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Effective Online Marketing Strategies in Nigeria: My Monthly Approach

Lots of people want to learn how to start online marketing in Nigeria to make money online.

I guess you’re also one of them.


Well, you’re in the right Post.

Even though the amount of people are so low, I’m not surprised.

After all, good things are always hidden.

I will quickly show you freely the right way to get started with online marketing easily and fast.

I mean the right way plus how I personally make money as an online marketer here in Nigeria.

Don’t worry.

Even a newbie who does not know anything about on online marketing can follow this post, carefully.

and make good progress, and guess what?

I will be giving you some free quality eBooks at the end of this post.

But wait:

You don’t have to rush to download, you need to read from the beginning to actually understand what online marketing really is and the best way to get started.

But before then;

Forget some of the posts you see on Google regarding online marketing.


Because many of them just throw up some junk articles and expecting you to read and understand.

I have checked many of the posts and I noticed it can be so hard for any newbie to understand easily.

That’s why I have decided to throw up this post right here, so you can easily read and understand, then take action to see results.

I don’t want to waste your time.

But I have to warn you;

I have spent a lot of time in putting this together and if you won’t use it after reading, then do not start reading at all.

Because it would be a waste of time and energy for you.

It will possibly not do anything for you and, you will probably continue your search expecting some magic to happen overnight.

So let’s get started.

First things first.

What is Online Marketing?

No complex explanation.

Online Marketing or online advertising is a way to market stuffs online and make money doing so.

You can use online marketing to:

  1. Promote your Own Products easily and fast and make money
  2. Get Clients for the services you render
  3. Sell other people’s product and earn commission also known as Affiliate Marketing

For example:

Let’s say I have some digital products inform of eBooks (PDF) I want to sell, I’d decide to promote it online and make a lot of sales.

Or If someone else has a Product and want to get enough sales, I will make use of my online marketing skills to drive them customers.

In return, I get commission, when those people buy a product.

Or I have a few services I render which include:

  • Setting up blogs for People
  • Teaching people how to run ads for their companies
  • Creating blogs for clients
  • Etc.

I will make use of online marketing , and before you know it, I make money.

Look here:

So far in 2018, with the use of online or digital marketing, I have been able to pull in a lot of money.

and I will show you exactly how to do it. Right on this post.

But before then:

Don’t take my word for it, there are actually Proofs.

Below are Proofs of some of my earnings.

I will show you a few only.

Digital Product Sales (July-December 2018)

Product Sales Online Marketing in Nigeria

Forget above image because?I’ve made more than N500k+ in Product sales alone for that period.

The Image above is just the payment that were done using debit cards by some buyers online, majority of the money made was sent straight to my Bank Account.

Some of my quality eBooks I used online marketing to sell include:

You can check them out;

I get lots of sales on those eBooks.

In few minutes I will teach you step by step.

But check out more Proofs:

Affiliate Marketing Earnings?

NNU Affiliate earnings
NNU Affiliate Earnings

As you can see above: N665k+ from promoting NNU Income Pack.

It’s called Affiliate Marketing (You help people promote their quality products, and when anyone buys, you earn commission)

For example:

NIP the NNU Income Pack is sold for N1,600

I help get people to buy the pack, and in return when they actually buy, I get N1,000 as commission.

That’s affiliate marketing part of Online Marketing.

The above image shows I’ve promoted the product and sent about 665 customers.

I made N1,000 each from those 665 customers, amounting to N665,000.

There’s even more.?

There are lots of products I promote but I won’t show you everything on this post because I have my own privacy as well.


What about the services aspect?

I render services to clients and get paid, there won’t be screenshots on that because money is always sent straight to my bank Account and you don’t expect me to Screenshot everything.

So I don’t want to waste your time.

Let’s get Started.

How to Start Online Marketing in Nigeria

Quickly?join my Facebook group? I share some short internet marketing stuffs from time to time to keep you updated.

To get started there are 3 things you need;

It’s left for you to decide which to go for:

But make sure you read this post step by step so that you don’t get confused.

1. Get your Product Ready (Probably a Digital Product)

In order to make money online in Nigeria 2019, the first thing you need is a digital product of your own.

What are digital products?

These are products that can be read online, in form of:

  • eBooks
  • Video Courses
  • Etc.

A product may be a small guide written in Microsoft Word and converted into PDF.

When people buy, the PDF will be sent to their email and they can read and use the info inside:

For example:

I have a few digital products myself as I explained earlier:

They include;

  • My Course on Ranking Blogs on Google (eBook and full course)
  • My PayPal Creation (eBook)
  • My Clickbank Registration (eBook)
  • Cash on Demand System Course (John Annavi is actually the creator but am a Co-owner) (eBook and Video Tutorials)

All those products were created from my knowledge, written in Microsoft Word and converted to PDF.


