How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria (Step by Step)

Looking for how to start mini importation business in Nigeria?

This is the ultimate guide you should follow.

I personally am into mini importation, In fact within few days of starting as a beginner I sold almost all the products I imported, it was a color changing foundation cream for ladies, below is the product;

mini importation business in nigeria

I like to be very transparent;

Now, let me be sincere with you;

If you really want to start and make money with mini importation business, you should not start it on your own you have to get someone whos been doing it for a long time and getting results.

Its not just a matter of importing products from china and then you start raking in millions of Naira, its not done that way, dont be deceived.

There are insider top secrets so I recommend that you get someone whos really good to mentor you, or get their premium training

and someone I can recommend for you is Jonathan Melody, he’s referred to as the No. 1 when it comes to mini importation business in Nigeria…

I’ve gotten his report and decided to share it with you on this blog so you read, get to understand how this whole mini importation biz works plus how you can get started as soon as possible.

WARNING: This is going to be a very long and detailed post, avoid any distractions.

Also note that Mini Importation is the same as eCommerce, so whenever you hear eCommerce mentioned in this post, you know it’s same thing.

Now, the next stuff you read below is coming from Jonathan Melody himself.

From: Jonathan Melody.

Jonathan melody

How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria Step by Step

How You Can Start a Successful Ecommerce Business From Home in Your Pajamas and Make 10x Your Profit…Even If Youre Just Starting Online Today

In this post Im going to teach you the 3 steps you must take to launch a successful and profitable ecommerce business.

In case you dont know me and this is the first time of hearing my name or reading any of my materials.

My name is Jonathan Melodyand I started e-commerce 5 years ago and for the past 2 years I have been making 6 figures weekly and consistently from my ecommerce business

And in the last 3 months I have taught over 5 thousand people and many have recorded breath-taking results following what I teach.


Heres what you are going to learn from this report

  • How you can find and identify hot selling products people want.
  • Where and how to buy quality products very cheap
  • How to ship them to your doorstep very Fast and Cheap
  • How to start selling them and make 10 times your profit

Now, you are probably asking why this is important and why should you consider ecommerce? popularly known as Mini importation of the host of other businesses out there?

And here are a few reasons;

  • You don’t need a physical store to start your ecommerce business
  • You don’t have to buy products in bulk
  • You don’t need to be where your customers are before you can sell to them
  • You don’t even need a website to get started
  • You can easily make a 1500 percent gain with mini importation and
  • You can easily scale your business

and the interesting part is that

  • You can start with as little as twenty to fifty thousand naira

Yes, I have a student who even started with just Ten thousand naira. But he case was a special. Shes a fighter ready to do anything to be successful.

Most people are NOT.

you get to find out more as we go on

You see, I consider ecommerce the perfect business for anyone


If you want to start a successful ecommerce business, there are 3 steps you must take.

I will share them with you very soon.

And If you stay with me till the end of this report, youre going to discover these exact 3 steps and how you can start your own ecommerce business within the next 48hrs and how I was able to generate over 6 million naira within 3 months selling just one product.

This is what I call the unfair advantage

And by the end of this report you would have learnt.

How to create and launch a Profitable e-commerce business

Also, at the end of this report, Im going to make you an offer that will help you get the best results with what I am going to share with you.

Guys, this is the perfect business for anyone

Now, why do I see this business as the perfect business?

Heres why it is for 3 prominent reasons


There’s unbelievable profits in selling physical products (if you know how to select them). I am talking profits of up to 1,500%!

Here’s an example: a product I bought at $3, that’s =N=1,110 sells for =N=12,500. That’s almost 1,126%.


Thats Chinese Yuan and not actually up to 3 dollars. But Lets just assume its 3 dollars.

Now isnt that amazing?

Imagine making a 1000% profit, what would that mean for you?

Will your spouse look at you differently?

2. It Is A Straightforward Business Model

It’s not complicated unlike all those other online business models. Once you have the right information.

Just find a HOT in demand product, import it, resell it for 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x or more times what you paid for it.

You don’t have to master one millions things either to make this work.

Heres one of my students making 300k gain within 3 months.


She started with 30k with no prior experience on internet marketing whatsoever

Isnt that awesome guys!

Imagine an extra 300k in your account.

What do you think it would do for you?

3. You Can Do It From Anywhere

It doesnt matter where you are or where you live. All you need is an internet connection and the right information and you can do it while wearing your pyjamas right in your parlor or room.

Casban who is a student of mine doesnt live in lagos state but see what hes doing



And he plans to make an extra 5.5million in the next 4 months

So, you see your location isnt a barrier to running an ecommerce business

Here are some people who do BIG numbers with e-Commerce


Deji (13m last year)


Precious (18m last year)

Malachii (220m last year)

No, Icant have his image here for reasons you already know

And of course yours truly is amongst the list of players. In the last 3 months, I have done over 3.5 from ecommerce

So, Is This For You?

  • If you have heard about ecommerce or mini importation as it’s popularly called and you want to know how it works, this is for you
  • If you are an average importer who is still struggling with sales, have spent so much on advertising, yet nothing is changing and what a system that can easily and quickly increase your sales, this is for you.
  • If you just want a system to generate you cash whenever you have a need for money, this is for you.
  • If you already tasted some success and now you want to double and triple your sales, you must more, this is for you
  • If youre making money with your ecommerce business but it keeps leaving your bank account as quickly as it gets in and want to know how to manage your ecommerce business the right way and consistently make money, this is for you.
  • If youre worried about how youre going to start a successful ecommerce business because youre not a tech person, this is for you because youre going to discover how some of my students did it without any initial knowledge about using the internet.

So, before we dive really deep into todays training, I need you to do something for me.

Grab a chair , Put off your phones unless thats what youre reading from your phone, get rid of any form of distraction. My voice should be the only one you hear from on here.

Even though youre reading, youll hear my voice subtly in your head

I need your rapt attention so you can get all I am going to share with you in this report.

Guys, imagine you making 6 figures monthly from the comfort of your home. What would it do to your life?

  • Would you be able to provide adequately for your family?
  • Would you be able to spend more time with you loved ones?
  • Would you be able to assist your husband financially?
  • Would you be able to contribute to charity when the need arises?

I bet you will!

And that would be pretty exciting dont you think?

Just imagine the feeling when people are called to contribute and your name is among because they know youre capable


you must know that the results I am sharing are not typical

You can’t achieve what I have achieved or what I Still achieve or what some of my

students and other persons I share their results have achieved if all you do is get this

information and keep it in your information showroom.

I work hard,

So you must put what I share with you into action if you want to see results



You cannot just sit on a couch Watching NETFLIX and expect to lose weight

You have to eat right,

You have to go to the gym and work out.

That’s how you lose weight and same thing happens in business you must put in the Adequate work for you to see results.

Another thing I must tell you is that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme like MMM where you put in 20,000 and expect 200,000 the next week.

So, if youre the type who is looking for a get rich quick opportunity, please stop reading, close the window now and go continue with what you were doing.

This is a REALbusiness guys.

A business take can take you from zero to being a hero


If you are still reading and probably have tried importation before , had some success and then all of a sudden things turned around and nothing was happening anymore, you failed!

Or maybe youre at a point in your life where it seems everything is on a stand still,

Just like this my student before she came in contact with me and now she is able to get a contract of 1 million to supply products.


Isnt that really great?

So,I understand how you feel.

In fact we might have a lot in common than you think.

Let me tell you a story

I was going through my facebook timeline some days ago and I found this

old photo of me.


By the way that is me putting on the white lab coat.

You see, I hadn’t eaten all day when that photo was taken.

I had just finished from a physiological practical class in Delta State University.

I remember not being able to concentrate during the practical class

You know that moment youre so hungry and all you can think of is how you are going to

survive the night and can’t seem to hear any other voice around you but that loud

voice inside you saying;

my guy na Die you dey so o

That was exactly what happened to me during the class that particular day

I had finished spending my 10,000 monthly allowance two days before and as that guy on the photo was talking to me I only had my physical Being there with him as thoughts of rushing back to the hostel took my attention.

anyways I quickly excused myself and off I went to my hostel

With the hope of meeting food. But my expectations were shattered when my roommate Miko told me he was even more hungry than I was

that moment, it dawned on me that I was on my own and the sad part is. I cant ask for money from home as it was just two days away from receiving my monthly allowee


I went to bed that night drinking Soakies. if you don’t know what it is. Heres the photo of soakies .


