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Wakanda Nation Program Review: Get Paid N40,000+ Every Sunday to your Bank Account

I’d be making a wakanda nation income program review today where I share with you everything you need to know before you register.

>> Click here to register now with N1,300

Don’t fall for any scam review on google or whatever…

So leggo.

I made a post about nnu income program earlier, that program is dope? to the extent that people? were asking if there was a similar legitimate site or program to multiply their earnings online.

See: NNU Vs Wakanda Comparison (Decide on which to Follow)

Well, yes i found one very legitimate one for you.

In fact; this one has an office at Abuja.

It pays every Sunday, are you surprised?

hehe! keep reading;

Warning: you need to read this carefully, because I have spent about 5 good hours of my time covering every aspect of wakanda nation program.

Let me not waste your time mate. Time is Precious for sure.

So what?

Wakanda this, wakanda that… so what is it all about ?

Well, I got paid N21,000 from wakanda after joining earlier in April 2018 and here is my badass review.

Is it legit or scam and the Ins and Outs?

I will also share the pros and cons with you (The good and bad side)

Wakanda income program is a new legitimate program in Nigeria taking after the like of nnu.

The wakanda online business strategy is very easy; They claim you can earn by :

  1. Reading News
  2. Posting updates
  3. Commenting
  4. Etc…

If you are reading this right now , then it’s either one of the search terms below brought you;

  • wakanda income opportunity
  • wakanda nation income program
  • Nigeria news income program
  • Get Paid to read news programs/similar to nnu websites
  • wakanda online business etc.

But you know what? I don’t care about whatever you used in arriving at my blog here, I only want to show you what works after my 3+ years on the Internet.

All I care about is your finance, we all hate scam right?

Just like you, I have tried may internet money stuffs and have been duped many times.

I know you can relate with this if you’ve been on the internet for a while now or you’ve been looking for sure ways to make money online.

So you need to believe me right now, I won’t waste your time and again this isn’t another greedy review that only wants to make money from your referral or whatever.

This review is very honest from my experience.

You are going to learn everything about wakanda nation income program and my take on it.

Should you join? should you not?

Keep reading to know… I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it lol.

This income program works definitely well, and from my experience with them, they are a good to go one.

But wait;

Don’t rush things yet.

Make sure you follow me because I will hold you by the hand right now and show you how to get started into the wakanda program.

Am going to cover;

  • This wakanda.ng what is all about?,
  • Who is the original founder (Is he even trusted self?)
  • The day it was founded, and when is it likely to close down (
  • Why I may not spend 30% of my time in promoting it actually
  • Lots more.

To get started at first you should ,Click here to create your Account on wakanda, buy their wap, post to facebook? from your dashboard and get paid every sunday straight into your Bank Account.

Just before you think amid, See my favorite quote

?As a lazy man, you can’t make any money online except your plans are to start scamming people ?

IF you don’t have just N1,300 to invest, then my brother, you may learn how to make money in nigeria without spending a dime but this will take a lot of time anyways.

Don’t forget too:

Don’t let let anyone deceive you mate:

you can’t earn from the internet doing nothing . Whoever teaches you that is only there to extort money from you abi embezzle, what is the english to use again sef lol.

NOTICE: Like I said earlier, this program is very okae and not a ponzi scheme like mmm, I know you remember that but N1,300 is the reigistration fee to join.

Don’t let anyone whyne you o, there is no big risk in this stuff, because it is very legit program, ye.

I know you will start sayin… ehn, abeg prosper stop saying that o N1,300 is not small somtin o.

Ehn, I understand so I won’t say your N1300 is small, infact there are many people who can’t afford that, so it’s valuable for sure.

Prosper eyaff do na… stop all this stories …

Ok, leggo.

Checkout:?How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2018 Without Spending a Dime [Without Scamming]

I want to show you a new investment opportunity you should follow to make easy money right here in Nigeria. You are liable to earn and withdraw up to ?40,000+ every Sunday just by posting on facebook, checking out news, bringing your friends etc.

N40k is small compared to what you can earn if you become very active on the platform.

This is called Wakanda Income Program and below is my experience and review of them.

wakanda.ng review also known as? Wakanda Nation Income Program Review

wakanda.ng nation income progam review

What is the wakanda.ng program and how does it work?

You may be thinking this is something like mmm, twinkas etc…

It’s not, In-fact;

This is not Ponzi Scheme or some other programs that requires you to make a sale and lots of other stuffs…

The wakanda income opportunity is sponsored by wakanda.ng website. One great Nigerian news website similar to nnu.ng where you go to read latest newss and happenings in Naija.

Don’t you know about Naija.ng and Vanguard newspaper? Wakanda is something like that but is a bit different because it lets you make money as you post or share and comment.

