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Exploring Affordable AI Writing Tools to Enhance Productivity

Technology is always helping us make our work easier and simpler. Last year, the internet was taken over by an Artificial Intelligence tool called ChatGPT. Everyone on the internet was talking about how it can speed up their work processes. The corporate wasn’t slow to capitalize on this new market with huge potential. Soon after the release of ChatGPT, a premium version was announced. Similarly, many other AI tools were created that are premium as well.

We won’t doubt the ability of AI tools as they do a brilliant job of imitating a human writer. You can ask them to write content on any topic and the AI tool will deliver it within minutes, if not seconds. The process of generating AI articles is much simpler, faster, and cheaper than hiring actual human writers.

Now, we are not here to debate whether or not the capitalization of this new technology is reasonable or not, but we will tell you about a few tools that are quite affordable. The cheapest of these tools is Article Forge, which starts at only $13 a month. All of these tools are great options if you are looking to generate high-quality AI articles.

Stay with us till the end of this article as we discuss 5 of the most affordable AI writing tools in 2023. We will also shed light on their main features as well.

The list of the 5 cheapest AI writing tools starts here:

1. Article Forge (Only $13)

Article Forge has to be the number one AI writing tool when it comes to affordability. They usually charge up to $27 for their basic plan but if you follow our guidelines, you can reduce its price by 51% to only $13. This tool is not only the cheapest, but also the best when it comes to SEO-friendly articles.

A tool that can generate a 1500-word long article in only 60 seconds, Article Forge can be your biggest source of content for your website. It is quick, simple, and easy to use. Article Forge has the advantage of making your content SEO optimized and giving it a human touch.

Article Forge Pricing

The pricing plans of Article Forge not only give you multiple customization options, but you can also choose between paying monthly and yearly. It has two pricing plans that you can customize according to your requirements. The following is key information about the Article Forge pricing:

  • Article Forge’s starting price is only $13 per month
  • Get 51% off with this exclusive discount code here
  • There are two plans: Standard and Business
  • The starting Standard plan has a 25K monthly word limit for $13
  • The Business plan is customizable and you can include more than 500K words

Article Forge Key Features

The following are some of the key features of Article Forge:

  • API Acess
  • Image and Video insertion
  • SEO Optimization

2. Spin Rewriter ($47 or $6.4)

Spin Rewriter is one awesome tool that will help you generate tons of articles in a very short time. It can rewrite bulk articles in a very short time. Spin Rewriter will ask you to submit a topic or a sample article, and then it gets to work. Giving you as many unique copies of the same article as you want from it.

This tool is quick and cheap. You have to pay up to $47 a month usually but if you opt to pay annually, the total price for a year is reduced by 60%. Spin Rewriter has many features like bulk articles, API access, and auto-publishing.

Spin Rewriter Pricing

The pricing options of Spin Rewriter are pretty simple and unique. You have only one pricing plan that is not very customizable. However, you get to choose if you pay monthly or annually. And just like every other AI tool, Spin Rewriter offers a 60% discount on the annual plan. Key information about their pricing is given below:

  • The normal price is $47 a month but the annual plan costs only $77
  • Not many customization options provided
  • Only 1 pricing plan in total
  • Monthly and yearly payment options

Spin Rewriter Key Features:

A few of Spin Rewriter’s features are given below:

  • Bulk rewriting
  • Auto-publishing
  • Discounts and API access

3. ChatGPT (Only $20)

ChatGPT is probably the most popular AI writing tool these days. And rightly so; it is quick, very simple, and free to use. Though, there is also a premium version of ChatGPT. Bloggers and writers prefer the paid version of this tool as it is better trained for professional article writing. Additionally, that version has better and more up-to-date information.

People choose ChatGPT over many other tools due to its outstanding features. ChatGPT is also pretty simple to use as you have to communicate with it like a human writer, a super writer if you will. It understands even poorly-structured commands. Furthermore, ChatGPT can also be your research tool.

ChatGPT Pricing

ChatGPT does have a free version that can work well for newbies. If you are looking for great quality AI articles that are also easy to rank, then their premium version is a must. It is a great plan as it is trained on newer data and can write in a human tone. Some of the features of ChatGPT’s pricing are below:

  • It starts at only $20 a month. Also has a free version
  • The premium ChatGPT version has better training
  • More data is included in the training database
  • Fewer chances for misinformation

ChatGPT Features:

The following are a few of the ChatGPT features:

  • It is quick
  • API access with premium
  • Understands the basic human chat

4. Sudowrite (Only $19)

Sudowrite is a great AI writing tool that specializes in writing content like fictional stories. It can also be used to generate blog posts and other articles for your website. Sudowrite has been used by popular news agencies like The New York Times. This gives Sudowrite’s abilities some credibility as well.

Sudowrite is a rather cheap option among its main competitors. Given that it can write a whole book from scratch, paying $19 per month is a very small price. There are multiple Sudowrite pricing options designed for different types of customers.

Sudowrite Pricing

The pricing plans of Sudowrite are designed very carefully to meet the requirements of people from varying walks of life. They have 3 general pricing plans, with the smallest plan aimed at students and hobbyist writers. The starting price of Sudowrite is only $19 a month. The other plans have prices of $29 and $129 a month respectively. Though, you get cheaper prices with the discount. Sudowrite’s plans have the following specifications:

  • You have to pay $19 a month for 30K words
  • It has 3 pricing plans in total
  • A MAX plan for $100 including 300K Words per month
  • It charges less if you pay annually for any of the plans

Sudowrite Features

The following are some of the main features of Sudowrite:

  • Designed for Storytelling
  • Can write a whole book from scratch
  • Great for Blog posts and fictional content

5. Writesonic (Only $19)

The last tool in our list of affordable AI writing tools is called Writesonic. And as its name gives away the hint, it can write content at a pace closer to the speed of sound. Writesonic has a free version with 10K words included but it is powered by GPT – 3.5. You can buy their premium plan for advanced content writing and better quality.

Writesonic is not just an AI-powered writing tool, it has many other features added to its software. Many marketers and copywriters use this tool for writing purposes. It makes their work easier, quicker, and cheaper. Writesonic also offers discounts for students. The cheapest plan of Writesonic will cost you $19 every month.

Writesonic Pricing

There are 3 Writesonic plans apart from the free version. One of these 3 plans is designed for enterprises and agencies and starts at $1000 per month. The other two plans are for medium users who need a lot of content. Some of its pricing information is listed below:

  • There are 4 plans in total, including a free one
  • The free plan has 10K words
  • You have to pay $19 a month for 200K words in GPT – 3.5
  • The GPT-4 version costs $19 for 33K words
  • Students get a discount of about 30% on their plans

Writesonic Features:

The following are some of its features:

  • More than 100 AI templates
  • AI article writer
  • A chatbot


In this article, we discussed the 5 most affordable AI writing tools. These tools will give you the opportunity of writing content quickly and cheaply. A summary of their pricing is given below:

Article Forge: $13/mo (Also has Discounts)

Spin Rewriter: $47/mo or $77/year (Annual Discounts)

ChatGPT: $20/mo (Also has a Free Version)

Sudowrite: $19/mo (Also has Discounts)

Writesonic: $19/mo (Also has Discounts)

The above is a list of the pricing plans of standard plans for all the AI tools we have discussed in this article. Compare the pricing and other features and then select the tool that meets your requirements in the best way.

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