How I survived the night before the monthly allowee came

only God knows

But I remember being buried in thoughts that night. Of how things seem not to be working, I have tried different things.

From selling browsing tricks to pay per click to blogging.

I designed my first website using a mobile phone back then in 2012


Nothing worked, BUT the money spent on data was gone

Have you ever been at a point in your life you feel like just giving up and take whatever comes because youve done all you can and nothing was still working?

I was at that point.

Yet I never gave up

Anyways my Allowee finally came and what every normal human being would do was maybe buy some food stock

And YES, I was about doing that WHEN an email talking about how to buy products from China and make lots of money selling them here in Nigeria dropped into my phone and the person was selling the report for N5,000

And it was a PDF report

I dont have money!

I cried to myself that day.

So I was stuck between making a decision for myself at that moment

I needed to make that decision to risk part of my monthly Allawee


Either it doesn’t yield anything and then survive on Just 5,000 for the rest part of

the month


I risk part of the money and maybe something positive happens and I make some money like the person claimed.

so it was one of the biggest decisions I have had to make in my life

You see no one cares how much you cry, the government doesn’t until you do

something about your own situation

Listen, people don’t applaud failure BUT success. Remember what happened during the

World Cup when the Nigeria team lost their first match to Croatia, how everyone was cursing the innocent boys

and how most people gave up on them and then when they played against Iceland

And won the match.

guess what happened

even MTN gave free calls!

That’s what success can do for you.

Anyways the ebook was N5000 like I said and it was a 20 page PDF that showed how to buy product from Aliexpress and how to sell your products when they get down to Nigeria

One of my hostel mates was my first customer

I was able to buy him a phone tablet using the information I got from the 20 page PDF


I actually collected 30,000 from him to complete the order and I spent about $145 when dollar was still N150 to N160

my profit from the sale was about N6,000 and that was the first profit I ever made from mini importation and it was from a roommate.


The image you see above is a screenshot from aliexpress of the Product that I bought and you can see that its a 7 inch phone call Android Tablet and that was in March 2013 as you can see right there

So after this first successful transaction on aliexpress, I started receiving requests from different persons.

I will use their money to purchase their desired gadget and keep the profit.

It was so easy, straight forward and profitable guys

and guess what?

I was doing all of these on my own. The person who sold me the e-book had moved on.

And on one fateful day, I made what I call the worst decision of my lifetime

I had invested all I had with me on a wrist watch.

I had gone to aliexpress to make a purchase as the book said the more products you have to sell, the more money you can make.

which wasn’t totally wrong

But that’s not the first thing I needed to make more money and thats not the first thing anyone needs to make more money.

so, I made the purchase of the wristwatch with high expectations and was waiting for the arrival of the wristwatches and then become a student millionaire.

Heres an image of the wristwatch


And guess how many pieces of this wristwatch I had bought.

I purchased 200 pieces of this wristwatch and you know what?

No one bought the wristwatch except for my family members and a girl who I had a crush on back then in school. She knew I had a crush on her. So she never paid for the wristwatch of course.

The thing is, no one actually requested for the wristwatch.

But check it out,

The wristwatch looks beautiful! Isnt it?

This wristwatch is beautiful and that was the reason I had bought it

And because I thought it is beautiful I thought people would love it!

You see, what I didn’t know back then was that you don’t buy a product just because it is beautiful or because you like it. Rather, you buy a product because there is a market or a demand for it.

so I decided to go back to my old way of selling. That is,looking for people who need products like gadgets and buy for them but it wasn’t easy finding people to buy products anymore.

so I became discouraged and I was put out of business

This all happened in 2013.

Two years later I came back after I had graduated and served (I served in Bayelsa State with fhi 360) and learnt how to do importation and e-commerce in a whole different way and the first product I bought using my savings made me close to Three hundred thousand in pure profit within a month.

The thing is if you do what youve always done, youd get what youve always gotten Tony Robbins

here is me now


so what exactly happened?

what changed?

what did i do differently?

Well, here is what I did

I met Ronald Nzimora (via a class he organised sometime in 2016 for N50,000) who is currently my mentor walked me through the whole process using step by step videos and NOT PDF this time.

He showed me the websites to buy products cheaper

He showed me how to ship the products.(This method is 10 times cheaper than DHL and EMS which I had used in the past)

Using methods like DHL and EMS will quickly eat out your profit.

And he also introduced me to how to sell

He shared with me a 3 step formula which led to my present success in ecommerce.

I know,

I understand that anyone can easily teach this… right?

In fact its likely that one of the gooroos out there must have told you the same thing.

So, why is this different?

Why is this different from what every other guru must have told you?

What I’m about to show you is how the few extra smart mini importers are killing it in mini importation business.

And I do what I preach unlike most people out there.

There are smart mini importers and there are extra smart mini importers

And you might already have sensed that only a few people know what youre about to learn today.

This is how they are able to make consistent six and even seven figures monthly and some even do 6 figures weekly.

Now there is a student of mine who had purchased an ebook from someone else before she came across me.

So, I simply gave her an excerpt from what I teach. I mean a little introduction to what I am about to share with you.

See what she said;

I have watched the video.

Its so nice.

I actually paid 5K to the person who told me the minority of the things you talked about .

in fact all he said to me was just the names of the site I can buy the things and agents contact.

he gave me videos to watch

I never knew you were into mini importation

your concept is so nice, I like it

so guys there is a different way the smart mini importers do it.

Its not just about going out there and looking for products and buying and selling them

Now, dont just run off and go start yours

Because even with all these success stories I have shared,It is so EASY to lose all your money and heres why;

  1. Choosing the wrong product to sell

In 2013, I decided to buy 200 pieces of a wristwatch because I thought it would sell.


The result?

I only sold one piece.

So, you want to choose the right type of product to sell before thinking about purchasing any product.

Not just any product but products people want and are hungry to have and buy.

  1. Not knowing numbers

This is one BIG problem a lot of people make and they are not even aware they are. Sometime ago an old school friend messaged me. He knew about my importation activities in school and had a problem.

He said hes currently into mini importation (one of the gooroos taught him how to). So what was the problem?

He said he doesnt see what he makes. Sometimes he runs into loss.

So what did I do?, we looked at how much he was buying the product, how he was shipping the product , how much he was selling the product and how much he was spending on ad.

I found out his problem was a game of numbers. He was spending so much on buying and shipping the product that he wasnt spending enough to reach a lot of people who need his products.

  1. Not knowing how to sell

This plagues so many people out there.

If you do copy and paste or post on instagram asking your followers to support a growing business.

Or the usual new arrival, come and patronize me, then you want to learn how to sell the right way.

Here is a student who was having the same problem of selling his products, he even tried to reduce price but nothing was working. Until he applied what I share with all my students.


After applying what I teach, he made over 35 orders on a product hes selling for N8,000 within 48hours.

Thats a revenue of 280,000 in 2 days.

Is that amazing or what?

This is mind blowing right?

So, you might be wondering what made me and the guys I talked about exceptional with e-commerce?

There are 3 Critical Factors For Success In e-commerce

  1. Niche/Solution conscious
  2. Product Sourcing
  3. Marketing/selling

You see,

I tell everyone who wants to start an ecommerce business to first identify and choose a profitable niche. or a market to focus on. Of course you can sell anything BUT then, you shouldnt be selling just anything

What you must do is sell what people want.

Provide solutions to problems

Here are some niches you should consider as someone who is just starting ecommerce in Nigeria when sourcing products.

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Security
  • Gadgets/convenience

These are very lucrative niches you can find hot in demand products in easily

Malachi who did over 200 million carved out a niche for himself in the mens health.

So you see, carving out a niche for yourself is the fastest way to easily increase your profits with little to no extra effort.

Take for instance, if you sell blood pressure pills, it would be very easy to sell blood pressure monitor to the same audience.


If you sell sex enhancement pills, it would be very easy to sell them Pheromones.

In case you dont know what pheromones are, they are fluids secreted that makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.


And it is important you dont just choose any niche. But a niche with lots of audience, a niche with lots of people who need what you want to sell.

For instance, we talked about the sex niche and Malachi was able to make that much because there are so many people who want to enhance their sex life.

Now, you can go ahead and choose cat lovers niche. But then, how many Nigerians love cats?

I thought so too.

Not much right?

So, you must consider this when you choose a niche or a market and then a product.

