Powerhouse Affiliate Review 2023: Is it Worth Your Money?

If you’re looking for an unbiased powerhouse affiliate review then probably you want to test the powerhouse affiliate marketing training.

And you want to know if its actually a legit CPA training program or another crap.

Or maybe you’ve read a lot of powerhouse affiliate reviews but not satisfied.

Either ways, You’re in the right web page.

Quick Note: I wrote this review in 2018, but power house affiliate is still working well in 2023, so don’t ignore.

In a few seconds I will be doing a very honest powerhouse affiliate review and showing you if it is well-worth a try

But just before then, It might interest you to know that at the time of writing this review, I have made around $700+ in 3 Weeks as a beginner after taking the CPA training step by step on powerhouseaffiliate.

See Screenshot of earnings below and Payments…

powerhouse affiliate review

paypal payment powerhouse affiliate

So I will say; It’s a legit Program and you can signup now or you can as well read my review below;

Why Should you Believe my review on Powerhouse Affiliate Training?

Just like you;

I won’t see a review of any program online and quickly jump into it.

I need to actually know who’s behind the review.

So Who I am to Review Powerhouse Affiliate?

  1. Am Prosper Noah and I own this awesome Make Money Online blog and I’ve been studying every area of income for the past 3 years on the internet.
  2. I have personally invested the $47 monthly plan on Powerhouse Affiliate (It’s now $20 monthly though)
  3. I’ve run a couple of reviews on this blog, on other Make Money Online Opportunities and they are all legit e.g. the NNU Income Program, Naira4all and wakanda nation, etc.

So you see?

You need to trust my review because whatever I share with you here on the blog are what works for real.

I know how hard it is to ever trust these online training and make money online stuffs considering the fact that many end up being scam.

So I came across Powerhouse affiliate training program earlier and decided to test the program if really it works or not.

and BOOM, I invested $47 into their training, after taking the training step by step, here’s what I think.

Is it worth it?

Keep reading…

How I Found Powerhouse Affiliate

90% of my friends on facebook are Internet marketers so I happened to come across Powerhouse affiliate training.

I saw lots of testimonies about the cpa training and so decided to try.

Like I always do;

I try every make money online opportunity and if it works I share with you, if it doesn’t I simply leave it.

Yea, I take all of the risk for you, because I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it lol.

so in a bit this powerhouse affiliate review post will let you know if its legit or scam.

But before then, just incase you are new you may want to know what Powerhouse affiliate training is all about.

I won’t waste your time one bit.

Powerhouse Affiliate Review 2023: Is powerhouse legit or Scam

In few minutes you’d come to know if this is worth investing your money.

About the Powerhouse Affiliate

When you visit the Powerhouse Affiliate website what comes to your mind?

It’s actually a CPA & Affiliate Marketing training program where you are thought the ins and out on affiliate marketing and cpa to make money online.

When you take these training, you become good in doing affiliate marketing or cpa and earn commissions online.

What’s Included when you Signup for the Powerhouse Affiliate?

Before you register into any program you want to know the benefits.

The same applies to powerhouse affiliate, and they include the following;

1. Affiliate Marketing Certification Courses

The affiliate marketing certification course teaches you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing;

  • What it’s all about
  • How to get started
  • Programs to promote
  • How to promote them and bank a lot of recurring commissions

I have personally taken this course in the powerhouse dashboard and it’s awesome and beginner friendly if you know nothing about affiliate marketing.

Basically Affiliate Marketing is what makes me 6 Figures Monthly on this blog.

Below is another thing you’re to meet when you signup to powerhouse training

2.Affiliate Business Builder

This one has to do with how you can build a long term online business that will keep earning you money. Here they teach you step by step how to setup an affiliate website easily and fast plus tips and tricks and even tools you need to be successful.

3. CPA Cash Vault/CPA traffic Surge

This is the Cost per Action aspect where you make money online even without making a sale.

They put you through what CPA marketing is all about and how you can apply to different CPA networks and promote your offers to earn huge amount.

The CPA traffic surge is a step by step training specially on how you can choose high converting offers, promoting them the right way using different paid and free traffic sources.

This is the one am personally taking and made around $700+ so far within less than a month since i joined the training.

5. Free Hosting for 6 Months

As a member, you may need a landing page at some time which requires you buy hosting, but as a powerhouse affiliate, you get free hosting for 6 Months.

This is great benefit.

Now There’s good news and bad news;

The bad news is that I won’t be able to share with you everything in the powerhouse affiliate training dashboard because it has to be private.

