NNU vs Wakanda Income Program: Which Is Best?

Are you Looking for an nnu vs wakanda comparison? Then follow my table below to make your choice on which is best for you.

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Final thoughts on nnu vs Wakanda

nnu vs wakanda

We know these two programs nnu.ng and wakanda.ng work very well, and If you ask me, I’d suggest you go with the two of them to get maximum profit.

But if you’re looking for which is best, then at the moment and from my experience, you should go with the nnu income program as it pays more when it comes to earning chances from both platforms.

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See my first payment Proof from nnu uploaded to my youtube Channel, wakanda payment proof video coming soon.

However If you need fast payments and can generate a lot of referrals quickly, then you can go with the wakanda income program to get paid every Saturday or Sunday.

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I hope this my comparison on nnu vs wakanda or nnu.ng vs wakanda.ng definitely helps you chose the best.

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  • comment-avatar
    Aniefiok Etim August 3, 2018

    please sir can I withdraw my money from nnu without referring anybody to the program, please throw more light on this issue for me. thanks.

  • comment-avatar

    Do you have a group for your registered downlines?

  • comment-avatar

    their website seems to be down at night, checked twice no and could not open it

  • comment-avatar

    NNU issa goal ?

  • comment-avatar

    wow so enlightening. . . thanks mr prosper noah

  • comment-avatar

    is that anyway that I can know more about nnu

  • comment-avatar
    Adeboyejo Samuel September 7, 2018

    Is a must to comments on Nnu before you can get piad.

    • comment-avatar

      It’s not a must, you can just read news, share sponsored posts and get paid, the downside is that you have to work more.

  • comment-avatar

    Why does the nnu webpage have page loading almost every time? also, even after reading news, earnings doesn’t increase, Why?

  • comment-avatar
    luckystar007 October 3, 2018

    i have registered using your so how do make my own post on nnu forum as they said because am not seeing anything of such in all what i have seen

  • comment-avatar

    please on wakanda, do I have to refer before I can get paid. nnu does that

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