Now, how do you find Problems people are having so you look for solution for them?

I will give you 3 means to find problems people are having.

  1. Blogs/news websites
  2. Facebook
  3. Forums

Here is an article posted on E-digital, a blog

Look at this,


if you can see the title, it says

Please help I can’t satisfy my wife in bed

Hey guys if you knew this guy

If you knew this man and you know where he stays and you can get him a solution to his problem and you get him something like this product;


Something to help him last longer and be able to satisfy his wife.

Do you think this man will get it?

Do you think the man will get the product?

What do you think?

Of course!

The man is going to get the product because he wouldn’t like his wife to go out there searching for another man to satisfy her sexual needs.

Isnt it?

If youre a guy reading this right NOW, will you allow your wife or girlfriend to find sexual satisfaction elsewhere?

It is a blatant NO!

And guess what?

100s of men are having this issue.

So that is what you want to make sure you do. You get something lots of people really want

Something that people are yearning to have.

Now, dont run off and import mini love and say you want to sell to men.

Because youd will fail and run at a loss.

You know why?

  1. Mini Love is easily accessible and oversold
  2. You dont even know where the men who need it hang out
  3. You dont know how to sell.

So, How can you find products that people want?.

Now if you notice,

I keep saying want NOTneed.

Because for the fact that you want something doesnt mean you need it.

So, you want to sell what people want and not what they need and youd make lots of money.

Let me explain what I mean.

You see a PHAT individual sitting on a chair consuming ice cream and pizza and you ask yourself.

Why is this person consuming these things when he/she doesnt need it?

It is because he/she wants it. He/she loves the satisfaction derived from consuming those junks. BUT in the real sense he/she doesnt need the junks.

I hope you now get it?

So looking for what people want over what they need will help you sell more.

Now, where can you find these products?

Another place you can find problems people need solutions to is Nairaland

Heres what I got after doing some little digging on Nairaland forum

In case you dont know, Nairaland is the biggest forum currently in Nigeria and if you

don’t have an account. Go get yourself one and just browse around the site.

So, I did a little digging and you can see what I found


Heres someone asking

how can I get rid of black spots on my face?

And this question that this person is asking has had over 700,000 views

This is incredible!

Do you know what it means for over 700,000 people to view a thread?

It means these people are interested in knowing the answers to this problem.The great thing is, these are evergreen problems.

People will always have these problems!

How awesome!

Now these people dont know that it only takes something like the image below to get The black spot cleared


This product is on Aliexpress

You can easily import this product and sell it to these persons and you make lots of money doing that and you can even get it cheaper on a site I will share with you guys soon.

This product is less than a dollar!


That is 3 Chinese yuan that you see right there which is less than $1

Now Listen,

You don’t just want to go out there purchasing any product that you see me show here.

So, go on forums and look out for peoples complaints


Another Gold mine of hot selling products and problems that need solutions is Facebook

Facebook is a goldmine guys if you pay attention to Facebook and what people are saying you are going to find lots of amazing things that people want.

Join communities, groups , etc and youd come up with great ideas for products

You can also find hot in demand products is Aliexpress.

I know most of you are already familiar with aliexpress

So, go to Aliexpress, take some time to dig in and you’ll be able to find out products that are hot in demand products.

One mistake I see many people make when trying to search for hot in demand products on aliexpress is clicking on a category on aliexpress and then filtering by the number of orders.

And its not really their fault because this is what the gooroos out there are teaching. Just imagine everyone going to aliexpress to find products using that method,

We all will be selling almost the same types of products and when everyone is selling the same type of products, what happens?

Competition is high and we all start a price battle

And thats a battle you dont want to engage in because you cant win.

One of my students got a beauty product using a unique method I teach and was able to get over 120 orders within 4 days for a product he sold for N12,500


Thats incredible right?

Here is a product I sold sometime ago.


This is a fitness product. This product helps to burn belly fat. It helps to tone your muscles.

Now, the interesting part is, this products cost me a few dollars to import it into Nigeria as you can see right there on the screen.

And guess what?

I sold this product for twenty five thousand Naira. I just listed the product on Jumia even though it isnt my preferred means of selling and I bought ten pieces of it just to test.

Guess what happened next

I was able to sell 7 of them within a week


Isnt that incredible?

within a week I was able to sell seven pieces of this product.

I actually sold the 10 BUT 3 failed. I.e the customers didnt collect the product.

So, I had 3 returns

And 7 were successfully delivered and remitted to me.

And after all the charges from Jumia, I was left with a PURE profit of 146,000!

Imagine an extra 146,000 weekly

Thats someone monthly income

This is just some crazy profit isnt it?

The thing is anyone can do this.

Now there are certain types of products that you should not buy.

Like I said you can buy any product but you don’t just want to go out there to buy any product of course.

If you want to be a smart mini importer, then you only need to buy products people want and that will give you incredible profit margin.

You don’t want to be like every other person who does it the way others are doing it out there.

You want to be different with how you approach everything you do.

So you want to make sure you;

  • Dont buy products that are heavy

Because if you buy such products you are going to Spend more on shipping such products

you also don’t want to buy products that are bulky.

BIG products

You don’t want to invest in such products

  • Don’t buy products that provide temporary solutions

Sometime ago, I sold a product called, hair fibre. It just helps covers bald head and broken edges. But, I had lots of returns so I had to stop selling it.

So, you want to sell products that provide permanent solutions.

And lastly, you also;

  • Don’t want to buy expensive products

Because it’s going to reduce your profit margin. So, it’s better for you to stay within the range of one to ten dollars.

Anything above ten (10) dollars I advise that you shouldn’t buy such a product. Unless youre in the luxury or health or security Niche or have lots of money to spend.


so where can you source for your products?

You have a Niche and youve identified a hot in demand product,

Where can you buy the products.

The first place that comes to mind is Aliexpress.

I know a lot of you are probably familiar with Aliexpress.

So you can buy your products from


1688 is one of the sites I told you guys you can source your products from very cheap. Another site that you can get products very cheap from is

Now as a SMART mini importer you always want to make sure you get your products for the best price.

You don’t just want to go out there and just buy. So, you want to get your products for the very best price

Let me show you something.


I sold this product some time ago. This product is in the convenience Niche.

It helps to remove the wax from your ear and it’s called waxvac.

Which is short for wax vacummer.

As you can see right there, the product had over six thousand shares

I made so much money from the sale of this product guys

Over 600,000 views

Is this actually making sense to you?

Are you following at all?

Now let me show you something


The picture you see on the left is from Aliexpress and the other one you see on the right is from 1688

On Aliexpress, you can see that the product is selling for $7.50, Lets just say $7

And on 1688, this product is selling for less than one dollar

I don’t know if you are actually getting this?

And guess what?

Both are of the same quality.

Hint:You have to dig deeper or use agents to get quality products from 1688

Now, for someone who is buying a product for seven dollars and someone who is buying the same product for less than a dollar, do you think their profit margins will be different?

Of course!…Absolutely different!

The truth is the profit margins will be huge apart. Like I said I made a killing with this product.

Let’s say for instance I was able to sell 500 pieces

I sold more than 500 pieces of that product. Because I was shipping that product almost every week into Nigeria.

But, lets say I sold just 500 pieces

If I had bought from Aliexpress, the profit margin would be 2000. I.e after removing all expenses. You can do the calculations yourself.

And that will give me 1 million naira pure profit right?

but because I got my product at a cheap price, my profit margin doubled.

so you can see the difference between being a smart importer and the average importer

The average importer is someone who is just going out there to buy products to sell because he/she heard that mini importation is profitable.

Now, how do you ship your products once you’ve been able to identify your products and where to source them for the very best price?

So, once you have sourced your products, how do you ship the products down to Nigeria?

  • You can use DHL which is the old-fashioned way and high cost
  • You can use EMS which also the old-fashioned way and high cost.

But you must know that these methods are very expensive.

You’ll be spending sometimes double or triple the cost of the product youre shipping

I believe for some people reading this have tried using those methods and can attest to that, the shipping cost is higher than the cost of the product that you are buying. 2X or sometimes 3X higher. Which I think is outrageous.

So Dont even try to use DHL or EMS

Because youd break an arm or leg to ship down your goods.

The feeling is never good when you see youre paying twice the amount for your goods on shipping!

And should you decide to use postal office? Be prepared to wait 30 days before receiving your goods and sometimes you might even not receive them.

