How Can you Make Money Online With 1000 naira

How Can you Make Money Online With 1000 Naira? Earn N60k+ Monthly

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This post explains how you can make money online with 1000 naira and withdraw to your bank account as well in 2018 easily. It also shows how you can double your income with some pro strategies plus a legit program.

How Can you Make Money Online With 1000 naira is one of the question I came across earlier while searching google for latest legit money making opportunities in Nigeria.

So I decided to show you right on this post on how to make money online with 1000 naira.

IF you’re on this page it’s either you are searching one of these on google:

Like I always say;

I don’t care what your question really is, I only want to make sure you get what you are looking for on this page which is how to make money online with 1000 naira.

But let me be frank with you; If you really want to make money with online business right now, I will show you a legitimate program I have personally used and am still using till date.

In fact I made N25,000 in June, and N130,000 in July 2018 using this Program am about to share with you.

How Can you Make Money Online With 1000 naira

But to be sincere, you will need to add N600 to your 1000 naira = N1,600.

That’s their registration fee and it’s once and forever.

It’s not that bad right? Considering how much you can earn Monthly from it.

So what next should you do?

Probably, buy some Kola and chew while I walk you through;

But just before then;

I would like to make known to you that;

Making money online legitimately requires time or patience and your ability to take action.

So if you know you won’t take action after reading this post, then it’s all going to be a waste.

So basically on this post;

You are going to Learn;

  • How you can Make Money Online With 1000 naira + 600 naira (N1,600)
  • The Best Program you can invest your Money (No Scams)
  • How to Register to the Program and
  • Making Money easily and Fast

So leggo.

How Can you Make Money Online With 1000 naira + 600 naira

As said earlier I will be introducing you to a Program and it’s called NNU Income Program meaning Nigeria News Update income program.

This is the program am talking about and in a moment, I will let you know what it’s all about and how you can make money with it.

After following this post, you will start making money with your 1000 naira and 600 naira (N1,600).

What is NNU all about?

The Nigeria News Update or NNU Income Program is kind of a news website where you are paid for completing simple tasks such as commenting, sharing posts to facebook and twitter, Login in daily and lots more.

It’s been in existence since November 2017 and has been paying.

As said earlier, I’ve personally made money and withdrawn N25,000 in June 2018 and N130,000 in July 2018 and I will show you exactly how to get started with it.

Below are payment proofs

Proof 1: N25,000 in June 2018.

nnu payment proof 2

Proof 2: N130,000 in July2018.

nnu payment proof

More Explanation

You may be asking “how does the program work in terms of payment?”

How you can earn on NNU explained

For example:

1. When you register with your N1,600 and get approved. Immediately you earn N50 (This is for logging in to your account daily).

Meaning everyday you login, you earn N50

2. You get paid N100 for sharing their post to Facebook everyday. There’s a post you can share to your facebook timeline everyday and you will be paid N100 everyday for sharing it.

3. You earn N100 for posting to the site.

This is another way you earn on the nnu income platform. For example: I may decide to write a post on “How to eat belleful without Spending Much (Lol).

When i post it successfully to the platform, I get credited N100 instantly to my nnu account when approved.

You can see is very easy to do this stuffs.

It doesn’t stop there o.

4. Commenting earns you N2. This one is super simple and it means whenever you comment on any post on the nnu website you will earn N2.

Imagine if you comment on 100 Posts daily you can earn much.

5. You get paid N1,000 in their affiliate program. This one means that you will be given a special link that you will use in referring your friends.

When they register and pay their N1,600 you will get credited N1000 straight to your nnu account.

So if you refer like 10 people everyday, that’s about N10,000 everyday from the affiliate program alone.

So let’s do some calculations; how can you make money online with 1000 naira + 600 naira using nnu income program and how much can you actually earn Per Month?

According to the analysis by nnu website themselves, you can earn at least N50,000 monthly with your N1600 chai.

This is good.

See their calculations below:

Your Daily login earning + Your Commenting on Posts + sharing the post on your Facebook timeline+?Your affiliate earnings? could earn you at least N50,000 Naira or more every month.

Awesome right?

Now you may be asking “how can i register into the nnu program with my N1,600?

