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How to buy Bitcoin on Luno in Nigeria 2019 for Investment on Fast2earn

On this post am going to show you exactly how to buy bitcoin on luno in nigeria step by step.

I decided to make this post based on the last post I made on how to make money daily by investing in shares on fast2earn.

If you missed the post, you can click here to take a look.

So let’s get started.

But before then;

I want to let you know that you can still use this tutorial to buy bitcoin using luno even if you are not interested in fast2earn.

Though fast2earn was what actually drove me to write the post.

What is Luno?

How to buy Bitcoin on Luno in Nigeria

Just from the picture above, Luno is defined already.

It’s one of the best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria.

It’s a cryptocurrency platform and they make it safe and easy to buy and store your bitcoins or ethereum.

I’ve personally been using them since 2017 and never had issues…though I use other sites like Paxful and Blockchain.

I recommend luno as one of best site to buy bitcoin in nigeria

The reason I decided to stick with Luno is due to the fact that I can easily buy bitcoins with my naira card and bank account and even withdraw back to my bank account.

You can actually buy bitcoins or receive and then withdraw to your bank account here in Nigeria within few minutes.

Enough of the explanations.

So how do you actually buy bitcoins from Luno website.

Very simple.

By following the step by step instructions on this post.

How to buy Bitcoin on Luno in Nigeria in 2019

Like I said earlier, it’s very easy to buy bitcoin from luno.

Just make sure you follow the step by step instructions carefully so you don’t make mistakes.

Step 1: Create an Account.

If you don’t have an account already, then you need to go to the luno website and create an account.

One thing I noticed is that people tend to be extra careful when it comes to giving out of BVNs to websites.

Don’t worry, you are safe with Luno.

They’ll require for your bvn, this is for KYC purposes.

KYC means Know your customer.

So they need it to make sure their customers are real.

Again, you can go ahead to supply your bvn to them, feel free.

Step 2: Verify your email

Now you’ve created your account, you may be sent a verification email.

Click on the link they send and verify your account.

That’s it.

You’ve finished the account creation process now it’s time to buy.

Step 3: Buy Bitcoin

If you don’t have the luno app already you can download or login to your account via the web and click on wallet, then below buttons will come up immediately.

buy luno

As you can see above, that’s my account.

Now click on Buy and then select the Cryptocurrency you want to buy.

In this case you are buying bitcoin, so select bitcoin.

You will now be asked how you want to pay, you need to select your Naira account obviously, then click on the 3 dots to Top Up.

and boom, you will be taken to a page where you can Top up your luno wallet with your card or bank account.

You have two options to top up.

  1. Bank transfer with Paystack
  2. Debit or credit card with PayU

I believe you understand above clearly;

If you like to pay with bank then select first option and if you wish to pay with your Mastercard/Visa, then select Payu.

and your wallet will be funded.

Once you’ve deposited successfully, you can then use the money to buy bitcoin.

You can see?

Very easy.

Once done, your bitcoin wallet will be funded immediately so you can use it to pay for stuffs online.

For the sake of this post, let’s assume you have the bitcoin successfully and you want to buy a particular share on Fast2earn, below is how to do it.

How to buy shares on Fast2earn using Bitcoin Payment Method

Step 1: If you haven’t registered on fast2earn already, click here to go to the website.

Register successfully and verify your email

Step 2: Look for a particular share to buy.

Note: I recommend you invest in company shares not higher than $3.00 and $3.60

Meaning you should only invest in a particular share that is $3.00 or $3.60

Buy like 10-100 of those.

For example: If you plan to buy the below shares

buy shares

Remember to get the best shares, you need to scroll toAll Projectsand click on it, then you’ll be taken to another page, on that page, Under Sort by, click on ROI so that only shares with high return on investment will be displayed.

Click on the “Invest to this business” button and buy like 10-100 of that shares.

If you buy 50 of it equals $3.48 * 50 = $174

Your dividend may be like $0.06 per day, then multiply $.0.06 * 50 = $3 per day.

You will be earning $3 per day, a month you’ve earned $3 per day * 30 days = $90

you can decide to leave it and you will continue earning.

Remember the higher shares you buy, the potential of your daily dividend.

Step 3: once you’ve clicked on invest to this business button, you will be taken to another page where you need to select a payment method.

Remember, you need to select bitcoin and click purchase.

You’ll be provided with an address to pay into as well as the exact amount you are suppose to pay into that.

Don’t go and pay what is on your mind o, so you don’t lose your bitcoins Lol haha.


As you can see above, make sure you follow instructions carefully.

After sending it, confirm your payment and you’re done.

Again if you haven’t read the post on fast2earn, go here to read it and understand.

Below is a video I found on YouTube on how to buy and sell bitcoin using luno exchange

Feel free to let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about this post on how to buy Bitcoin on Luno in Nigeria to invest in fast2earn.

4 thoughts on “How to buy Bitcoin on Luno in Nigeria 2019 for Investment on Fast2earn”

  1. Hello prosper,so from our luno wallet if we want to pay for a share we will click on “SELL” or “SEND”?.Then after the payment we will move back to fast2earn and click on confirm payment?

  2. Thank you for the post… Please I want you to confirm this site fast2earn very well if it is legit before we start putting our money there.. Thanks

  3. Thank you for this great piece of information, Prosper.

    I think with Luno, the fear of Nigerians about cryptocurrency have now been allayed. Since there is no more greedy intermediaries who swindle people people of their hard earned money, I think the company will back Nigerian’s trust in trying out bitcoins transactions.

    Thanks once again for the beautiful post. More power to your elbow.




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