So the best method to ship your product is making use of Agents and Logistics companies as they are 10X cheaper.

Now, 1688, and most of the other websites are written in Chinese. So you need someone who understands Chinese to be able to procure your products and then send your products down.

You also need an agent and a logistic company to ship your products down to Nigeria.

If you have someone who is in China the person can easily send your products down to you here in Nigeria.

Hope you get it?

Dont just use DHL, EMS or Postal services

Now, once you get your products delivered to you

How do you sell your products?

How do you market your products?

The number one way to sell your products is advertising on Facebook.

Now, I am not talking about posting and spamming different groups on facebook with your posts and product images..

I am talking about Facebook Campaigns, You have to create facebook ad campaigns

As I make this video, there are over 20 million Nigerians on FACEBOOK

Do you know what that means?

Do you think its that difficult to get just a hundred persons or 500 persons out of the

20 million to buy your product? Or to sell your products to monthly?

I will leave that to you to answer

The second place you can actually sell your products is Instagram now there are lots of

persons who just list their products on Instagram and expect people to buy.

There is a right and a wrong way to go about selling on Instagram

I logged on to instagram one afternoon when I saw this image


Now, as funny as this looks and sounds. Sadly, this is what most vendors on instagram do.

Heres what I mean.


Imagine you are walking into a mall and youre welcomed by 2-5 vendors, holding on to your leg to come buy their products.

  • What will you do?
  • Who will you follow?
  • Will you be pissed?

My guess is youd be pissed.

No one wants to be in such spot and certainly not your customers.

This is exactly how youd make others feel when you sell the same way most instagram vendors sell.

But then, there is a better way.

Instead of pursuing your customers to come buy from you why not find where they spend most of their time and advertise to them?

So, instead of just posting images of your products on instagram and begging people to come and buy, you simply;

List your products on;

Konga and jumia (this I call the lazy man method) which isnt the best anyway as people still need to head to jumia or konga and search for products and you pray yours shows up in the many results


You create a business facebook page and Instagram page and place your products before over 20 million nigerians currently on facebook and instagram using facebook and instagram ads.

Another way you can sell your products is having your own e-commerce site.

I dont know how many of you have seen the website of beard Nigeria.

Its a mini ecommerce website site that sell grooming products for men.

So, you simply set up your website, list your products, start driving traffic to it and then make your sales!

However, this has its shortcomings as you lose more than half of people who see your products or those who even buy.

So what is my preferred method?

Sales Funnels


This is how the smart ecom guys do it and make in BIG.

With a sales funnel, youre able to market to your audience over and over again with spending little or nothing on advertising.

You never have to worry about losing your customers.

With sales funnels, you can easily build trust and credibility with your buyers. Remember it is easier for someone to buy your product if they trust you.

Sales funnels is the killer guys

This is how people kill it in the mini importation business

  • If you quickly want to increase your profits then you should be using sales funnels guys
  • If you want to increase your Monthly income in this business, sales funnels is what will help you achieve that and you must understand human psychology and the emotional hot buttons.


The emotional hot buttons are the triggers that actually make people buy

(People make their buying decisions from a place of emotions and justify their decision with logic)

Do you still remember the last time you bought something and then you were trying to explain to yourself or someone the real reason you bought it?

I was able to generate six million naira selling just one product using a sales funnel and understanding human psychology and knowing their emotional hot buttons of my audience.

This is the product that I sold


I called it the two in one hair growth formula.

I sold the products; Andrea and Hair Wonder

And guess what?

I’ll get a pair of this product for around twenty five thousand for fifty pieces of

Each. i.e 50 pieces of andrea and 50 pieces of hair wonder

and guess how much I sold the pair for 9,000


And the juicy part is, for every sale I made, I get a profit of 6,000

I was getting the pair for N500

So, my profit was 6,000 after removing cost of running ads on facebook and cost of shipping products to the customer

Now I want to ask you,

How many pieces or pairs do you think I need to sell to be able to be able to make 6 million naira?

I should be selling 1000 pairs right?

I should be selling a thousand pairs to be able to make the 6 millionaire

I know what’s probably running through your mind right now.

Jonathan are you sure?

Now, lets do some math

I was selling 20 pairs daily

I mean, I was sending out 20 orders daily

it was crazy guys

that is what a sales funnel can do for you

check this out this is one of my records from a single day sales


You can see it’s even over 20 orders and some people usually order more than one pair.

Some order 2, 3 and even 4 pairs.

So you can see it’s even more than what I am Telling You

Let’s just do the math;

20 X 90 days will give us 1800 orders

Of course, not every customer will collect, some will cancel their order. So there will be some failed deliveries.

So, lets say 800 people canceled or I had 800 failed deliveries which is the very worst case scenario.

And we are left with 1000 persons who successfully received and paid for their order.

That gives us 6 million naira

1000 X 6000 will give us 6 millionaire naira


check out my weekly remittance above from the logistic company I used to deliver the products to my customers you can see the reports right on your screen does an average of 200,000 on average every single week

Isnt that fascinating?!

What will an extra 200,000 weekly do for you?

Do you think your children will start looking at you differently?

Or even your spouse?

Now this is even the worst report I’m actually showing you guys I right here.

I don’t just want to put out too many screenshots so it doesnt look as if I’m showing off

I just want you to understand the power behind mini importation if you do it the right way.

Hope youre still with me?

so this is what comes in on an average every single week

Listen guys,

Mini importation is more than what a lot of people think.

I really dont like calling it mini because it makes a lot of people think its something small. But its more.

Ecommerce or mini importation is mind blowing

You get amazing results if you do it the way the smart mini importers do it

Now, you can see how easy you can achieve 6 million naira in 3 months


From what you see on your screen, there are different parts that make up a funnel

So you have traffic coming from an advert or whichever means you generate traffic and then you have a presell.

A presell helps you to position yourself as an authority .

The reason you want to do this is so people can trust you and see that you know what youre talking about.

You want to give people value before selling anything to them.(No one cares about how much you know until they know how much you care)

Let me give you an analogy.

Imagine 2 make up artiste wants to sell you a product to clear acne.

Make up artiste 1 approaches you and says this product was made using the ingredients cleopatra used 2000 years ago and it can clear your acne,

order now!

And make up artiste 2 approaches you and says, I want to show you 5 methods or routines that can help you to be free from acne. And the artiste even adds, these are the same routines that queen cleopatra observed that made her face flawless.

Now, if youre someone who is having acne, who will you listen to?

I am guessing Make up artiste 2…right?

But why make up artiste 2?

Here are a few reasons;

  • Artiste 2 wasnt pushy
  • Artiste 2 wants to give you value
  • Artiste 2 is not trying to sell you anything which keeps your guard down.

With all these established with your potential customer, you become an authority in your niche and he starts trusting you more. He might not buy from you immediately but when he finally decides to buy. You will be the first person he would call for a product.

And you make sure you take their contacts by filling a form just the way you filled a form before gaining access to my detailed content like the one youre reading now.

This is how the smart mini importers do it

Just imagine a thousand people visiting your website and youre able to take the contacts of 200 of them.

That is, 200 people successfully signed up to see your product and you can sell to them over and over again even if they didnt buy the first time.

Now, assuming you were not using a sales funnel you will not be able to get the 200 persons and you would have ended up losing the 1000 persons who came to your website.

Some might buy BUT you wont be able to sell to them again

So this is how the smart mini importers do it

Now here’s a case study I want to show you.


This is a friend, a very good friend of mine who made over 500k in just 24 hours

Don’t know if you are actually getting this.

Guess what he is using?

Yes youre right!

Hes using a sales funnel.

So what type of products can you sell using a sales funnel?

You can sell high blood pressure products, diabetes products, stretch marks

hair growth, Breast and bum enlargement, Car scanners, security cameras, ETC.

Also, bags, shoes and wristwatches are what you can sell using a sales funnel.

Now, Lets take a quick summary of what you have learnt so far.

You have learnt

  • How to find problems people have
  • How you can find products people Want Not Just Need
  • How and where you can source for quality products very cheap
  • How you can ship your products to your doorstep very fast and without breaking your bank account.
  • How you can start selling your products quickly without having to beg people to buy
  • How the BIG guys do it using sales funnels

Now Let me ask you a question

All these sound pretty cool right?

Youve learnt some really great stuff but I can’t cover all that you need to know in a single short report like this one.

So, how would you like to work with me directly?

Where I can actually help you implement all that we just talked about?

