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NNU Forum Review & My 6 Special Bonuses for first 100 People

Hey guys welcome to my NNU Forum review post.

I won’t over hype anything at all.

Here on this post I will show you exactly how nnu forum also known as the NNU V2 works and how you can get started easily and fast but before all that I want to let you know that I prepared 6 special bonuses for first 100 people who will be signing up with my referral link.

First 100 people to signup to nnu forum using my link will also get my bonuses below:

BONUS #1: Referrals Hacker Pro Worth ?20,000 (In this Bonus eBook, I share with you Super hot strategies you can use to get lots and lots of referrals in any income program you join, containing some strategies I personally used to make over N740,000+ on NNU Affiliate Program, N150,000+ on referral program and the other income programs totally Free strategies)

BONUS 2:Free Access to my secret video “How I generated $300 on WarriorPlus in less than a week in August 2019” equivalent to ?108,942.00 (If you’ve never made any money online at all, you must make money with this one, I guarantee you 100%)

BONUS 3:Free Access to my SECRET Video that shows you how to get a .com domain name for less than N500 naira (I mean N500 not N5,000) Yes, I’m not mistaken (This will help you get the domain you gonna use for your next blog or website and you can also use it make extra money for yourself by charging people the normal domain buying price of $12 and keeping the Profit or you as well sell the information on how to do exactly same and keep all the money for yourself)

BONUS 4:Free Access to my Private Video that shows you how to Create/Launch a Bog in Nigeria in less than 30 minutes (You’ll watch me live setup a brand new blog, from getting host and domain together plus everything) and you’ll even see the blog come live.

BONUS 5:1-on-1 meeting with me; where I share with you the online businesses that are currently working personally for me, one earned me over N700k, one did over N300k + how you can get started as well.

BONUS 6: My secret affiliate program where you earn per FREE registration, and you get paid every month straight to your PayPal… You can earn unlimited here, its by far one of the easiest way to earn money online I’ve seen.

These bonuses are insane and you will never, I repeat, never get them anywhere else online apart from me.

and if you decide to signup for nnu forum using my link in this post I’d send all of those bonuses to your email upon confirmation.

Remember; thousands of people are currently reading this post right now along with my 3000+ email subscribers.

You have to be fast.

Register for NNU Forum Here & Claim my 6 Bonuses

Definitely you don’t want to miss these bonuses above.

Now that you know the bonuses you’ll be getting, let me quickly share with you what nnu discussion forum is all about.

NNU Forum Review: What is it all about?

I even made a video on it just in case you prefer to watch video.

Am not going to say much about this or hype anything.

NNU Discussion Forum is a brand new site launched August 2019, referred to as nnu version 2.

It pays its users with affiliate commission and activities bonus earning and below is how you actually earn on this platform.

Benefits when you join the nnu discussion forum

Like I said earlier, this is new and a revamped version of the nnu income program so I would just copy and paste from the site to show you how it works.

Monthly Revenue Sharing – Subscribers/participant earns money via activities point by login in to their NNU forum account daily, reading and engaging in forum discussion, posting relevant forum topics and sharing viral post on Facebook.

Affiliate Commission – As a member, you are also an affiliate after successful registration and you will be earning a huge commission of 71.5% = N1,000 per referral on anyone who joins the forum through your referral link or username. The more people you refer to join, the more 71.5% commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantage of NNU Forum opportunity daily, you will be earning N10,000 Naira in a day.

Now that’s how the stuff works but I know definitely you may not understand above so I’ll just break it down for you to fully understand.

How to Make Money on NNUForum?

1.As an affiliate, you earn 71.5% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on NNU forum, you earn N1,000Naira from their premium membership entry fee.

As a participant, you earn point for your activities on the forum.

2.Active daily login:You earnN50when you login to your account daily.

3.View Forum Topics:You earnN10on each latest forum topics you read.

4.Relevant Comment / Discussion :You earnN20on each new topics you contributed to.

5.Posting Forum Topic:You earnN200for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that worth discussion and get approved on the website. You could even earn more between N500 to N1000 when you post more relevant, unique and original content on any categories.Note that copied content including topics from other sites are not allowed.

6. Sharing viral post on Facebook: There’ll be assigned viral post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline daily, you earn N100Naira daily on assigned post on your timeline.

WARNING: The post must appear on your timeline before you can get paid.

Minimum withdrawal is N5,000 which will be paid to your bank account. Registration Guide; How to Register into the NNU discussion forum?

Remember, registration fee is N1,400

Also remember you are getting my 6 bonuses I promised above if you use my link by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Click here to nnu forum website (that’s my affiliate link)

Step 2: Fill in your details and get the ePin from one of the agent

Step 3: Register successfully and get approved.

Time to get my bonuses.

Step 4: If you registered successfully following the steps I laid above, send me an email to with your proof and I’ll send my bonuses to you within 24 hours.

I don’t know how you are going to lay your proof but make sure you follow the link in this post to register and provide me enough proof so I confirm and send the bonuses to your email.

Is NNU forum legit or scam and do I personally trust it?

