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Exploring Alternatives to the NNU Income Program

I understand you’re looking for other sites like NNU Income Program and so I’ve decided to put up a nice post here.

On this post I share strictly with you other websites with the nnu concept where you actually get paid to read news articles in nigeria, comment, share sponsored posts, refer people etc.

Trust me, am not going to waste your time, I know how precious it is to you.

But just before then, if you are still new to the nnu income program, below is an overview.

About NNU.ng

NNU Income program is a Get Paid to Read News Website and obviously the first of its kind and the most unique earning platform for Nigerians.

To keep things simple, you get paid on the platform to:

  • Read Daily News
  • Comment on Posts
  • Share posts to your Facebook Profile
  • Sharing the Opportunity with fellow Nigerians also known as the NNU Affiliate Program

I have personally made 6 Figures from the Affiliate Program, proof below.

nnu top earners

This is not to intimidate you but just to let you know how wonderful the nnu income earning concept is, by the way, am a full time affiliate marketer and this is my 3rd year.

Just in case you’re looking for ways to? make money with affiliate marketing or how to get started, you have no worries.


Because I have done all of the job for you, I have written a lot of articles on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you can head in to my affiliate marketing category here.

Yea, I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it hehe.

With that being said, let’s head straight to the purpose of this post “similar or sites like nnu income program and whatever you call it in your language lol.

I am kinda a psychologist so I know what you are saying right now in your mind. You be like “Biko Prosper show me the websites like nnu and stop all these stories jare”

Ok here we go:

List of Platforms or Sites Like NNU Income Program

Such a hilarious headline abi? “list of sites like nnu.ng” hehe.

In a few seconds I will share this with you but I have to warn you;

Can you remember when I made a review of the nnu income program? I recommended it as my No. 1, Real Paying read news and get paid in nigeria website or Platform.

So what is the Warning?

You have to note that: after the nnu website was setup, lots of guys copied the same concept and started creating similar nnu money making sites and today there are now many of these “get paid to read news websites”.

Don’t worry I will share the name of these websites with you shortly.

You know that too much of everything is bad, right?

Well, the reason I’ve failed to review other similar websites is because there’s now too much of them and you don’t know who is who.

Anyone can just wake up today and create his or her own site like nnu and start advertising it and before you know it, people will register and get scammed finally.

So I have good and bad news;

The Bad news is that many more websites like nnu will keep on coming and may likely scam people.

The Good news is that, on this Post I will

  • Share the One Site I recommend after NNU
  • Give you advice so you don’t get scammed by any of the other sites like nnu

Sites Like NNU and my Second Choice

Heed to my warning again;

The No. 1 Site am going to share on this list is Legit. You register on the other websites at your own Risk because I have not used them myself and I do not plan to use them in the future.

1. Wakanda Nation Program

Wakanda Nation Program is my second Choice after the nnu income program and I have reviewed it as well, they are real and legit.

I don’t see them shutting down any soon.

Like I always say, I test every program and if they work for me, I share it with you.

I recommend them.

But don’t take my word for it;

The truth is I have been with them for a long time and they’ve always paid their members and still paying till date.

Just in case you’re a bit skeptical, below is my payment proof for July to let you know they are good too just like NNU.

web sites like nnu

I won’t be uploading my wakanda nation dashboard and many payment screenshots right now because I have a lot of stuffs am working on and this post was a bit urgent so I just have to rush things.

I will try to update the post with my dashboard and earnings probably before the week runs out.

About Wakanda Nation Program

Wakanda Nation just like NNU pays you to read news, share sponsored posts, comment, refer and others.

What I love most about Wakanda is the Weekly payout.

Yea, you get paid every week when you reach the minimum payout of N5,000.

The Registration Fee is one time N1,300, NOT N1600 this time.

How to Register for Wakanda and get Approved Immediately?

  • Click here to registration page
  • Fill in your correct details like Name, Email, etc. (You can use thesame details you used for nnu registration like email, name etc) but don’t use the same password.
  • Pay your N1,300 registration fee and get your account fully activated.
  • All Done.

Other Sites Like NNU Income Program

I haven’t used below sites myself, but I see people talking about them on Facebook, you just have to be careful.

2. Blog9ja

Blog9ja is a get paid to read news website. You get paid to read news in Nigeria with this site.

3. GetPaid Nigeria

This is another get paid to read news website, you read news and get money.

