Naira4all Review 2020: The Real Money Making Program for Nigerians

If you’re looking to join the Naira4all Program and searching google for Naira4all Review before you register, then you’re in the right Place.

Using this honest review, you can know if its worth investing your N3,000 or not.

Before then;

Who I am to Review naira4all Program?

I am Prosper Noah and I own this blog just incase you don’t know me Yet (Lol).

For the past 3 years I’ve been studying every area of Income to find out what works (and what doesn’t) for making money online in Nigeria.

The Amazing thing is this;

I know how hard it is to make money online in Nigeria especially for beginners.

I know and understand that;

There are lots of scams online and you don’t want to take chances anymore, just like you I’ve wasted a lot of money online to programs that promise you heaven on earth and at the end, its all big SCAM.

This isn’t good you know?

So I came across Naira4all Earlier and used the Program plus checked everything in their dashboard as an experienced Internet Marketer that I am (Lol).

How I found Naira4all Program

I was tired of all the online scams and lots more, so I had to work hard to find legitimate programs via searching on google and I found it as one of the popular make money online Programs in Nigeria;

As in;

I kind of risk and put money into every promising program I come across and if It works for me, I share with my loyal readers like you, if it doesn’t work I let it go for good (Life is about taking risk).

So I do all the work for you; I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it (Laughing in Chinese Lol)

For Example, below are two Programs I have used earlier that work greatly;

Just Keep reading…to know if naira4all is legit or scam.


On this Post I’d be doing a very honest naira4all review.

I bought the Package of N3,000 too so I can test the naira4all progam if it’s legit or another scam.

I’ve checked everything (The Good and Bad Side) and lots more.

So what next?

Just buy some Kola while I take you through;

So basically if you’re on this post, it’s either you want to know;

  • What naira4all is all about
  • is naira4all legitimate?
  • Or you need a Naira4all registration guide
  • etc..

I don’t want to waste your time So I would just go straight to the Point.

And wait;

Just before the review, you may want to learn a few things about the Program such as

  • When naira4all was founded
  • Who founded it
  • Naira4all Facebook Page or Group Details (This shows if any program are Authentic or Not)
  • Etc..


Naira4all Review 2020: Is it Legit or Scam?

In just a few minutes, you’d come to know if this program is worth your money or not.

What is Naira4all all about

naira4all review scam or legit

On the about Page naira4all claims:

It’s an online business that allows Nigerians make real money or what is called “Legitimate money online” both locally and internationally easily.

Unlike nnu and wakanda, this program is kinda designed to walk you through every make money online aspect both in Nigeria or Outside Nigeria online.

Benefits of Naira4all or What’s Included: List of what’s included when you Join the Program

This is also known as naira4all benefits I.e. What you stand to benefit when you register and pay your N3,000 so you can start making money.

Benefit 1. Get paid to view adverts (websites)

This is the first benefit/thing you get in your Dashboard when you join the Program and upgrade your membership with N3,000 one time.

It actually shows you list of 100% working websites you can join to get paid just by viewing adverts, you can make money and withdraw to your Bank Account (Payoneer).

I have reviewed this and it seems very nice because I know the sites listed there are very Legit ones, unfortunately I can’t mention the websites here for privacy reasons.

Benefit 2.Free Blog / Website Set-up For Members.

Again, this is another benefit and this one is much better and great.

You know why?

Blogging is the next big thing in online marketing world, and if you can setup one then you can diversify your income streams and make money from almost any area like Promoting products on your blog, Placing google ads and getting paid on your blog, Selling Ad spaces to companies like MTN, Jumia, selling your own products on the blog etc..

They actually help you install your blog and set it up and also walk you through on how to chose a blogging niche (what to blog about) and lots more (All this is packaged when you join naira4all).

So this is another great benefit alright,

Don’t go yet, there’s even more at about 9 benefits of naira4all when you join;

But I will list only 4 and below is the third Benefit.

Benefit 3. Get Paid To Share Links On The Internet.

This sounds strange but yes it works 100%. As an internet marketer who’s been into making money online for sometime now, I know there are many sites that claim to pay you for sharing links to Facebook, twitter, etc.