This website has been setup by its owner?Ladina Integrated Service, a Legally registered I.T. business in Nigeria with CAC NO: BN-2558110 and ready to feed you with the latest nigerian news


See their own problem here;

Everyone has a problem,

The problem is that wakanda.ng can’t just start getting alot of visitors in Nigeria to read their latest news, so they want someone like you to help them share their stuffs on Facebook and in return they pay you.

and See;

On Vangaurd, you are only permitted to read news or happenings around Nigeria, but you don’t get paid any shishi…

So you see? Wakanda is giving you this awesome opportunity to post for them and make your money.
You can also get paid by reading news on their income program.

How you get paid is through;

  • Reading news on their website
  • Commenting (Also known as interacting with others)
  • Sharing their posts to facebook so your friends can see and read too
  • Etc.

Checkout: How to Make N1,000 every minute in Nigeria.

Here is what makes them unique:?

They will pay you for logging in to their website, posting, comments, sharing to facebook and many more. Forget about Vanguard and Naij or others.

IF you decide to join nanana haha, you will be credited N50 for your first login (Just login in only o)

How does wakanda make money they use in Paying members?

Wakanda make their own money when members take and participate.

The more popular the platform becomes the more companies will pay wakanda to advertise and make sales for their business.

That is one way wakanda make a lot of money they use in paying members. So its not like Ponzi scheme where they take money from Member A and pay member B (lollll).

Is wakanda scam or legit?

You and questions lol… but it’s necessary and a very good question any reasonable person will ask.

You will know in couple of seconds, keep reading…

This verified IT company creates lots and lots of online income opportunity for Nigerians.

For your information, they have the branch setup in Abuja where you can always go to confirm just in case you are a doubting Thomas LOL.

Well, I called the Founder earlier and they plan on making things more better as time goes on.

As you can see on their site, they’ve paid out lot of people and even post records of users who were paid on their website as well.

So back to your question, is wakanda.ng real or another scam on google?

You now agree with me that wakanda is legit.

Earning on Wakanda Explained

Now you ask “Prosper tell me how can i make my money on wakanda and withdraw it?”.

Babes and guys infact, people are cashing out every Sunday.

Note: This program is super legit and even at the end of this review, you see my 9/10 star ratings of the.

So be rest assured your money won’t get lost for life.

How to Make the Money on Wakanda.ng Program?

These guys are very awesome, so below is how you can start making enough money participating on wakanda income.

This is according to wakanda themself so read now slowly.

As a participant, you have 2 options to earn more money to your bank account every sunday on wakanda nation income Program.

There are two major ways to make cool money on Wakanda Nation and you can combine both options to maximize your earnings.

1. WADS. (wakanda adverts-revenue Sharing program)
Wakanda Nation is paid to run targeted adverts by companies, agencies, corporations, businesses and Individuals regularly.
We have decided to give you part of the Money we make from advertisement if you participate actively in our forum.

Thus, You Earn:
A. N50 for daily login to your active account.
B. N50 for each sponsored post you share on your Facebook wall.
C. N1 for every valid comment you drop in the forum.

2. WAP. (Wakanda Affiliate Program.)
Wakanda affiliate program allows you to earn money by using your referral link to invite your friends to join wakanda Nation. When you join the affiliate program, you:

  • Earn N1,000 for each person you refer to wakanda Nation affiliate program.
  • To register for wakanda Nation affiliate program, Login to your normal account and click on ?Affiliate Area? inside your Dashboard.
  • WAP has a One-time Registration fee of N1,300 only.
  • You can Pay online with your ATM CARD or Bank/mobile Transfer or Offline Bank Deposit.

– According to wakanda.ng.

Wakanda.ng Registration Procedures

Don’t make mistakes o.. so follow below carefully.

Step 1: Click here? to register your account

Step 2: After registration, you need to click the affiliate area, pay N1,300. You can either pay using your card online or you can pay with wakanda coupon code.

Step 3: Your account will be approved automatically, no need to wait for any approval thingy.

Step 4: You are done mate.

Now that you have been approved, you don’t need me to tell you how to make the money na… (Looking you with one eye Lol)

Very easy right?

There’s a place where you can read everything about how to earn on wakanda, you can click heck it here.

Wakanda.ng Payment Proof

I got paid N21,000 on wakanda and this is to tell you it works greatly. Below is a payment screenshot from Ladina (Wakanda) on Sunday.

wakanda payment proof

My Review of the wakanda nation income opportunity?

I give wakanda a 9/10 Ratings and you can see that at the end of this post plus the pros and cons.

While this program is awesome, It may take your time however, you will make a lot of money if you can spend more time on it and you can also double your income if you add nnu income program.

Though I won’t waste much time promoting wakanda progra even though it’s legit.

If you need a lifetime earning stream, then you can try affiliate marketing or blogging, they pay well.

They are great ways to earn on the internet.

But you can start from wakanda and see how it goes, all is step by step.

So whatup?

wakanda.ng is a cool way to make money but you can’t depend on it for a living.

Checkout my strategies to make money in Nigeria legitimately and easily.

Like I said earlier, this is similar to nnu income program and you can add up things to scale.

In my next posts, I will be making a comparison on nnu and wakanda nation income program.