Don’t worry because I hold you by the hand, so read below on how to join.

How to Register for NNU Income Program

Before you register, you need to make sure you are ready with your N1,600.

Step 1: Click here to Registration Page

Step 2: Once you are in the registration page, you need to fill in your correct details such as

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Don’t touch the referral field leave it the way you see it (Don’t delete anything there)
  • Account username: Put anything unique e.g. Prospernoahnaira, prosperdollar etc… (It must be something you can remember)
  • Put your password

Step 2: In Payment Option, I prefer you select PayStack because it will allow you pay the N1,600 with your Debit Card also known as ATM card.

Step 3: You need to tick “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions ”

Step 4: Click on Make Payment and pay your N1,600.

Step 5: That’s all.

Warning: If your payment doesn’t go through you need to re-initiate the payment again probably with another card if necessary.

If you try again and it doesn’t go through then it’s probably from their server. So you can wait for like 1 hour and try again.

If the same thing happens, then you need to register another account with another email and phone number and buy Coupon from the coupon distributors on their website.

So when you are registering this time, instead of choosing Paystack you will choose coupon and apply the coupon the distributor sends you.

Note that you are paying the N1,600 to buy coupon which you will use in registering your account.

That’s it, your account is activated and you can start earning money.

You can withdraw your payments on the 25th of every month because NNU pays every 27th to 30th.

I have some more resources about nnu and you can see them below if you really need:

Pro Tips to Earn Greatly on NNU and make your N1,600 work for You

When I teach people how to earn online like this, I love to give more details on how you can double your earnings.

If you follow this tips you can earn 1000 naira daily and even scale it.

So how can you do it?

1. Take Action

One thing you need to do in order to succeed online is action and consistency;

Many people ask questions like;

  • how to make 2000 naira daily
  • or how to make 5000 naira daily

The real truth is that you can achieve above only if you can be consistent and take action.

If you spend much time or dedicate your time taking part in the nnu earning activities you can even earn more than you yourself can imagine.

So it’s about dedication and action.

2. Take advantage of the NNU Affiliate Program

You see ehn? While most people make money commenting, sharing, posting on nnu there are some smart peeps that earn very well from the nnu affiliate program.

They actually refer other people daily with their affiliate link.

So if you are wondering how you too can start getting referrals, you may want to check out my post on how to promote in affiliate marketing (But it’s not compulsory you depend on affiliate only).

Let me give you a few hint on how you can get referrals;

  1. Share your affiliate links on Facebook and let them know what nnu is all about. They may get interested and join the program and you will get credited your N1,000 straight away.
  2. Share your links to online forums in Nigeria like Nairaland (make sure you don’t spam them)
  3. Create free blog on sites like and write everything you know about nnu so people can visit and register through your post
  4. Do a simple recording on your android and upload to youtube then share so people can know what the program is all about then they register and you get paid commissions.

Combining above I could earn at least N130,000 in July and below is a video I made earlier in June sha… Why not watch and subscribe to my fast growing youtube channel? hehe.


I believe you understand everything? I have taught in this post? So go ahead, click here to register on nnu and start makng money.

Hope I’ve been able to answer your question on How Can you Make Money Online With 1000 naira. Do share with friends

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  1. Hello Prosper,

    I have heard and read about NNU but never showed interest, the way you are talking about it is making me get little interest.

    I saw your screenshot the other day on FB and was really glad you made so much.

    am sure lot of young Nigerians will get to make money from this platform.

    so am thankful unbehalf of them.

    great work bro.

    Blogging Prince

    1. Yea, you don’t just copy and paste posts on the site.

      Try to make some good editing and make your articles unique, it will get them approved easily and fast.

  2. I decide to earn using commenting on posts but it doesn’t work. My Nars earning doesn’t increase. Can you help

  3. hello Bro Noah. you’re doing a great job by inviting pple to your ark and by making sure pple are comfortable and safe from scams. But big bro what abt this blog9ja stuff. is it okay generally?? and especially for non affiliate earners???

  4. NNU actually had its time and i think so many people who were fortunate was able to make a lot of money while some had their bonuses or accummulated money not paid. i love the invention and the creative minds behind the program.

    Kudos Prosper Noah for the well written article

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