8 Websites That Reward You for Reading News in Nigeria

Who else will like to read news and get paid in Nigeria for free in 2023?

In this post am going to list some income programs and or websites that will pay you just for browsing and reading news so you can use this to earn some extra easy cash here in Nigeria

Of course these won’t make you millions but still worth it since you won’t be doing much work; just read news in your spare time and earn.

I’ll now go ahead and list these websites for you and also explain how each of them work, how much they pay and how you can get started

And don’t worry I’ll try to list the best ones at the top to make things easy and fast for you.

8 Websites to Read News and Get Paid in Nigeria for Free in 2023

  1. NewsNaira
  2. Trend Flow
  3. ScooperNews
  4. TopNews
  5. BuzzBreak
  6. InstaNaira
  7. SwagBucks
  8. InboxDollars



This is going on top of the list

The website name sounds pretty obvious right? Lol

NewsNaira is another cool website that will pay you for reading news and also commenting

You will earn N2 per news and N3 per comment every day.

There are other ways you can combine to make more money on NewsNaira and it includes:

  • Posting article – N10 per article
  • Receive a comment – N10 per like
  • Share sponsored posts daily on your social media N100
  • Refer your friends and earn N1,000 per referral
  • Login daily – N50

So you see, you can make money reading news and daily login to the newsnaira website plus other earning opportunities, it’s up to you now to make as much as you want.

You can learn more and sign up with NewsNaira here

Trend Flow


I just came across TrendFlow and it looks like a relatively new income program and it’s also totally free.

Actually there are a lot of these programs that pay you to read news and just in case you don’t know, nnu income was like their Father.

That was the first ever income program that offered reading news, sharing sponsored posts, etc. I earned over N700k+ from it; Trendflow is following in their foot steps providing Nigerians with easy ways to make money online.

On Trendflow you can read news and get paid to your bank account through tokens

Other ways to earn tokens which can be converted to cash is through:

  • Referring others – 50 tokens per referral and you can also earn 1 token when they click and do not register)
  • Commenting on news
  • Daily login
  • Creating posts
  • Participating in forum

When you’ve earned up to 5000 tokens you can withdraw to your bank account on the 29th to 31st of every month or you can exchange your token for airtime, the minimum for this is 3,000 tokens.

Official Website: https://www.trendflow.com.ng/


scooper news

Third one on the list.

How about you scoop news and get paid? haha

Right now, there are 3 ways you can make money on scooper news and one of them is reading news where you’ll get paid 5 coins per article read.

You can earn more coins by inviting your friends to join through your referral code and also through the daily rewards on the site.

All you need to do is read more news, invite friends, and complete daily rewards to earn a lot of coins which can be converted to real money.

Just for your information; 2,000 coins is around N500 but this depends, you can find more information when you join.

You can register on Scooper news here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hatsune.eagleee&hl=en&gl=US


top news ng

This is a completely free income program website in Nigeria and you’ll be able to make up to N500 daily reading news along with other features to help you make even more money.

You earn more money on Topnews by:

  • Instant bonus of N200 for signing up
  • Share sponsored posts on Facebook and get paid N100 each
  • Post articles and get paid N200 each
  • Refer others and get paid N5 per referral
  • Comment and get paid N2

and that’s it, this is free, you don’t have to pay money to join you only need to invest a reasonable amount of time to earn more money.

Earn up to N3,000 and you can cash out to your bank account as that’s their withdrawal threshold, payment is 20th of every month.

Official Website: https://www.topnews.ng/


read news and get paid in nigeria for free

Now what’s so buzzing about this?

Well, this is an app created for sharing breaking news, memes and those entertainment stuff we all like but what has that go to do with me?

All I want is something that will earn you money for reading news.

And Yes, Buzzbreak has a way to make you money while you read news on the app;

The way they do this is by giving you gifts which can be converted to points and then to real money as you surf the app reading news, checking out funny memes etc.

The more points you acquire, the more money you make and you can withdraw when you’ve reached their threshold of 2,000 points.

This one pays to Paypal, so you need to create a paypal account that receives payment in Nigeria in order to receive your payments from sites like buzzbreak,

You can also earn more points through referring others.

This is no doubt one of the best news app that pays in Nigeria currently.

Official Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=news.buzzbreak.android&hl=en&gl=US



It’s an App that you can simply download to your phone and you will make money here by reading news, watching videos and referring friends.

It’s 100% free, no registration fee and pays in coins; you earn 1 coin per article read.

The more articles you read, the more coin you earn and you can combine reading articles with watching videos and referring your friends to earn more coins.

Minimum coins you need to withdraw your earnings is 2,000

So try to gather as much coins as possible.

There is no limit to how much you can earn on InstaNaira

You can download the app here



I know, I know you may have heard of swagbucks at one time.

If you haven’t, Swagbucks is a website that pays users for performing simple tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos and the likes.

Did you know, you can also read news on swagbucks?

and yes, you get paid to do that.

Even though it’s not strictly for reading news, you can still make money there reading news as it’s part of the tasks you are to perform on the site to make money.

and if I were you, I’ll combine reading news there with taking surveys, watching videos and the likes to make even more money.

Now you can read news and get paid in dollars in nigeria using swagbucks

How about that?

Cool I guess.

You will be paid in different methods including PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards.

All you need to do is signup, complete tasks and earn what is called SB (swag bucks)

100SB = $1

You get the point now? The more SB you earn, the more money you earn.

Official Website: https://www.swagbucks.com/?


inbox dollars

This is similar to Swagbucks

They are both survey websites and here you can watch videos and make money as well as reading news.

You get to earn between $0.01 to $0.02 doing easy stuff and payment is through paypal

Other ways to earn on inboxdollars aside reading news and watching videos include:

  • reading emails
  • playing games
  • referring others
  • taking surveys

The website is lit so give it a try and see how it goes.

Official Website: https://www.inboxdollars.com/

and that’s it for the list.

All you need is to go through carefully, chose anyone you like, signup and start earning.

With these websites you can read news and get paid in Nigeria for free and they all work in 2023

Let me know if you have any questions and share with friends

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