Well, if you ask me I will say it’s legit but you need to understand that in order to really make money from these income programs you have to take full advantage.

and you have to get in early as e dey hot haha

Forgive my pidigin english but I just want you to understand me.

After all that’s our general language here in Nigeria, no need to shame.

So on a serious note, you need to get in early.

I can remember the time of NNU Income, those who got in early benefited highly and some who got in late were complaining and calling the stuff scam and most of those guys didn’t even take action and read terms and conditions at all.

and to give you a boost and go ahead, Paul Samson, the founder promised everything will be alright with the nnu forum or what he refers to as the NNU Income Project v2.

Below is one of his Facebook post.

nnu forum

Again this will be blast.

Imaging how much you can make becoming an affiliate to distribute NNU Forum guide / E-Pin distributor. We have done it before and it was superb. We know a lot of Nigerians who benefited massively on our first version of NNU and here again the version 2.

If you missed out on version 1, do not miss this version 2.

Referral is optional as we keep sharing revenue monthly again: With a great strategies on ground, we will make sure all participants have a taste of internet money and be able to cash out even without referral.

Active affiliates will earn 71.5% referral commission for distributing and selling our forum guide and membership ebook. Now this is not a pyramid scheme or multi level MLM system without product. You work it, sell it and earn it.

Registration / purchasing e-pin distributors earns 15% profit as e-pin wholesaler.

Wow wow this is amazing. Prepare yourself for a massive launch next week. DO NOT miss this opportunity. Leave no stone upturned if you want to make it in life.

Below is another one;

nnu forum

Bros come and check this out!

Aunty check this screenshot carefully!

That is a huge number of 22 million Nigerians on Facebook alone. Okay chill lets just assume 50% are not active right now. Lets just assume we have at least 10 million Nigerians on Facebook with the average of this statistic.

Hello, did you read me typed 10,000,000? Wow wow. These are potential customers that can make you millions within a short period of working smart only if you know how to work things out with NNU Income v2

On v1, we didn’t get up to 1 million members, just 700k+. Whereas over 9 millions Nigerians are yet to know about NNU Income Project. Now this is the real deal.

Guess what? Over 15 employees we had in our office recently knows nothing about NNU Income until we called them for interview. As you can see, millions of Nigerians knows nothing about us yet. Now its time to get the ball rolling on v2 and make sure the opportunity go round.

Listen, if you are still one of those members who join late on v1 and still complaining or getting yourself and others discouraged about NNU Income, then you are still getting it wrong. Instead, why not wear a positive cap and become one of the achievers.

Anyways, its up to you but trust me, by the time you check the statistic in the next 6 months again, you will then imaging how fast we grow again and start biting had i know finger.

NNUForum is 99% loading for a massive launch of new members… Just a few modification left and registration form will open.

No hard feelings if you decide to not believe his promises but I’ve been following him for a while now all the way from Coolnaira, eBoss, to nnu income and now nnu forum and he’s a very honest guy ONLY to those who understand him.

Again, no one will force you to join and no one will beg you to join as well and just like I said in the beginning of this post, am not going to hype anything at all and tell you, you can make millions of Naira from it.


I strongly believe you can make thousands and a lot of money if you take the desired action, according to the site, you can make at least N10,000 daily.

Yes, that’s not nonsense talk, it’s actually possible if you are serious for sure.

Don’t forget my 6 killer bonuses am sending to you if you use my link in this post.

Here is the referral link to register again.

Send me an email to when done so I send them over to you within the next 24 hours.

Go and make a killing with the nnu forum and let me know how far you go.

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    • That’s great to know, Joseph.
      Make sure you share this post with your friends on Facebook so they benefit from this as well

  1. your bonus are enticing prosper… I only like the third bonus for now…

    but please is it a Nigerian domain provider @ bonus 3 .com for N500 or a foreign domain provider….

    pls I’ll check back for your response

  2. That’s a great offer Prosper Noah.

    And I urge everyone to take hold of that opportunity.

    You can call or whatsapp me for your coupon code


    I’m a verified agent.

  3. Pls what does this nnu company promote or sells, Also can it b something anyone? can do without a website and all that, thanks

  4. Hello, pls if I register through your link, can still get the bonus?
    What is the proof to send for you to know that I register through your link?

      • The thing is i already have an account before i registered through some other links before i found yours today but i must say your offer are really enticing especially the one on one meeting with you cause i have spent like 10k on online income without result so am i not going to be banned if i re register through your link

  5. I have signed up just now because i am so serious looking for a way to fix things up, i want to start making money from this night.Please i thank you this powerful blog.But i dont know how to send my sign up proof to you, Please give me your whatsap no so that i can send through there. i need more of your ebooks to get more knowledge about this.
    If you have an offline class i would have love to join your class for more tutorials,.

  6. Is this offer still avaliable?Please i will like to add you on facebook,whats your username,i want discuss something important with you

  7. Thanks,i got the pin but please how do you input the pin,is it by literally copying it one by one or by copy-and-paste method ??


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