The good news is that there are lots of lessons and training plus tools and live case studies you will meet after signing up yourself into the training.

Just before then;

Is The Powerhouse Affiliate Training Worth your $20 Investment?

Now that you know what you stand to gain from this training, you may be asking “So Prosper, do you think the $20 monthly fee is worth it?

Well you can decide that after checking the pros and cons below:


  • Training is very suitable for complete beginners to affiliate and cpa marketing
  • Forum is available just in case you need some extra lessons and or interaction with other members
  • Support desk is Fast to respond to questions or Issues


I haven’t really faced any difficulties but If I’m to suggest what they should improve on its definitely to work on creating a live Chat.

This will enable them reply members easily and fast.

So yes, it’s worth every penny.

My Results After Taking the Powerhouse Affiliate Training

I joined this Program earlier August 2018 and I’ve gone through every courses and applying what I learn especially the CPA marketing aspect.

It’s been awesome and I’ve been paid 4 Consecutive Fridays totaling around $800+.

See Screenshot:

paypal payment powerhouse affiliate

Powerhouse Affiliate payment proof vault media powerhouse affiliate payment proof

I’ve been able to build a 500 Email List of subscribers where I can promote offers to and make money over and over again.

Money is in the list right? Let’s say I promote a $5 Email Submit offer to those 500 Subscribers, That’s around $2500 within a day.

One great advantage with building list is that you can always promote similar offers to them.

Below is Email List Screenshot after following the training on building email list;

cpa email list powerhouse affiliate

All this was done through the training in the Powerhouse affiliate dashboard.

and I plan to scale everything and make at least $500 Weekly to PayPal.

So If you follow this article and registration procedure, you’re guaranteed to start making money with affiliate marketing or CPA after taking their training step by step and applying what you learn.

So is Powerhouse Affiliate Legit or Scam?

The Powerhouse Affiliate is not a scam.

Now that you know this training is legit and not another scam online, the next thing is how to join the membership and start training ASAP.

I would walk you through the registration step by step.

Powerhouse Affiliate Registration Guide: How to Signup Right away

Powerhouse affiliate membership consists of three pricing plans

  1. $20 every month
  2. $97 for every 6 months
  3. $297 for lifetime membership: With this you no longer have to pay monthly fees, just pay $297 only one time price. It gives you access to everything you need for a successful affiliate and CPA marketing business.

If I were to recommend, I’d say you pick the $297 plan as it’s only one time payment.

Follow the below steps carefully to join powerhouse.

  1. Click this special link to the Powerhouse affiliate website
  2. Click get started button
  3. Now you need to fill in your correct details like name, email, etc
  4. Complete your payment
  5. You will be welcomed into the training Program

That’s all

But wait;

What Courses should you take first in the powerhouse dashbhoard?

After signing up successfully you need to click on COURSES and take them accordingly but if you want to go straight into CPA marketing, I suggest you try the ones I took.

Here are the courses I took first:

  1. CPA Cash Vault 3.0
  2. CPA Display Academy (More advanced into cpa marketing and they share some done for you cpa campaigns you can copy and paste to make money).
  3. CPA Traffic surge ( You will see this at the end of the CPA cash vault 3.0 training) It’s where teach you A-Z how to drive traffic to your offers and earn.

When done with these training, you need to apply to their private cpa network.

Just click on the CPA network button from your dashboard and Signup right away.

And BOOM, within 24 hours you will get a reply from them.

So you may start promoting offers and making money.

Enjoy yourself.

Alternatives to Powerhouse Affiliate?

At the moment I haven’t used a cpa affiliate marketing training such as the one of powerhouse but I will update this Page soon if I happen to come across another.

Here is my Video on First earnings from Vault Media (Powerhouse own CPA network)

Few Terms you can understand:

1. Powerhouse Affiliate Premium

The powerhouse affiliate premium gives you instant access to the premium courses, webinars and many more. This is what you actually signup for not the free plan.

2. Powerhouse Affiliate Coupon Code

The coupon code field you see on the powerhouse registration page is a special code you may use to signup at a discounted fee. But none is available to share with you now.

In conclusion, Powerhouse offers affiliate marketing training that you can actually use to make success.

I hope this powerhouse affiliate review post helps you make a good decision.

Powerhouse Affiliate Review
  • Price
  • Support Desk
  • How Legit?


Powerhouse Affiliate teaches you from A-Z how to make money with CPA and affiliate marketing easily and fast. Apply what you learn and get results.


  • Easy to understand training
  • Forum is available for members to share and contribute
  • Guaranteed Results after taking training and applying


  • Price

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