Expertnaire Sign up Tutorial: How to Join + My N510k worth Bonuses

Let’s face it.

You now know clearly about Expertnaire.

You know you can make lots of cash from it and you’ve decided right in your mind to signup.

Isn’t it?

+ you also know that the registration fee is N10,000.

So you want to signup now.

Great decision am going to help you.

I’ll show you step by step how to signup to the expertnaire affiliate network step by step.

But before then, I want to gift you something.

Note the keyword here is “gift”

Yes, I want to dash you something to help you become successful and make hell loads of cash from expertnaire.

I’ll tell you my condition shortly.

You see, I’m personally on expertnaire and I’ve done over N500,000 in affiliate commissions; that’s half a million naira even though am not focusing on it full time.

Below is my expertnaire dashboard;

Yes, that’s me Prosper Noah.

As you can see above, I’ve done 54 sales in total and earned N510,000 in affiliate commissions paid to my bank account, though am not really focusing on expertnaire these days, people are making loads of money from there…

Anyway the reason am showing you that is related to the gift I said I was going to give you.

And you see those sales above? I used my free traffic strategies for it.

Meaning I made those sales using free traffic, yes, without spending a dime on adverts.

and that’s me, am the king of free traffic haha..

Anyway what’s the deal?

Now If you go ahead and sign up to expertnaire using my affiliate link, am going to send you my Secret traffic strategy, the one I used to make this sales on expertnaire.

Do you understand at all?

Here’s what I mean.

As a bonus for anyone who signs up to expertnaire through my link, I have taken my time and created a 40 minutes video showing you exactly how I was able to make over N125,000 in affiliate commissions for free on expertnaire affiliate network without spending any money on advert.

As seen in the above screenshot, the commissions have actually increased from N125,000 to N510,000 as at the time of creating this post.

This is done using about free traffic sources best known to me and they are 100% free.

In fact those are the traffic sources I’ve been using over the years to make lots of commissions in affiliate marketing.

Am not a big fan of running ads because the free traffic sources I use work really well for me.

So am revealing the 3 traffic sources to you step by step so you can start using them and making money promoting affiliate products 100% free, you’re not spending any Kobo on Ads.

I use these 3 traffic sources to make money directly and In fact; the third traffic source pulled me over 1000 email list subscribers and made me around over ₦770,000 in affiliate commissions inside and outside Expertnaire….(don’t worry you’ll see everything in the 40 minutes video haha)

This is a bonus you’ll regret ever missing.

and this is what I have never revealed to anyone online before for free, you’re getting it as soon as you signup through my link.

purchase the 72 hour income generator through the link in this post.

I can decide to sell it but No, I’d be giving it to you 100% free if you decide to purchase the 72 hour income generator through my link.

Fortunately am the only marketer offering you such huge value just as a thank you.

So if you’re a type that don’t really have money to spend on Facebook Ads this will really help get you started pulling some affiliate commissions on Expertnaire platform.

How do you signup to Expertnaire using my Link?

Follow the tutorial below step by step.

How to Join Expertnaire and claim my bonus

Step 1: Click Here To the Registration Page (That’s my link)

St2. Fill in your details correctly and when you get to Agree to terms and conditions, you have to click on that link first and read it, if not you won’t be able to tick the button.

When done, make your payment of 10,000 naira with your nigerian debit card and Boom, you’ll be taken to your expertnaire dashboard immediately.

3. That’s all, you can start promoting the products and earning commissions.

When you’ve done this successfully, you have to send me an email to  and request the bonus.

When I confirm, I’ll send you the bonus package immediately.


If you face issues and need my assistance to signup, you can message me on whatsapp at 09066407180

OFFER Expiring in 24hours time.

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    Abdul mkm March 24, 2021

    will you guarantee me 100% I will earn if I follow your srategy.

    • comment-avatar

      Ofcourse, it’s all about following what has worked.
      If you follow what works for me carefully and implement then you will get the results I get.

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