Don’t have a product?? There’s hope for you.

No Problems If you don’t have any products because there is a second option for you.

In fact, this second option does not require you to have any product of your own.

2. Go the Affiliate Marketing Route

The Second Option here is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing here means you can promote other people’s product and make commission.

For example, the NNU Affiliate, Jumia or Konga Affiliate and many, many more.

I mean lots more.

The main thing in affiliate marketing is picking a product that is in high demand and promote.

I will teach you the promotional aspect shortly.

But before then, see the last option below.

3. Render Services

If you don’t have any products to sell and you don’t want to become an affiliate marketer, then your best bet will be to render services to clients and get paid.

Don’t tell me you don’t have any services.

Ofcourse you do.

Services are things you are capable of doing.

For example, I can:

  • Create blogs and Optimize them on Google.
  • Run Facebook Ads that will Convert for your business
  • Do almost anything for you in regards to online marketing.

So you can hire me at any time.

That is services.

If you don’t want to go the product or affiliate marketing route, then you can probably render the services you are good at.


Then let’s continue.

The Real Deal: What will actually Bring Money via Online Marketing.

If you get above stuffs ready and can not apply this section then its a total waste of time.

So what is that?

Traffic – Drive Traffic.

Have you ever heard of the term “traffic” before?

Well, its not actually your regular traffic jam from Ajah to Oshodi.

Traffic in Online Marketing means Customers or Visitors who are interested in what you are going to promote.

So whenever you hear the term traffic, you should know its referring to Customers or Visitors, etc.

So the next Big thing is to drive people (Traffic) to what you are promoting.

I mean;

  • If you have your own product, you drive traffic to it and make money.
  • You are an affiliate marketer? you drive traffic to the product and earn money
  • You sell your services? Then you need to as well drive traffic (clients) and make money for services rendered.

So your next question probably is “So Prosper, please tell me how do I get traffic biko?”

Getting Traffic and Making Money.

There are lots of traffic sources.

Does the term “traffic sources” sound strange to you?

But you went to Secondary School na, you should know it, right? even me that hasn’t gone to the University yet shebi I know it.


Just kidding.

But to be sincere, I have only finished from Secondary (SS3) not gone to Uni yet..

So here is it:

Traffic sources refer to the different ways you can drive traffic to what you are promoting.

Be it an affiliate product, your own product, or services.

Traffic Sources to Promote your Stuff

I will share some traffic sources with you

and guess what;

at the end of the sources I will mention my best recommended traffic source you can use without spending any Capital to start and very stress free.

Traffic Source 1: Email Marketing?

Ever heard of email marketing?

Email marketing refers to building a list of people who are interested in what you are promoting with the use of some email marketing tools such as Aweber

How email Marketing works?

  1. You signup for an email marketing tool; the best for me is Aweber
  2. You build a landing page to collect emails of people
  3. When you collect their emails, you can start promoting whatever products you have to them: When they’ve joined your list, you can promote your own products to them, affiliate products, or your services.

In order to make sure your list is engaging in other words, to make your list respond to what you promote you need to have built trust already.

After all, you can’t just expect someone to join your email list and begin to buy the stuffs you promote or send to them.

So how do you build the trust before selling anything?

Very simple.

I have been doing email marketing for over few years and the best ways I have discovered to build trust with your email subscribers easily is to offer quality content.


I mean the fastest way to build trust with your email subscribers is to not just sell to them straight away after they join your list.

Do below instead:

Day 1:

They join your email list and you welcome them to the list with a welcome message. Getresponse has an Autoresponder that does that automatically:

E.g. Whenever anyone joins your email list, you can configure it so that immediately, they will be welcomed with a welcome message, thanking them for joining the list.

Day 2: Send them a free informational content. It could be an eBook or whatever will help them.

You need to make sure its something related to what you will sell later on.

For example:

If I plan on selling my eBook on how to cure cancer, then I may send them some free information on maybe what cancer is and why its bad for the health etc…

Day 3:?

Send them more informational content, you can get a quality PLR eBook to give away for free in your niche, search “health PLR eBooks”.

They are eBooks that you are free to resell or dash out lol. So send them the eBook or any other stuff that will help them.

Day 4:

Send them even more useful stuffs.

On the 4th day, the trust must have been built and then finally:

Day 5:

Now you can start introducing your product to them easily and since they trust you already, they will buy for sure.

Same happens to your services, affiliate offers, etc..

There is a site I once subscribed to, I got a free email marketing guide for you, you can download it below.

>>> Download Free eBook on Email Marketing<<?

Note: Email marketing requires you to start with at least $19/Month.

Traffic Source 2: Facebook?

Using Facebook as a Traffic source means driving traffic to your products with the help of Facebook Ads.

