NNU Registration Guide: How to Register and get Approved Immediately

Are you looking for a comprehensive nnu registration guide? Then you’re in the right post.

Because right on this Page, I show you the step by step process to register into the nnu income program easily and fast.

But just before then, I have bonuses for you;

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Let me make known to you;

This is not an nnu review post so I won’t be treating questions like:

  • is nnu legit?
  • what is nnu
  • etc

I will only treat things like;

  • nnu ng registration tutorial
  • nnu registration form
  • register nnu
  • and the likes

Because I know that is what anyone who comes to this post is looking for.

Ok enough stories already;

I don’t want to waste your time, so I will walk you through the easy-to-understand nnu registration tutorial (Step by Step)

NNU Registration Guide: How to Register on NNU Income Program Fast.

nnu registration

If you want to register now and get approved instanta Lol…(I mean instantly) then follow the simple procedures below.

Hope you know the registration fee is N1,400.

Step 1: Registration Step.

Click here to Registration Page

After you click the above link; make sure you enter your correct details like name, email, phone number, etc..

  • When you get to username you can put something unique there, it is the username you will be using to Login everyday. So make sure its something unique like prospernoahbiz or prospernoahdollar or prospernaira.

Step 2:Payment Step

Now you need to pay your N1,400 to get registered and approved.

In order to pay that N1400 you are provided with two options:

  1. ATM Card
  2. Coupon

If you are like me that don’t like wasting time at all, then you can pay with your ATM either verve, mastercard or Visa.


Choose Paystack as the payment option and click the Agree button. Pay your N1,400 using your ATM Card

Once the payment is complete, your account is approved instantly or automatically (No need to wait).

If the payment doesn’t go through, try and initiate it again, it should go through but if it still doesn’t

Then Contact Me on (Phone Number Removed)?and I will sell you Coupon or help you to register with my own Verve Card FAST.

That’s all.

I would have done a Youtube video on this but let’s leave that for some other time.

UPDATE: I have done a Youtube video on how to register for nnu step by step.

NNU Registration FAQS

If you have some questions or have any issues related to how to register nnu, then you could check out this section below where I share all I know about NNU registration.

Hopefully you’d be able to get some of your questions answered and doubts cleared just before registering into the nnu program.

So here we go;

If i register on nnu without payment how can i make payment again?

If you register into the nnu program and maybe have some issues with your payment or you registered without making payment, then all you need to do is actually login to the account with your correct login details and click on the initiate payment button in the account.

So you’d be able to make payment using your debit card either Mastercard, verve or Visa Card.

How to register on nnu for free

At the moment am sorry, you can not register into the nnu income program for free. You can only read news for free.

How to register for nnu without paying immediately

Well, I don’t advice this, but if you actually want to register into nnu program without paying immediately, then you could easily do that by signing up.

When done with then nnu basic registration, you can then pay your N1400 later with a Card.

Since they use Paystack, if you don’t have Card, you’re offered an option to pay with your Bank Account.

You need to note there are only few banks accepted at the moment.

is nnu a registered website

yes, nnu is a registered website, in fact the owner of the site nnu.ng Paul Samson is a registered company (G-cyber Technologies) so yes, the site is registered and Legit.

registeration on nnu without refferal

I don’t understand why you don’t want to use a referral while registering in the nnu income program.

You need to note that you registering under a referral does not remove anything from you or your account.

It actually rewarding the person that referred you N1,000.

So its ok if you use someone’s referral link to register in nnu.

But just incase you don’t want to register with a referral, then there are no problems at all.

Can i register for nnu with a first bank account

Yes, you can register for nnu with a first bank account.

This is how you do it;

click here to register, and when done with the nnu registration and want to make payment with paystack, instead of selecting card for payment, you need to click on Pay with Bank.

Then you’d be asked to input your bank account number and other necessary details and BOOM, you’d pay successfully and your nnu registration will be complete.

My nnu couldn t register why

If you are having any issues with the nnu registration then its probably because

  • nnu website is down
  • or your network connection is slow or bad
  • Maybe your bank has not enabled your card for internet transactions, you may need to go to your nearest branch to make complaints for them to enable your card or account for online transactions.

is registeration to join nnu still on

Yes, the nnu registration is still on and will be on as far as the website is live.

So no need to panick, just go and register an account.

