, that’s all.

  13. Pls I have a website talking about relationship/dating. Also e-commerce website. Do I need another website for expertnaire??

    1. Well I suggest you get another domain for the other niche of expertnaire.
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      All the best and have a great time.

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            So if you’re interested, go ahead to get in as soon as possible before the price goes high again.

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