Racksterli Review 2020: Warning!!! Dont Invest Yet, Read ThisFirst

If you just landed on this post right now then it means youre looking for a racksterli review and probably want to know if its legit or not.

Youre in the right placee.

With this review, youll get to know if its worth investing your money or not..

But just before then;

Who Am I to review racksterli?

My name is Prosper Noah and I own what people call the best make money online blog in Nigeria www.prospernoah.com

Ive reviewed a lot of these kind of income programs starting from the first of its kind Affnaija, NNU, Wakanda, Winapay, Naira4all, etc..

So, for the past 3 years, Ive been studying every area of online biz to find out what works and what doesnt for making money online here in Nigeria.

The truth is;

I understand how hard it is especially for beginners to make money online considering the scams out there no one wants to take any chances in order to avoid getting scammed of their hard earned money.

I know this, because Ive been there myself, Ive invested in a lot of sites online that promise heaven on earth and at the end of the day, they are no where to be found

Anyway, lets skip that.

How I found Racksterli

Just like I said earlier, my main job is to help beginners to find legitimate online income opportunities..

So I was hopping around online searching and happened to come across Racksterli and I noticed alot of Nigerians are currently searching for the review of it on Google to know if it works, how it works or if just another scam

On this post Id be doing a very honest racksterli review.

So youll get to know;

  • what racksterli is all about
  • is racksterli legit or scam
  • Do they have a facebook page for support
  • Any payment proof etc

Racksterli Review: Is it Legit orScam?

Few minutes from now, youll get to know if this income program is actually worth your money or just a waste of time.

What is Racksterli allabout

racksterli review

On the homepage of racksterli as seen above, they claim its an income earning platform that will allow you make money from the comfort of your home

This income program is designed in a way that you dont have to do a lot of work to get paid online

Keep reading to know if you should invest with them or not.

Benefits of Racksterli or How you make money when you join theprogram

This is exactly how youre going to earn from this program;

They have what they refer to as the racksterli packages, and what these packages do is that, they determine how much you can earn from the platform.

The higher the package you subscribe to, the more you can earn.

Below is it;

  • Standard package goes for N14000
  • Premium package goes for N28000
  • Platinum package goes for N56000
  • Gold package goes for N112000
  • Diamond package goes for N280,000
  • Ruby package goes for N560,000
  • Emerald package for goes for N1,120,000

And below is how much you earn daily depending on thepackage;

  • Standard Package??If you share a sponsored post you will earn $1.9 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • Premium Package??If you share a sponsored post you will earn $3.9 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • The Platinum Package??If you share a sponsored post you will earn $7.8 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • The Gold Package??If you share a sponsored post you will earn $15.6 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • The Diamond package??If you share a sponsored post you will earn $39 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • The Ruby package??If you share a sponsored post you will earn $74.42 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • Emerald package??If you share a sponsored post you will earn $148.25 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

In summary,

  • N14000 investment will earn you N21660 after 30days
  • N28000 investment will earn you N44460 after 30 days
  • N56000 investment will earn you N88920 after 30 days
  • N112000 investment will earn you N177840 after 30 days
  • N280000 investment will earn you N444600 after 30 days
  • N560000 investment will earn you N848388 after 30 days
  • N1120000 investment will earn you N1690000 after 30 days

And you dont need any referrals to get paid.

As soon as your subscription expires, you will be able to use the cashout button on the website to withdraw all youve earned through your 30days of active subscription straight to your bank account here in Nigeria and then if you wish to continue earning from the platform, you can re-subscribe


Once you make your withdrawal and request for payment, the money is paid to your bank account within 24 hours.

Now, those are what you stand to enjoy on this platform.

So, is the Racksterli Program worth your Investment?

Am sure by now you know how the program really works so am going to share some pros and cons (the good and bad side) for you to know if its worth your investment or not.

Pros or GoodSide

  • The website is fast to browse through
  • Almost all explanation on how the program works is on the page for you to navigate through easily just incase you have questions
  • They have an active facebook page for the members, where they update everyone on what the latest development is

Cons or BadSide

  • They should make it easier for new members to pay subscription fee with their debit cards instead of buying coupons.

To me, this is a very good program and you should join them and make as much as possible before they finally go out of space.

Its good to seize opportunity.

How Much Have I Personally Earned from Racksterli

As at the time of writing this review, am yet to join myself but Ive done a lot of research, gone through their facebook page etc

People are being paid so you dont have to be afraid of anything.

As I said earlier on, Ive been into this kind of programs and earned alot of money, one of them is Affnaija (no longer working though)..

So legit programs like these are good to help you make some money in the meantime.

Ive been there so I know how they work, but be sure to always know that they wont exist forever.

So is Racksterli Legit orScam?

Now that you fully know that this program is legit and not scam, you may want to learn how to register and start making money as soon as possible.

No need to worry.

Ill show you how to join step by step.

Racksterli Registration??How to Register in this Program step bystep

Dont make mistakes here, do exactly as I tell you.

NOTE: depending on the package you chose, first thing you need to do is to purchase a coupon code.

Youre going to need it for your registration since there is no way to pay with your ATM card.

This is the link to see the trusted people on the site selling Coupon Code: ==> https://racksterli.com/post/coupon-vendors

Dont let anyone register you, just contact them and tell them all you need is to buy coupon code.. because some of them may want to force you to register with them dont do it.

Just purchase only the coupon from them and come back to read below;

After youve gotten your coupon, below is how to register.

Step 1??Click here to the registration page
Step 2??Fill your correct details.

Register and then you can login with your details and start earning.

As simple as that.


Alternatives or Sites Like Racksterli

If you dont have time or do not want to be sharing posts to facebook daily but you have money to invest then there is an investment company that I recommend, which pays you 20% of your investment after 25 days.

But the lowest investment you can make there is $100they are very trusted and legit and you dont have to do any work

What they do is they put your money to work and pay you 20% after 25 days.

The company was launched earlier October, and is called Swyftx.

If this is something you feel you like, then check out my blog post about how they work here

Anyway, Ive come to the end of this racksterlii review and I hope you enjoy.

Let me know if you have any questions.

  1. Thanks for this review.


    i want to ask.

    Is this program trusted? And do you know anybody who as been on the platform for past three months who has been cashing out?



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