4. NewsPay

This is yet another website that pays you to read news in Nigeria.

That’s all I can say for now.

Alternatives to Get Paid to Read News

Just like the others, if you are looking for a better alternative to all this reading news and get paid websites, then follow my recommendations below.

You really can earn money with the below alternatives.

So funny, I have only one alternative for now but don’t you trust me? I will update this post soon when I get others that work well too.

So below is it.

1. Naira4all


This is the best Alternative right now.

Naira4all is a great money making program for Nigerians.

On the website they show you different ways to make money in Nigeria, like:

  • Making Money viewing Adverts
  • Earning in Nigeria by taking online surveys
  • How you can get paid by sharing links on the internet
  • As a bonus, they also help you setup your blog or website for free as a member
  • Etc..

I have written a review about them already and they are super legit, you can either read my review here or check below on how to register with them.

How to Register on Naira4all

Naira4all Registration Fee is N3,000 one time not monthly.

  • Click here to the registration page
  • Register with your correct details and lastly
  • Pay your N3,000 via bank and you will be welcomed to your premium dashboard where you have all of this money making opportunities.
  • All Instructions on how to pay and get started is on their website
  • That’s it.

Below is their nonsense youtube video lol, they won’t take time to prepare a nice video about their product.

Anyways, the content is all that matters, they are legit.


I have come to the end of the post on web sites like nnu income program selecting you the best ones available plus alternatives. Leave your comments if there is any.

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52 thoughts on “Exploring Alternatives to the NNU Income Program

        1. have u finally been paid now? i am planning on joining but not yet confused! just being careful of not wasting my precious time

  1. You are talking about nnu that they are very legit but I read some comments on Facebook that they are scam they known peoples they are paying especially bloggers like you who tarnish their image if they refused to pay you. Some said if they earn like #20.000 they will pay then only #5.000 and others said they have been owing then more than 2 months now. So am confused

  2. Boss prosper Noah
    I swear down I have been on air searching for you among angels…. Please can we connect together like giving me your WhatsApp number please ???? I just need a mentor like you, help a brother please we’re gonna make it together.. You would be happy to see someone you brought up to be successful [number hidden] please for God sake … My email [email hidden].. Or you can give me yours ????please

    1. Hi Success, I will try and get back to you via email as soon as possible.
      Please don’t make multiple comments as they may not be approved next time.

  3. Nice one prosper, have tried registering wakanda through your link but their site is becoming slow, is there a way to go around it?

    1. Paystack means payment with your card and bank, Coupon is a code you buy from one of nnu distributors to register immediately.

      Check my post on nnu registration guide, I explained everything there.

  4. Nice post prosper
    With over 2004 referrals,, you should be earning over 2million+. I personally found out that NNU is not truthful,, Nigerians are never truthful.. Imagine getting over 40k on NARS earning , and getting 2 referrals after 2 months. I woke up on morning to see in my dashboard that I’ve been paid 5k.. Prosper till now, I didn’t even get the 5k alert.. I jus regret the time I wasted.. Anyway wats the latest now

    1. You don’t need to complain, make sure you read their TOS on the site.

      Again, try to contact their support, they should resolve your issues.

      People are getting paid for sure.

  5. prosper Noah please I need your phone number and your Whatsapp number. I need you to put me through on something. please

  6. Thanks sir, but av gotten 20thousand in nnu and 3000 referal earning, should i cashout b4 27th of this month? Will i be paid from 27th to the end of this month? Wil my money be caried over 4 any reason? Once i cashout, should i stop reading news until i get paid?

  7. to apply for cash out from NNU Is between 17th to 21st every month. if miss that u have to wait till 17th to 21st of another month.

  8. Wakanda is the worst . I have N10,000 on this platform yet each time i want to withdraw the money story will set in. I am fed up with wakanda

  9. Wow …….. nnu has not paid me till now I have made over 150K With them and are you still bingeing for them? because this think is not becoming real again.

    They have not paid me for more than 3 months now ever since I received my first earnings from them.

  10. Prosper, you are so brilliant, why can’t you start your own. I’m blogger I want you to help me correct my code, I will mail it to you

  11. Please I have been trying to viral share my nnu post on Facebook but can’t. I read you will not be paid without sharing daily. Kindly reply soon

  12. Pls how much is an e-pin on newspay froum
    I want to register
    Can u give me ur WhatsApp number please????????
    Let chat

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