But with all you have learnt, you can decide to go the hard way and do it yourself. However, its going to take you;

  • Many Tries before you figure it all out.
  • You dont even know the right product to import
  • You dont want to handle logistics yourself
  • And you most likely dont even know how to sell.

Yes, you can go ahead and learn every one of these things on your own but the truth is, its going to take you 6-12 months to masterall of these.

You dont want to waste all that time learning.

You know why?

Spent time cant be gotten back.

But Hold On, Theres A Shortcut.

If youre someone who is quick to taking action, you might be wondering how you can get started and implement all the tactics and strategies I just showed you quickly and easily.image42

The fastest way to get started is the blueprint I have created for you and its called

The 10X Ecommerce Blueprint.

What I just showed you is the exact system that I make use of that continually make me 6 figures week in week out.

So, hell yeah

You can choose to do it all on your own using all that I have showed you.

But if youd like me to help you implement everything we have covered,

Then, I will be delighted.

If you want to be able to

  • Build a successful ecommerce business
  • Make 10x your profit
  • All from your home
  • Even if youre just starting out today

Then this Blueprint is specifically for you

Okay, Listen

I am not going to be all hyped up and try to get you all hyped up about what this is and how this can help you.

You have listened to me,

You have read my story and you know what I am saying can help you.

So what I want to do is,

I just want to go over what you will get inside the 10x Ecommerce blueprint and how it can help you.

And if it is right for you, then I want you to get it.

But if it is not right for you, I dont want you to get it.

I am going to do this without fanfare

I am going to do this without hype

So heres what you will get inside the 10X Ecommerce Blueprint

  • You will get 20 evergreen products that you can start selling right now

All you need to do is Simply import the products and plug-in and start selling

and you know what?

You need a hot selling product if you want to be able to get responses like this.


The reason why you need a hot in demand product is that you need to get products that people actually want. Like what you see on your screen. You can see people saying

I’m interested

I need it

So you want to be able to get a product that people want

I actually shared 3 of the Products to my subscribers and heres what I got from one of them.


This is from emma Jerry

He said

hello Jonathan

I’ve been a silent subscriber and when you shared the hot products I decided to give it a try and bought from Aliexpress following the instructions you shared

I bought just 10 pcs of the Sound amplifier because I really did not know how it would turn out

well I just uploaded the photos on Instagram because I don’t know how to run ads I already sold 8 of them and have made double the money I spent on purchasing

now I trust what you share works and I will subscribe to your mentorship.

you sure know what you are saying

God bless you sir


so you can see that these are products people want.

you need to be able to get products that people want

and guess what?


  • You will also get all the contacts of all my China agents and logistics companies that you can pay in naira and get your products delivered to you wherever you are.

The value of this alone is N15,000

  • You will get 10 websites you can source and buy your products even 10x cheaper than aliexpress.

You will also get a step-by-step ninja guide on how you can find hot selling products yourself. This is not the usual way of sourcing by orders on aliexpress.image44

Like I said, you dont want to go into price battle

You can even decide to sell the service.

There are people who do this so.

The other day I saw a guys post on facebook advertising an ebook that shows people how to find hot selling products.

This alone is valued at N20,000

Some few days ago I raised over 200k within 48hrs packaging 5 hot selling products and selling it.

No jokes (If you want evidence, just send me a message)

So, you can sell the service by providing hot selling products to people and of course they are going to buy it.

At this point, here’s what youll be getting

  • Youre going to get 20 Evergreen Hot Selling Products (N20,000)
  • You will get the contacts of all my China Agents that you can pay in Naira (N15,000)
  • You will get 10 more sites to source your products even 10x cheaper (N9,500)
  • You will get a step by step ninja guide on how to find hot selling products (N20,000)

Also I’m going to show you how You can spy on your competitors right on Facebook. So you can easily go on Facebook and be able to spy on your competition and see what they are selling and confirm if people actually want the product and not bother about reinventing the wheel.

You will also learn how you can create your Facebook and Instagram adsimage57

This is very important.

If you really want to make a killing with mini importation, then you want to know how to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

Youll also get a training course I bought to help you dominate facebook ads and be able to create highly converting Facebook ad campaigns.

And my Facebook Ad Cheat Sheet

Some days ago I ran a test on facebook that generated a total of 46 sales within 48hrs.


Heres another I ran on Facebook using the same cheat sheet.


Over 50 sales within 24hrs

Isnt that wonderful and mind blowing?

Imagine having a flow of orders like this without having to beg anyone to buy.

Will that change things around for your business?

Thats the power of facebook ads in combination with a sales funnel and my Facebook ad cheat sheet.

In the last 6 months, I have spent over N2 million running ads on Facebook


So, you want to be able to do this the right way. Take it from a guy who has spent over 2 million naira in 6 months running adverts on Facebook.

Let’s Look At What Youre Getting Now

  • Youre going to get over 20 Evergreen Hot Selling Products (N20,000)
  • You will get the contacts of my China Agents you can pay in Naira (N15,000)
  • You will get 10 more sites to source your products even 10x cheaper (N9,500)
  • You will get a step by step ninja guide on how to find hot selling products (N20,000)
  • You will get a guide on how to create profitable Facebook and Instagram ads with my fully proven Facebook ad cheat sheet (value N50,000)

Total value of what youre now getting is N131,500

I’m also going to show you how to set up a 10x sales funnel that will help to double and triple your sales.

No one is currently teaching this (valued at N159,000)

You will also get an easy to use website builder called instabuilder with step by step videos showing you how to use it.

This is a builder you can use to set up your funnel pages .

You will need this if you want to sell your products using a sales funnel.

This alone is valued at N28,500 but youre getting it for free.

You can check the instabuilder official website to confirm this.


Also, I’m going to show you how you can create videos for your products because you don’t just want to go up on YouTube and get any video to use as this might just get your account banned if Facebook discovers youre using a copyrighted video and you go out of business as fast as you started.

I know of someone who actually lost his facebook account to this.

And the truth is, videos sell better than just using images.

This experiment/ test I ran a few days ago was done using videos and you can see the results I got in the image below.


So, I am going to show you how to easily create your own awesome product videos


Also you are going to learn how you can manage your mini importation business this is as important as you finding a hot selling product. Because if you don’t manage your business the right way it’s going to force you out of business and you might be sent back to your village.

And you dont want that.

So, you have to be able to manage your business right and I’m going to show you exactly how to go about that

And also youre going to learn how you can eliminate Agents and buy directly from manufacturers

Now the reason why you use agents is because you don’t understand Chinese and to buy products from websites like 1688, you need them to help with procuring your products and then ensure quality of the products.

But then you have to pay them for their services which is extra cost aside product cost and shipping cost.


However, there is a way you can eliminate them by working directly with the manufacturers.

These manufacturers you understand English and youll be able to communicate with them in English.

You don’t have to know how to speak Chinese for you to do business directly with them and I’m going to show you how you can do that.

This is how the big players that you see around do it.

So you see people who buy directly from the manufacturers and then tell the manufacturer to put their own business name on the product and they brand their products with their own name and bring them down to Nigeria (this is called private labeling)

So you see them selling products with unique names .

This is how they do it.

They work with the manufacturers and get their products down to Nigeria

For instance you can see this product right below


It is selling for $14.27 cents on Aliexpress and then this is on 1688 and it is around $2


But youll need an agent to be able to procure / buy the product


Now this is on the website you can communicate directly with the manufacturers

And guess what?

It is selling for $2 and you can even buy just one piece of it

Isn’t that incredible?

Now on 1688 youll have to buy at least three pieces of this product

But on this website I’ll be telling you guys about you can even buy one piece of the product and have it shipped down to you here in Nigeria

Amazing right?

I know

This is another product on 1688 which is equally selling for about $3 or $4


It is an ultrasonic mosquito killer (great product to sell during the rainy season) that uses sound to drive away insects.

Now this same product is selling on this website for less than one dollar

Let’s say for a dollar


So you can see how cheap products on this website are and you don’t even need an agent to Start buying from this site

What you want to do is compare between different websites to be able to get the best price.

Like I told you guys, the smart mini importer buys products for the very best price

And that is what you want to do as a smart mini importer.

And you know what?

I’m going to support and guide you for one full year.A year is enough for you to get a grip of all you want to do.image50

Trust me guys you can’t pay for this and you cant find this kind of support anywhere else

See this like an act of service from me to the community

I want to help you get started with your business.