But There’s good and bad news;

The Bad news is that most of these get paid to share links on the internet sites end up being scam

The Good news is this;

Naira4all gives you access to only the ones that work very well (Very Legit Ones), all you just need to do is join and take action to make money by sharing links on the internet.

Benefit 4. Free 3,700+ eBooks you can Download and Resell to Make Money Easily

This is called PLR, you simply buy an eBook with resell rights.

Resell rights here mean you can resell it at any price you want and keep 100% Profit.

So naira4all is giving free access to these huge list of 3,700+ make money eBooks, you can sell it to anyone who wants to make money online at any price you want.

It’s all yours.

My Take on This;

This is a very good online income opportunity because all you can just do is promote and sell these eBooks easily and fast making use of Facebook Ads or promoting in forums like and lots more.

So instead of wasting many months writing eBooks, naira4all does this for you automatically. The only work on your part is to sell and keep your money.

Those are just the benefits;

Is The Naira4all Program Worth your N3,000 Investment?

Now that am done with the benefits, you may want to know if the program is worth your money and so I will list some Pros and Cons (The Good and Bad side) of the Program.

Pros or Good Side

  • The Website where you download and get all information after joining is very fast
  • Easy to navigate and download all you need easily and fast
  • You can follow the tutorials and guides (It’s easy for beginners)
  • eBooks to download are not heavy files where you will have to waste much data

Cons or Bad Side:

  • You need a smartphone like Android to access the site and get necessary details
  • Joining the Program takes 24 hours for approval after you make the payment of N3,000
  • They should consider adding an online payment option where you can just pay with your Debit Card and get access to your Premium Membership dasboard immediately instead of waiting for 24hours on manual approval.

Yes, it is worth every penny!

My Results Using Naira4all and What you may Likely achieve from the Program

Even though I joined this program earlier August 2018 there’s been a great benefit and you are going to make money online for sure.

If I happen to have joined the program earlier maybe around 2016 or 2017, then the result am getting today would have been from this program.

When I checked the dashboard and analyzed everything my online income growth is like a reflection of the program.

I currently make money from the following;

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling eBooks on my Blog
  • Google Ads on Blog
  • Etc..

This is one of the things you are likely to learn when you join the program and they help you set it up for free too.

So if you join and follow the Naira4all program then definitely you’re guaranteed to start making money online as soon as possible if you take action and use what you see.

So is Naira4all real or scam?

Now that you know its legit and not scam; you may want to signup right way;

Not to worry;

In few minutes I will show you step by step the naira4all registration procedures to get approved easily.

Naira4all Registration: How to Register into the Program Step by Step

Naira4all registration fee is N3,000

Follow the below steps carefully to register.

  1. Click here to Register an account
  2. When done registering, login to your naira4all account and you will see the bank account where you should pay the N3,000 into
  3. When you have sent the payment, Make sure you click on the Notify payment button in your dashboard: That is where you will upload your receipt or payment details for approval.
  4. Your payment will be approved within 24 hours.
  5. Lastly you will get an email that you’re approved for premium membership and that’s all
  6. Make use of your materials in the dasbhoard and start earning.


Alternatives to Naira4all Program

While Naira4all may be an all in one awesome money making program in Nigeria, you may be looking for other sites like it.

So just incase, then you can check out the alternatives and two best and paying programs below;

You should know that the 2 am listing below work very well but has to do mainly with affiliate marketing. That’s why I suggest you should go for naira4all so you can learn everything at once.

But if you still insist on the 2 best affiliate programs to make money then checkout below

1. NNU Affiliate Program

This one works and you earn N1,000 per referral or you can make money reading, commenting, and sharing posts on facebook and twitter.

2. Wakanda Affiliate

This is almost the same as nnu. I can’t explain everything on this post, so just click here to checkout the full post on it.

Other Featured Articles:  PayPal Nigeria 2020: 100% Working Method to Receive Payments


I hope this naira4all review post helps you make a very good decision to start making money online for real right here in Nigeria.

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      Wait for approval in less than 24hours and enjoy yourself making money via Naira4all.

      Do have a great time !

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      Like what kind of guide? How to get started is there.
      Just get approved first, you’ll see everything and if you face any issue, just email me (

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