How to get started?
  1. Create a Facebook Page?(It’s very easy to create a Facebook page either with your android smartphone or desktop)
  2. Make sure the name of the page reflects with what you gonna promote or sell.
  3. Add some posts on the page to build trust or to show Facebook that you’re actually serious
  4. Deposit some amount of money to Run your Ads
  5. When ad starts running, you get clicks to your products and make money when any interested person buys what you sell or promote.

Or if you want to go the free way (which I don’t really recommend) then you can just;

  • create the page and give it a nice name.
  • Upload a Cover photo and make it beautiful/attractive
  • Then share the page on your timeline inviting people to like
  • Once you get enough people, then start posting some short helpful posts on the page
  • You can do a video from time to time to keep your page followers engaged

Once engaged, you can start selling your stuffs to them.

If you need a step by step guide to profiting from Facebook Ads, then

> Download FREE eBook on Facebook ads Authority <<<

NOTE: To run Facebook Ads, you are required to start with a Capital (The money you use in running your adverts)

Traffic Source 3: YouTube

YouTube is one of the largest website on the Internet and you can promote your products, affiliate product or services there.

If you learn how to promote there, you can rake a lot of money.

For example:

Below is one video I made on YouTube in June 2018, promoting NNU as an Affiliate, I have made lots of commission from that video alone because its got around 4,400+ views.

I got a free eBook for you on using YouTube to market your stuffs. (i didn’t create the eBook myself, but it’s awesome).

Download it FREE here <<<

NOTE: YouTube as well requires you to deposit some amount of money to get started if you plan on running ads.

Traffic Source 4: Cash on Demand – The Best for Me.?

This one has to do with creating your own platform and driving traffic forever.

I won’t lie to you.

Cash on Demand System is the only traffic source that does not require you to start with any Capital.

It will make you money forever and it’s what I’ve been using for a while now.

It’s a Step by Step eBook and Videos put up to teach you how to create your very own Platform and you profit from them forever.

The System is sold at N10,000 but as a reader of my blog, you will pay only N5, 000 and I will send the guide to your email.

So you can start using it and within 14 days, you can start seeing results.

You don’t need any other money to start e.g. depositing money for ads or whatever.

Once you buy the cash on demand system, you follow the instructions in the eBook, create your platform in day 1, grow it and start making money from?promoting your product, or affiliate products, or services and enjoy yourself.

For example:

I have used the cash on demand and created my platform following every instruction inside, and I can now rest.

Whenever i have anything to promote to them, I just send it over and make money, easily.

I advice you to buy it as soon as possible before I increase the price suddenly.

If you trust me enough, then make payment to my Bank Account below:

Prosper Noah

When done, send me an email to and I will send the Cash on Demand eBook to your email or.

If you need more info before you buy, you can see this post here.?

So that’s it for online marketing.h


  • Get your Product Ready, if you don’t have product, then promote other people’s product, if you don’t want to, then offer your own services.
  • When you decide on one to start with, start driving traffic and making money for life online in Nigeria 2019 forward.

I now make at least N200k+ from online marketing.


The thing is this: If you can drive traffic (People who are interested in what you are promoting), you are going to make money for sure, I mean forever.

A Must have to succeed on Internet Marketing:

There is something I need to tell you just before you close this page.

It has to do with about 3 things if you really want to succeed in this online marketing of a thing.

Here is it:

Whenever I share quality stuffs with you on this blog; they won’t work for you magically:

1. Take action

If after reading and seeing that it works and you don’t take action then the post becomes very useless for you:

Yes, it won’t work for you one bit.

That’s a big mistake people make everyday.

They get something that works and then become lazy in implementing it.

So make sure you always take action.

2. Patience

Second thing is very important because without it, you can never succeed.

A business is never built in a day, so is online business.

For example: If you decide to get he cash on demand system that shows you how to create your platform and make money whenever you want.

If you get the course and do not take action or you become lazy then there’s a problem.

or if you take action and can’t exercise patience to see the desired results then its become useless.

Don’t just read but take action and exercise some patience to see great results.

So that’s it.

Anyone can do online marketing in Nigeria even as a newbie and start making money easily.

Have any questions? Drop them in Comment Section.

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  1. Thanks for this write up, my questions go like this
    Did you have eBook on how to information marketing?
    Can you teach me how to setup blog like this or on health?
    Which one is best between blog and youtude video for product review?
    Can I use cash on demand to drive traffic to YouTube channel?

    1. I don’t have an eBook strictly on Info Marketing yet.
      Yes, can teach you how to setup a blog like this.
      The both are great
      Yes, you can use cash on demand to drive traffic to almost anything

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  7. This is really interesting article here. I sell e-books too, it is really a good income stream for a blogger.
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