I want you to land on your feet and be able to make something out of your mini importation business

So let’s run through what you are actually going to be getting

Heres What Youre Getting

  • Youre going to get over 20 Evergreen Hot Selling Products (N20,000)
  • You will get the contacts of my China Agents you can pay in Naira (N15,000)
  • You will get 10 more sites to source your products even 10x cheaper (N9,500)
  • You will get a step by step ninja guide on how to find hot selling products (N20,000)
  • I will show you how to spy on your competitors on Facebook(N,5000)
  • You will get a guide on how to create profitable Facebook and Instagram ads with my fully proven Facebook ad cheat sheet (value N50,000).
  • I will show you how to set up your 10x funnel(N159,000)
  • You will gain access to an easy to use website builder and step by step videos showing you how to use it and predesigned pages and all you have to do is upload and start editing(N78,500)
  • I will show you how to create videos for your products (N10,000)
  • You will learn how to manage your ecommerce business(N20,000)
  • You will learn how to eliminate agents and buy directly from manufacturers (N20,000)
    Total value of what youre now getting is N409,000

Now what you’re about receiving is worth over 400,000

Youre probably wondering about the price.

Now listen, the last training I had was sold for N54,500 and it was sold out

And the last one before this one was also sold for N199,999 (a 3 days workshop which I dont think I will do anytime soon)

Even, there are other trainings out there selling for more!

Now this Blueprint is equally, if not more valuable to you.

Because none out there offer the type of support youre going to receive as a member of the 10x ecommerce blueprint and not to mention the consistent updates to the blueprint to make sure youre up to date.

And this is the only program with exercises to walk you through step by step with an unbeatable support.

Here is a student


This program is his third on ecommerce and see what he has to say


I am not going to charge you 400,000 today.

I could, but I wont.

But I want to ask you something

If all that this package did for you was.

1. Finally turn you into a profit pulling machine in the ecommerce multi billion dollar industry, would it be worth 400,000?

2. If all this package did was take you from an average income earner to a 6 or 7 figure monthly, would it be worth it.

3. If all this package did was finally help you achieve that lifestyle youve always wanted for you and your family, would it be worth it?

4. If all that this package did was help you pay all your bills comfortably and have extra cash to play with, would it be worth it?

I dont know about you but I make an average of 1.7m monthly running an ecommerce business on the side.

This is a one time investment and you dont have to pay again. But the information youre going to get will pay you forever.

So, what do you think actually I should charge for this?

Do you think I should charge 200,000

Should I charge 100,000


what about 50,000

Now there are people who will gladly pay all these just to have access to the wealth of information and support I am giving you.

Heres a message from a student who had spend about N500,000 on an ecommerce course before he met me. Not that was not an error (Five hundred thousand naira)


I know that not everyone have this sum of money to get started with.

This is why I want to give it all out to you for just 25 thousand nairajust for you reading this report right now because I want you to have access to this information

I want lots of people to be financially free

I hate to see people on Instagram and Facebook begging

It breaks my heart when I see those comments on social media

I want to make a different so the reason I’m doing for that price is so that a lot of people are able to gain access to this information.

But I must Warn You

I dont work with lazy people

I just need people who are truly ready to turn their financial situation around

This is only for those ready to put in the work

And that is why this offer is going to be valid just for the next 7 days

After seven days this offer will be gone. So you only have access to this in the next seven days. And after seven days I am taking the price back up to 50,000 which is the current fee

But I want to bring it down so that you can gain access to this information

All you have to do to gain access is to click on this link

And once your payment is confirmed , youd be granted access to the members area that looks like this.


You can decide to pay via paystack and verification is almost immediately.

Are you still here?

Then, you probably still have some questions that you need to be answered

So here are some frequently asked questions

Youre probably wondering how much do you need to get started?

You can get started with as low as fifty thousand naira. But you must understand that the more money youre getting started with, the more of those hot selling products you will be able to buy.

Can a student do this?

If you are a student can you do this? Here is one of my students Mabel who is a medical student. I mean she is studying medicine is school

Hear what she has to say

2017 was not a good year, I lost so much money that I was unable to recover.

Two months ago I saw an advert about mini importation. Which I decided to go through with it

I spoke to the person , then I remembered I have a friend)Jonathan Melody God bless!(

who told me a long time ago about it

I called him later that day and he explained so many things to me including the products to buy

Products I should not buy, The agents contacts, The various platforms I can sell them.

Creating Facebook and Instagram ads, creating my own online shop and so on

I got some money from an uncle and placed my first order.

I bought the products for as low as 500 naira and I sold them for 5,000 each.

From that day my story changed.

Your own story can also Change

You might be wondering,

I talked about website.

Do I need a website to get started?

This is Lydia

Lydia does not have a website

Lydia uses Facebook and Instagram to sell her products

so you must not have a website to start selling. She was able to

sell 2 pieces of her products after three hours of setting up her ads on Facebook

Heres what she said

Thanks dear two people have place order. One in Bayelsa and the other in Abuja.

3 months later, heres a message same lydia sent me


My coach I have made up to 300k gain

I never thought I could get such amount of money within 3 months

I am so happy and I keep blessing the day I saw your advert and the day God connected us.

You are a rare gem. Heaven will definitely reward you.

And she has been doing it all on Facebook

Its amazing guys!

And you are probably wondering

Can I use a phone to do this business?

This is one that actually shocked me. This is Opeyemi, She sent me a message saying that she has been able to upload the instabuilder using her phone

I was even shocked myself. Wow

So if you have a good phone you’ll be able to make use of your phone to start this business image68

but it has to be a good phone with a good memory

and also can I follow the videos step by step?

Now this is Rasheed


Rasheed sent me an email saying

Awesome work bro it is so detailed that anyone can easily understand

So guys anyone

I mean anyone can easily understand the videos and follow them through step by step and as long as youre willing to learn.

You might also ask

Do you need a store to get started?

Now this is another of my students image76

This my student does not have a physical store

this is a message I got from him some time ago

He said

I was out of the country

just got back and got some stuff already

I have sold some already got more but I haven’t done instagram adverts, I am waiting for the graphics guy to finish designing the logo

What if you are very busy?

I know some people are very busy, what if you are very busy? This business can be automated to an extent so you don’t have to sit close to you computer monitoring anything like forex traders do and I’m going to show you exactly how you can go about thisimage85

You might ask I am a JJC i.e a newbie

Can I still do this?


The image you see above is a message from Kenneth

When he just started, Kenneth said

good morning sir, I appreciate your patience and understanding

don’t mind my curiosity

I am a JJC and then so some few days later he sent me a message

Evening sir

I am through with the sales age

please check it out

the WordPress header is kind of showing

I was surprised when he sent me this to say he has

been able to set one of his funnels pages up. So, its about how willing youre to learn and implement.

How soon can I get started?

This blueprint comes with a 4 week exercise which helps to get you started immediately and for each task youre meant to perform, youre lead to the module to help you complete the task.

This is the only program on ecommerce or mini importation that provides this currently in Nigeria to help you get started easily.

Thats how simplified the program is.

Is there a support group?

Of course!

This is one of the reasons this program is different from the ones out there. There is a support group and I call it the 10X support group.


You can see that the group over 700 people and from time to time I give extra lectures inside the group to help you improve and grow your business right inside whatsapp

See what this guy is saying

Coach youre a teacher. I so much love your style. Coach is trying to bring out the best in us by fire. If youre in this group, thank God for making you to be part of this group. I know why I am saying this.

Coach God bless you.

image72Here’s another Tolu who wants to become a president

See want he said

I think it is proper to appreciate Mr Jonathan for the great work.

It took me a week before I could make the payment because I was so skeptical about the package looking at the price.

No that I have money coming like that and with what I have seen so far, I made the right choice.

My goal after test running and make my first 1000k sales is to run for presidency. Hahaha

Hes one funny guy in the group by the way

So he felt this was too good to be true like you probably are now and I understand.
I am giving so much away for such a fee.

But like I said, I want to help you in your journey and be remembered for impacting your life. Someday when you think about how you started, you would remember my name.

That is what I want. I like to over deliver

However, this offer ends in the next seven days

Here is Okon

He says

Good evening mr Jonathan

Good evening house

I ran a Facebook ad on a particular product to test the market

Fortunately people came demanding for the product

Yesterday I paid for the products and I am expecting them to arrive in lagos in 10 days maximum

So you see how active the group is. You can ask any questions in this group and you receive answers to your questions.