But here is an alternative to wakanda, if you don’t like Wakanda, then try this below.

Alternatives to Wakanda or Sites Like Wakanda.ng

If you really need to make more money from a site like wakanda, then you can try the nnu program as they are almost thesame.

You can earn even more on the nnu program however they pay 27th of every month while wakanda pay every Sunday and withdrawal request made every Friday.

Below is my first payment from nnu on my youtube channel video.

Watch and see for yourself.

As you can see above, I would be withdrawing again by 27th in July.

Lastly, i want to show you the best ways you can make more and more money with programs like this:

Earn Super Duper Money with Wakanda.ng and the Likes

I don’t disclose this, but let me make known to you;

In order to make enough money to cover for your time on programs like wakanda.ng you will need a lot of referrals as their affiliate.

You can’t earn so huge just by commenting, sharing and reading news.

The best way and what i personally use is their affiliate program, but there’s a problem.

Getting Referrals is Hard;

wakanda referrals

But there’s good news anyway…

I have a way out and am going to show you freely here.

Getting Referrals on Wakanda.ng Income Program

I will just share a few with you and reference you to my other article on how to get bastard referrals as an affiliate marketer.

1. Post about wakanda on Nairaland forum:

Let people know what its all about and how to earn with it, many people will get interested especially when you have wakanda payment proofs with you.

Make sure to add your Link as well so you can get your referrals easily and fast.

2. Create Some Videos wih your Android smartphone

Look at you mehn…

Don’t you know people look for these things on youtube?


You can ake use of a screen recorder and record a short video on making money in nigeria and promote that videos to facebook.

In the video you should talk about:

  • What is wakanda
  • How to make money on wakanda
  • Your wakanda payment proofs
  • How to register into the wakan da.ng income program
  • Tell them the real truth about wakanda.ng progam and how to get started with their mobile phones and others.
  • Drop your referral link in the video description

See a youtube video a friend of mine made about wakanda and how people can make around N50k joining it.

That video will go a long way in making him enough wakanda referrals.

You can check my other post about many ways to promote affiliate programs in Nigeria.

This program is definitely worth every penny and i know for sure the N1,300 is not a big deal, If you happen to miss this, then you are on your own lol.. yes OYO na your case.

Also see: NNU.ng vs Wakanda.ng comparison

You might Like this Article:PayPal Nigeria 2019: 100% Working Method to Receive Payments

So far this my wakanda.ng income program review is about 2,000 words and took me about 5 Hours crafting and giving you detail of every area.

So take advantage and make money as a student or stay at home easily and fast right here in Nigeria.

Wakanda Program Review N1300
  • 9/10
    Price Affordability - 9/10
  • 5.4/10
    Response Time - 5.4/10
  • 10/10
    How Legit? - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Payment Freq: Every Sunday - 10/10
  • 4.3/10
    Phone Support - 4.3/10
  • 4.5/10
    Email Support - 4.5/10
  • 4.1/10
    Payment Gateways - 4.1/10


Wakanda program actually works as well, so you can start making money right from home in Nigeria. If you’re still doubting then, you may read other reviews but people are making money alrerady. So don’t waste any more time.


  • Program is legit
  • You can make money from home
  • You don’t require a pc or computer.


  • You need referrals to make the most money

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  1. Thanks…. this is like NNU, I understand they?re all trying to get popular.. lemme Register

  2. Is this opportunity only for nigerians how about Cameroonians or South Africans

  3. Before NNU pays you, you must refer at least 2 persons, is it the same way with wakanda, or they can pay without referring anybody?

  4. Will i get my #50 immediately i post my facebook sponsored post? because am not credited when i post my facebook sponsored post.

  5. How is it that I can’t share sponsored posts from Wakanda nation, on Facebook? what am I doing wrong? I’m a registered member of the site.

  6. Prosper are you the same person with prospeennompee
    Missed you my Facebook friend.

  7. Good morning everyone.. seems wakanda is scam o. I registered and paid to be affiliate too only to discover that their email only sends to you and you can’t send back to them. There phone number too, the network will tell you does not exist. I keep referring people and they did not add anything to my account. I will advise people not to put their money to become affiliates o. If you have small time and megabyte to waste, just keep doing it for fun.
    If the site doesn’t show me that they are real by tomorrow, I will start flagging them on all social medias so that other people don’t fall into their trap

    1. Wakanda just paid me N21,000 yesterday. They are very legit.

      Your problem is that maybe your referrals didn’t pay the N1,300 for affiliate registration.

      They must pay for you to get your referral fee of N1000

  8. I have registered already, and I have a coupon code but I don’t know how to use it

    1. Just go to the affiliate tab and when you want to make payment you will see enter coupon, paste your coupon and apply.

      That’s it.

  9. Comment Text*I paid thru a referral but he told me to snd my debit alert slip for confirmation which I did but ever since I haven’t seen any coupon code

    1. You have to report such to wakanda support so they can take necessary actions.


    1. Please follow their instructions on how to do so on the website.
      Thank you for leaving a comment

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