oriflame nigeria registration

Oriflame Nigeria Registration: A Lucrative Opportunity

Ever heard of oriflame nigeria before? Probably that’s what actually brought you to this post. You want to learn how oriflame works and how you can register and start earning right away.

Ever feel like becoming your own boss lady or Boss man one day? Then this post is for you.

You are definitely in the right place. Because any moment from now, you are going to learn all what it takes to make money with oriflame in Nigeria in the easiest way possible.

oriflame nigeria registration

But before then, you can’t just start making money without first knowing what it is all about. and that’s the exact reason why below you’d learn exactly how oriflame Nigeria started and how they are doing now.

What the hell is Oriflame?

Ever heard of beauty companies before? Where do you buy your beauty stuffs? Say no more because oriflame’s come to stay.

Let me answer your question.

Oriflame is a beauty companyFounded in 1967 by two brothers and their friend, Oriflame is now an international beauty company selling direct in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The company was originated officially in Sweden. Where Swedish, natural, innovative beauty products are marketed through a sales force of approximately 3.6 million independent consultants, who together create annual sales exceeding some ?1.5 billion. – According to Oriflame.

The Amazing Thing about Oriflame:

They are hoping to see you make money online in Nigeria just working with them easily. I’d let you know how you do it in the best way possible.

Yes, you can earn yourself lot of money when you Join oriflame but wait; take a look at this:

What do you need to Start Making Money with Oriflame Nigeria?

Just like every make money online post right there on the internet you are give rules to follow.

Take note:

You must be ready to invest to make good money from the internet. Investment can include your time, money etc..

One thing I love about this, is that just about anyone with or without education can start as soon as they can.

But before then, check out the requirements to qualify you.

  • A Basic “read and write” knowledge
  • You should be matured, atleast 19 years of age to get qualified
  • Registration fee is N2990 at the moment for entrance into the program
  • You browse the internet right? You need a fast internet connection to get things wrapped up and
  • Finally, at a time you may be required to pay a sum of N15,000 to further grow your business with oriflame

If surely you agree to all of the above then you are on the right track already. But if not, you may checkout how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime.

Better still;

Now that you understand, let’s get to the next step.

Oriflame Nigeria Registration Procedures: Exact Working Steps

The best way to start with oriflam is to actually get an existing consultant. What consultants do is that they assist and coach you through registering successfully and as well let you know all that is needed.

Then the next thing you want to do is pay the the N2990 registration fee to Orifleme account. Finally make your order successfully.

Here comes the Bomb

Ori flame will send you a starter kit after registration;

There you get all the tools need to make you a successful member.

  • Flyers
  • The Company Price Chart or List [Very Important]
  • Customized Ori flame bag
  • etc…

All these tools are to your success with the company.

Click here to Signup Now

When you click above link, make sure you enter in your correct details.

Don’t be confused when you get to the Id field, just enter the last 6 digits of your telephone number and it should register successfully.

If you put text instead, you may face difficulties registering. So use the last 6 digits number for any network.

So your question is this?

How to Make Money with Oriflame: Featuring the 2 best ways.

There are two best ways you can use in order to make money with this awesome program.

Very simple stuffs.

But before I share this 2 ways with you, I want us to agree.

Fortunately, nothing big to agree. All I need for you is to just take action right away and you’d definitely see a boost in your financial income.

Action are what actually make things work and not just reading and relaxing.

2 Ways to Make Money with Ori Flame in Nigeria. I will just list them first and then explain in detail how you are going to use it to maximum advantage.

  1. Earn with Oriflame by Selling the Products
  2. You can as well earn by letting others know which is popularly known as inviting others

Making Money Selling Products for Ori Flame.

As you can see above. This is one best way to make money with this beauty company.

This is how you should take advantage and how it works

  • You have such quality beauty product from a very trusted company like Oriflame.
  • You tell a friend how useful it is
  • You sell to them because you convince them that it works and they have as well seen for themselves.

The Best Thing:

You have all of the equipment right there with you, so selling can be simple as ABC. Even if you don’t have a shop of your own you can make use of the Oriflame Catalogue.

How about making 30% profit on Per product you buy at the end of the month, also you can partake in 3% ? 21% of your total purchase for the month.

Before I go to Method 2.

What’s the Oriflame Catalogue.

When you have Zero shop, you can make use of the catalogue on oriflame. Just point to it whenever you need to let anyone know of oriflam or wants to sell.

2. Make Money Inviting Prospects/People.

The logic to earning more on oriflame is building up your team. You are opportune to bring in more people who are interested in selling products.

Doing this can earn you on autopilot.

More money for sure depends on how fat or large your team is.

More People, more money.

If you want to earn from your group total sales monthly, then you need to deposit or let’s call it invest N15000 as said earlier on this post or more to get 100 bp.

This time your investment will definitely pay itself. Just signup here right away and you can join the facebook page.

You can always update your bank account details from the settings/profile tab.

Now i believe earning money with oriflame Nigeria isn’t kind of a big deal for you right? If so share it with friends on facebook, twitter etc..

Have a great time.

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