You want to be amongst people of like minds and that is what this group will help you with.

I am actually building a community of experts who will continue to build a successful business, who are willing to provide help when you need it.

Heres from one of my students Igwetalking about the group and the program

She says;


Wouldnt you want to be amongst people who have your best interest at heart and ready to help you grow?

Just imagine what such a network can do for you and your business.

Remember, your network determines your net worth

Theres an African proverb that says;

If you want to go fast, go alone. But if your want to go far, go together.

When you have the right people in your network, YOU get things done easily and you get the necessary help you need to take you to your next level in life.

I already know how to import,

Do I still need all of these?

Like I said, I just shared the exact system I use and you can go ahead and implement it. But youre going to have lots of fails , trial and error and can even take you up 6months to figure it out. This is why you need a mentor.

There this student of mine Casban

Casban already knows how to do all the importation but he wasnt making sales even with all he knew and must have been taught by other gooroos.

Well, he took the bold step and invested into the mentorship program.

2 weeks later, he was able to sell 50 pieces of one of his products within 5 days spending just N4,000 on facebook ads using one of the strategies I share with all my students. He made over N300,000 in pure profit.image74

And he did this all on facebook. Imagine if he had used a sales funnel. I even shared another tip with him and he was calling me a wizzy.


Heres Akinwunmi, see what he has to say after giving him some tips to apply to his business.


These are the benefits you get when you have a shoulder like mine to look over.

You can see that the only limitation that you have exists only in your head .The only limitation you are having right now only exists in your head

There are no limitations

Now I want to do something crazy.

I am setting aside fast action bonuses. These bonuses are only going to be for those who take action with the next 7 days

Fast action bonus 1

You are going to receive in social traffic rushimage82

in this bonus, you are going to discover how you can get your traffic from the popular social media platform and also go viral with your contents

Youll learn the power of marketing on most of the popular social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, quora, reddit , youtube. You are going to be learning all of that from this fast action bonus.

Fast action bonus 2


In this bonus, I’m going to show you how you can start creating amazing graphics

Sweet-looking graphics for your products.

you can see the images above. Those are the kind of images you’ll be able to set up using what I’m going to teach you

And it doesn’t even stop there!

Fast action bonus 3


I’m going to also show you how you can set up your ecommerce store

You are going to be able to set up your ecommerce store for those of you who want to set up your own ecommerce store.

Where people can add different products to cart and pay with their cards.Youll be able to learn that from this fast action bonus

Now look at what you’ll get

  • Youre going to get 20 Evergreen Hot Selling Products (N20,000)
  • You will get the contacts of my China Agents you can pay in Naira (N15,000)
  • You will get 10 more sites to source your products even 10x cheaper (N9,500)
  • You will get a step by step ninja guide on how to find hot selling products (N20,000)
  • I will show you how to spy on your competitors on Facebook(N,5000)
  • You will learn how to create your Facebook and Instagram Ads plus cheat sheet(N62,000)
  • I will show you how to set up your 10x funnel(N159,000)
  • You will gain access to an easy to use website builder and step by step videos showing you how to use it and pre designed pages that you only have to upload and start editing(N78,500)
  • I will show you how to create videos for your products(N10,000)
  • You will learn how to manage your ecommerce business(N20,000)
  • You will learn how to eliminate agents and buy directly from manufacturers(N20,000)
  • Bonus 1:Youll learn the power of marketing on the most popular social media platforms(N12,000)
  • Bonus 2:I will Show You How to easily Design Images To Advertise Your Products(N12,000)
  • Bonus 3:You Will Learn How to design your ecommerce store(N25,000)Total value of what youre now getting is N458,000

You’ll get over 400,000 worth of value

But I’m not going to ask you to pay N400,000

All you have to pay to gain access to all of these is N25,000

Let me ask you a question

Do you still think 25,000 is too much?

Honestly, for what youre about receiving, do you really think N25,000 is too much?

Let’s divide this into 365 days

25,000 divided by 365 days will give us 69

Now that means you are investing 69 naira into your life and future.

Do you think that is too much?

is 69 naira too much to invest into your life daily?

How much do you spend on airtime everyday?

The average person spends a minimum of N2,200 monthly on airtime

Lets multiply this across 12 months

That gives us twenty six thousand four hundred naira.

How about the money you spend on movies?

Ice cream and pizza and dinners?

Instead of blowing all that money on things that are going to fade away and lose it,

Why not actually invest on yourself?

Because you see, the money put into this is going to turn into more money.

Have you ever read rich dad poor dad by robert kiyosaki?

In the book, Robert talked about the difference between assets and liabilities.

He said, poor people buy liabilities. But what the rich people do is put their money where it turns into more money


Now you are getting this for lifetime.

Youll have the knowledge for life and youll be able to use it over and over and over again.

Do you know money replenishes but time doesnt?

Let me explain.

You work at a company and youre paid every 2 weeks or every month. You go out pay your bills, the next month, you still get money.

But do you get more time?

Absolutely Not.

Working for someone for 30 something years wont make you rich or give you the freedom you want. Ask your neighbour who is now retired from working for the government or a private firm.

They are back to being broke, worried and frustrated!.

Only a few who understood the importance of investing are living a lifestyle free of money worries.

If you want to lose weight, you can go all out and do it all on your own doing trial and error, but you can never get that time spent back.

Money spent will be back but time spent wont be back

Napoleon Hill has this say Dont wait for the time will never be just right


Let me ask you another question

Let’s say you got 10 pieces of a product for two dollars per piece

Cost of 10 pieceswill be 7,400 naira

Cost of shippingN10,000

Cost of advertisingis N10,000

Cost of shipping to your customersN20,000

Some customers might buy more than a piece of your product and that shipping cost may not be up to that amount.

Now all of these figures right here are assumed figures and you can be making more than these.

So let’s say a total of what youre spending to buy the products and ship to your customers is N47,400

And you are selling one piece for fifteen thousand naira.(N15,000)

From what I have been showing you, you already see this is possible.

Remember that product I sold for N25,000?


And there are even more stories like that.

So you sold the 10 pieces and youre left with a PURE profit of 102,600 after taking out your expenses.

Now do you think you’d have made back the money invested and the money you invested in purchasing this course?

Of course!

And remember youre not even going to stop there.

The knowledge will be yours for life.

And you can say you dont want to sell again which is unlikely, you have the knowledge to get yourself some quick cash whenever the need for it arises.

So, you can never be broke with this knowledge in your bank of knowledge.


See this image above is from jumia and the person is selling this product on Jumia for about N5,000.

This is a canvas.

And he has sold over 1,500 pieces from the reviews we see right there.

Now, not everyone leaves reviews on products.

I personally dont leave reviews on jumia or konga and I know there are many people like me.

So for this person to have over 1500 reviews it simply shows they have made more than 3000 sales (Thats me being conservative here)

You can get this product on 1688 for lets say 1100 naira
Lets do some calculations

Shipping one piece of the product will cost lets say 800 naira

That makes a total of 1900 to bring in one pair of the shoe

Which leaves us with 3000 after subtracting from the 4995 naira the person is selling it on jumia

Let’s say Jumia takes a fee of N1000 which usually isnt up to and that leaves our guy with a PURE profit of 2,000 naira from selling one pair of the canvas.

At this point lets assume he sold just 2000 pieces. Of course we know he must have sold more. But lets keep it at 2000

Now 2000 multiplied by 2000 gives us a total of 4 million naira PURE profit!

Isnt that incredible guys

Just take a pause and imagine what an extra 4million naira can do for you

Thats how lucrative this business can be if you do it the smart way.

I still want to even give you Even More

I have something to do for you. I want to even make it better

If you take action within the next 48hrs I will give you the same funnel that generated me over 6 million naira within 3 months.

And all you have to do is simply edit out my product and plugin any product you want

Just follow the steps and edit according to the type of product youre selling

My mentor Ronald Nzimora charges as much as N1,000,000 to write a single sales letter.

But here I am giving you one for free, a template you can work with. Simply edit to fit in your product.image73

And guess what?

You will get the sell to other countries Guide that will show you how you can start selling your products to people in other African countries and have your money deposited in your Nigeria Bank Account.

Trust me, its good to extend your business to other countries .