How to register to nnu using paystack

If you want to register nnu with paystack then all you need to do is simply click here first to the registration page, fill in your correct details.

When done, accept the terms and conditions then, choose paystack. Paystack here means you will be paying with your ATM Card or your bank account.

Just choose paystack and you will be prompted to enter your card or bank account details and there you go mate.

how to purchae coupon code for nnu registeration

Do you want to purchase coupon code for nnu registration, then you can go ahead, firstly click here and fill in your details and when done you can contact any nnu coupon code distributor and they will sell the coupon for you to complete your nnu registration.

whats the best method to register for nnu

The best method to register for nnu is through paying with your Card. I personally don’t really use coupon codes, not that they are not legit but I prefer card because its very fast for me.

So its your choice, but If you are looking for the best method, I prefer you use card.

How can one register another person in nnu income

Well, its very simple to register another person into the nnu income program. Be it your;

  • Relativ
  • Friend
  • Family
  • Etc…

What you need to do is to go into your nnu dashboard, and click on the referral tab to get your referral link.

When you get that link, just send it to them and they will follow it to register.

Once they are done with the nnu registration and paid their N1,400 you will be credited with your 1000 easily and fast.

You can as well register them yourself, just get your referral link from your dashboard, paste it into a browser and register.

That’s it.

How can someone outside nigeria register on nnu

If you are a non nigeria and wants to register into the nnu income program then you won’t be able to at the moment because its strictly for the nigeria residents.

Sorry, but I suggest you check out my article on how I made around $546 in 6 days via CPA affiliate marketing, its for all countries.

must one register with 1400 ngn in nnu

Yes, you must register with 1400 to the nnu program.

You may need to do that fast as nnu registration may close soon.

I just hope you arent late.

Can one register for nnu with the same account

No you can not register for nnu with the same account or I don’t get your question well.

How can i cancel my registeration in nnu

If for any reason, you are no longer interested in the nnu program and wish to cancel your nnu registration, then you can contact the support.

But i don’t understand why you may want to do so.

you can leave a comment on this post.

nnu how to register without email

You need an email account to register for the nnu program sorry.

If you don’t have an email, you need to create one.

Checkout this post on how to create an email account easily and fast.

If you don’t create with an email, then if you have problems how do you want nnu to contact you?

No way joor.

How to get referal code to register for nnu

If you want to register for nnu and need a referral code to register with then you can use this one jsp399cn

Just put it in the referral field and you’re good to go.

That’s my referral code and you’re kind of rewarding me for inviting you into such awesome program and also for the procedure on how to register on nnu.

Does nnu require you to register someone under you

Well, this is not necessary but NNU pay members who bring others under them more quickly.

So if you want to get paid super fast, then I suggest you have atleast 2 people who registered via your nnu referral link.

This way nnu won’t delay your payments.

I need somebody to register me in nnu

If you need somebody to register you in nnu then you can contact me on the about page of this blog so I can be of help.

How to make people register for nnu

Good Question.

First, you can’t force anyone to register into the nnu program with your link.

you need some strategies that will get people to register without forcing them, they will even beg you to register, I have shared how you can promote your nnu referral link to get enough referrals for yourself.

Click this link to go to the post.

How to register for nnu with bank deposit


NNU has removed the bank deposit option from their website because it’s caused a lot of accounts not getting approved.

So in order to prevent such they have introduced a new type of bank deposit.

So what is it?

You need to buy an nnu coupon, you pay into the coupon distributor account and they give you the coupon to register your account.

so that’s the only bank deposit for nnu registration.

Gat it?

I hope you do.

How to register through an nnu account

At the moment, you cannot register a referral from your nnu dashboard.

You have to give them your referral link to register themselves or you copy your referral link and help them with the registration.

How to pay for nnu to register

I have explained this over and over again.

You can always pay for the nnu registration with your Debit card (Mastercard, Visa Card or Verve).

They accept all types nigerian cards.

If you have problems paying with your card, then you could send money to an nnu coupon code distributor or check this post and you’re good to go.

How register for nnu without paying

See your mouth “How to register for nnu without paying”

So we that paid, we don have sense again abi lol.

Just beefing you;

The truth is you can’t register into the nnu income program without paying.

Except you don’t want to make money, you only want to read latest news and gists.

If you want to do nnu registration, you need to pay your N1,400 so we can be equal lol.

No cheating.