So Heres what youre going to get now

  • Youre going to get 20 Evergreen Hot Selling Products (N20,000)
  • You will get the contacts of my China Agents you can pay in Naira (N15,000)
  • You will get 10 more sites to source your products even 10x cheaper (N9,500)
  • You will get a step by step ninja guide on how to find hot selling products (N20,000)
  • I will show you how to spy on your competitors on Facebook(N,5000)
  • You will learn how to create your Facebook and Instagram Ads plus cheat sheet(N62,000)
  • I will show you how to set up your 10x funnel(N159,000)
  • You will gain access to an easy to use website builder and step by step videos showing you how to use it and pre designed pages that you only have to upload and start editing(N78,500)
  • I will show you how to create videos for your products(N10,000)
  • You will learn how to manage your ecommerce business(N20,000)
  • You will learn how to eliminate agents and buy directly from manufacturers(N20,000)
  • Bonus 1:Youll learn the power of marketing on the most popular social media platforms(N12,000)
  • Bonus 2:I will Show You How to easily Design Images To Advertise Your Products(N12,000)
  • Bonus 3:You Will Learn How to design your ecommerce store(N25,000)
  • Bonus 4:You will get my 6 million naira sales funnel(N150,000)
  • Bonus 5:You will learn how to sell to other African countries (N20,000)

Total value of what youre now getting is N628,000

Also, I want to give you access to what I call the BIG CHRISTMAS BONUS.


You see during the christmas period and season people spend a lot of money in preparation for christmas.

And because people tend to be more focused on spending for christmas, certain types of products sell more during this period.

From January till October, they have saved a wad load of cash in preparation for the season and all you have to do is show them what they should spend this money on.

You see for the past 2 years, I have perfected a system that enables me to make lots of cash during this period.

Now there are 2 categories of special products that sell during this period and there are certain tricks and strategies,that you must use to help you target the right people right on facebook.

And there are certain buying triggers words you must use to make people buy these products.image79

In fact this is one of my best money making strategies. (Value N50,000)

And even if its not December yet, this will equip you ahead with the right information and strategies. December is Fast approaching.

I have tested, tweaked and perfected the whole system and I want to hand it over to you for free.

Absolutely free.

Yes, its free.

Why am I doing this you ask?

Its simple.

It because I want you to make money and also because I am a NICE person

But there is a catch to it.

You have to take action and subscribe to the 10x Ecommerce blueprint within the next 7 days so you can have access to it.

I dont want the system to be saturated reason its only for those who make payment within the next 7 days.

I know a lot of you guys have been to a training like this before and you get all excited and fired up. But what happens the next day?image89

Probably nothing for most of you guys and thats sad because I just showed the exact Strategies I and a few others are using to make 6 to 7 figures monthly and youd go back and not do anything.

And the reason why is

Old habits are hard to break

You go back to your office the next day and back to your daily routines.

The only way youre going to be successful is if we figure out a way to break that habit right now.image80

And the way to break that is by investing into the program and I can come in and give you all the necessary tools and guidance and break that habit and then be successful.

If you dont do that, youre going to slide back to the exact habit.

Everything we have gone through for the last hour will be completely useless to you slide back to your old habits. The only way to break it is invest in the tools to take you to the next level


There are 2 people who show up and read reports like this


The first is the timid , nervous guy or gal and think its really look and want to do it but they dont just take action.

I dont know about you but I dont like working with such people.

Like those people are never successful.

I like people like us

They get a training like this, they get it, they understand it

They step up and want to produce boom they make results and make things happen.

So, I am going to ask you

Are you the guy no 1 or are you are guy no 2?

Now, this guy no 1 is probably reading this too right now and I dont want you to feel guilty than you already do.

But if you want to take some massive action in your life and do some cool stuff and change your life for the better. If you want to join us, this is what we are going to do.

Come sign up right now

==> Go to this link here

And I will put you back on the team again


I want to even do something more crazy by taking away the risk so you have no excuse.

So I am giving you 365 days money back guarantee.


If after going through what I am about to show you and implement every single information and you still feel this is not worth what you paid for, just ask for a refund. Send me a message and I will send your money in full and even with an apology letter.

Thats how confident I am about this.


One of Nigerias finest marketers had to endorse what I do and call me out on twitter.

And those who have gone through my trainings had no choice but to agree with him

See this



The strategies youre going to learn are so powerful that people are even trying to shut me down.

Heres a message I received few days ago


He was telling me to stop sharing this with people on facebook

And there are more like these.

Im trying to keep them off but I dont know how long this can be. You can wake up tomorrow morning and discover they have clamped my websites even though I try as much as I can to secure and keep them up.

So what is it going to be?

Youre either going to ignore all that I have been telling you and nothing changes about your current situation. Which is 100% risk free


You take action today and join hundreds of others already making a killing in the mini importation business.

And you must know that whatever choice you make today is still a choice.

So all you need do is click on the button below this video and choose a payment option and then follow the instructions after your payment is successful

Dont think youre doing me a favour by investing into the 10x Ecommerce Blueprint and getting all of these value worth over N600,000 for just N25,000

It wouldnt help me buy a new car or build a house but its going to do everything for you, its going to change your life.

I even have one more thing for anyone who pays today.

If you make your payment today You will get an instagram course that shows you how to go from zero to 600,000 instagram followers in 3 months for free!

This alone is valued at $297 which is equivalent to N109,890

Just imagine having 600,000 persons you can market your products to for Free!

Just imagine what that alone would do for your business.

Do you think you can get an extra 500 people to buy your products from a 600,000 instagram followership?

You bet you can!

I have Even more For you

Because I want you to start making money ASAP

I will show you how the set up


The same funnel for the product that generated me over 40 sales within 48hrs

  • Show you how to import the exact product
  • Show you how to set up the facebook ad for it to start generating sales
  • Give you the same video that took me over 6hrs to create so you can use it for your own facebook ad

With this you can start making money immediately

And even if you dont import any product, I am going to show you how to still make money with this program!

I will show you how to make money with the 10x ecommerce blueprint without buying a single product i.e if you choose not to import any product

Isnt that just awesome!

So heres a final recap of what youre getting if you make payment today

  • Youre going to get 20 Evergreen Hot Selling Products (N20,000)
  • You will get the contacts of my China Agents you can pay in Naira (N15,000)
  • You will get 10 more sites to source your products even 10x cheaper (N9,500)
  • You will get a step by step ninja guide on how to find hot selling products (N20,000)
  • I will show you how to spy on your competitors on Facebook(N,5000)
  • You will learn how to create your Facebook and Instagram Ads plus cheat sheet(N62,000)
  • I will show you how to set up your 10x funnel(N159,000)
  • You will gain access to an easy to use website builder and step by step videos showing you how to use it and pre designed pages that you only have to upload and start editing(N78,500)
  • I will show you how to create videos for your products(N10,000)
  • You will learn how to manage your ecommerce business(N20,000)
  • You will learn how to eliminate agents and buy directly from manufacturers(N20,000)
  • Bonus 1:Youll learn the power of marketing on the most popular social media platforms(N12,000)
  • Bonus 2:I will Show You How to easily Design Images To Advertise Your Products(N12,000)
  • Bonus 3:You Will Learn How to design your ecommerce store(N25,000)
  • Bonus 4:You will get my 6 million naira sales funnel(N150,000)
  • Bonus 5:You will learn how to sell to other African countries (N20,000).
  • You Will get the BIG Christmas Bonus(N50,000)
  • You Will Learn how to go from zero to 600,000 instagram followers(N109,890
  • You will Get the same funnel that generated me over 40 sales within 48hrs and how you can set up to(N25,000)Total value of what youre now getting is N812,890

But you are youre paying just N25,000

Dont just take my word for it. Hear From Some of the members of the 10x Ecommerce Blueprint

Click Here To Hear What Others Are Saying

You see, people in life can have one of two things. They can either have money or have excuses.image87

Thats it!

So right now, you have 2 options

Now, you can sign up and get involved and then go make money


You come up with an excuse why you cant afford it

Why you cant do it at this time

Why you cant do this

Whatever your excuse is today, thats fine.

But the reality is you cant have both

You either have money or excuses.

And you got to decide which one you want

I dont know about you but I know I want money.

So thats why you need to go invest right now

Click Here Now to Get Started

I wish you success as you start this journey.

I hope to start working with you soon.

See you on the inside!


The guy who truly cares about your success

So that’s it guys with mini importation business in Nigeria.

Hope this really opened your eyes.

Go take action and you’ll make huge success

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