How to register nnu without stress

Oh come on, don’t be lazy.

Since there is no machine that helps people register.

You can spend only a few minutes to register nnu account.

The best and fastest way possible i can recommend is through registering with your debit card.

It’s super fast.

In fact, I’ve been able to register up to 10 nnu accounts in a day using my verve card.

So there are no stress while using your Card. No need to buy coupon.

Before I forget , checkout my first nnu video on youtube so you can subscribe to my channel as well.

See: Web Sites Like NNU and don’t be Scammed

I hope this nnu registration guide definitely helps you register your own nnu account easily and fast.

109 thoughts on “NNU Registration Guide: How to Register and get Approved Immediately”

  1. I registered a friend using paystack payment, up till now am still showed “Payment is still pending confirmation ” what will I do?

    • Were you debited? if yes, contact the nnu support and if no, you have to reinitiate the payment probably it didnt go through.

  2. I have been trying to register for this nnu for the past 2 days now, but it’s not working, after clicking on pay stack nothing else shows that can enable me pay .

  3. I registered today fr someone BT is saying payment transaction failed wen I login don’t knw how to continue with the transaction…

    • Normally when your payment doesn’t go through on first try, you can see an option to re-initiate.

      If you can’t see that then it means the payment is cancelled and you have to create a new account with new email, username and phone number.

      Try with another card! Should go through!

  4. I made registration using paystack payment, up till
    now am still showed ?Payment is still pending
    confirmation ? what will I do?

  5. Good day. Please I bought coupon and I have been trying to register but it kept failing me. And everything is correct username, password, Coupon code, Email address. But still responding like When I tap MAKE PAYMENT, it will automatically return like repeat the registration page for me to write my account again. Tillnow am still trying.

    • Why not follow the post? Watch the video I made on this post. It shows where to buy the coupon code for your registration.

  6. pls i tried registering for nnu and after I did that the payment pane was not loading fast I shut I down and tried reloading but I was told it was already used by another person. and when I tried logging in on the nnu site I was told payment unsuccessful

  7. Thanks for the tips bro.

    Your tips has helped me register for nnu account successfully.

    And after reading through the FAQ’s, mehn!!!! I think I don’t have any other question to ask.

    Thanks once again for tips. God bless you more Able Sir Prosper.

    ~Sylvester Chidi

  8. I didn’t get my referral bonus after I registered for someone. what could have caused that. ? because I used my referral Link and i registered for this person myself

  9. I didn’t get d referral bonus after I registered for someone using my referral link. And I registered for this person myself. What could have caused that?

  10. I just registered now and i recieved succesful in my gmail account but still i cant login into the account and i register through paystack but still i did not see where i can pay to be register , help me to confirm

  11. so my payment has beeen cancelled and i cant find the reinitiate button does this mean i need to open another email account

  12. I canceled the payment of the 1600 registration fee after the pending got annoying. Now I can’t even reinitiate the request neither can I delete the account and open another. What do I do?

    • You can’t delete the account, just create another account by following this article.

      Make sure you follow this article step by step so you don’t make mistakes.

  13. I registered online through paystack nd my transaction was successful BT I tried logging in I can’t ams also try to reset password still telling me invalid mail..

  14. hey av paid 2ru paystack but up till nw av not earn anything evn though I posted on Facebook and Twitter still d same since morning that I have registered

  15. registered someone with my referral link but wasn’t credited….
    now don’t know if I can order for payment without a referral already clicked 13k+

  16. hey prosper.. I registered on nnu for about a month now with ur referral link but my balance is still less than 1000..
    50 only adds up when I login…i’ve got nothing for reading news or commenting….i feel like I’ve wasted my money and time trying to get this thing to work.its really annoying

  17. while using paystack to register a friend, the network went bad and the payment failed, now the status is ” cancelled” pls how can i reinitiate the payment?

  18. while trying to open the nnu account I used my gmail & my phone number then a message was sent to my gmail account and I’m confused that I’ve not made the payment required and now I want to open another account they’re telling me that the gmail and the phone no I used has already been taken, so I’m confused and don’t know what to do

  19. of course like your website but you have to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to inform the reality then again I’ll surely come back again.

  20. Must it be my bank account that I will use to make the payment?…can’t I use a friends bank account to just pay and then use my account later on to cashout…cos I can’t use my bank account nw cos of internet banking deactivation


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