Case Study: Generating N310k in 7 Days with WhatsApp Strategies

In today’s Case-Study post I’m going to show you exactly what I did and how I was able to generate over N310,000 within 7 days using WhatsApp.

For those whove been following me for a while now, you already know I sell other peoples digital products and earn commission also known as Affiliate Marketing.

In this article I want to share how I was able to quickly generate N310k+ in a short period of time.

Yes, 7 days.

I simply promoted a product that was selling for N5,000.

I did 62+ sales for the N5,000 product just from a 257 WhatsApp group free training I held in 7days.

The product was selling for N5,000

N5,000 x 62 = N310,000

Actually I didnt keep all of this money, my own commission was N136,400

It wasnt my product but an affiliate offer.

Whatever sale came in, my commission was N2,200

So N2,200 * 62 = N136,400

But dont forget; this was done in only 7 days.

Not even 30 days.

Maaaaaaaasive, right?

Thats affiliate marketing for you; you dont necessarily need to create any product, you can just simply promote other peoples and keep commission.

And it was even for free, I didnt spend any money to run adverts whatsoever.

Before I go ahead and show you how all this was done, check out my commission payments paid to my bank account for this promotion:

– First Payment N59,400

– Second Payment N52,800

– Third Payment N24,200

Equals N136,400 in 7days.

And then about 3 sales came in later on, so I earned extra N6,600 which was paid as seen below;

4th Payment – N6,600

Heres a breakdown on how this was done:

1. Firstly; I bought the product myself and used it, tested it for like 10 days and discovered it really works.

2. I contacted the creator and asked that I help promote the product and bring in customers and so he agreed.

Just in case youre asking what type of product that was;

Its a digital product: (A video training/ 8-days whatsapp premium class on how to make from N50,000-N100,000 Weekly Doing CPA Marketing in Nigeria with your SmartPhone)

I got in myself and discovered that what was taught really worked and produced real good results.

And one thing about me is that whenever I come across something like this that works really well I dont hold it in easily, Id want others to benefit from it.

It was selling for N5,000 and we agreed that I would keep a commission of N2,200 per sale.

This means whenever a sale is made through me, he (the vendor) keeps N2,300 and I keep N2,200

You may be asking but Prosper, why? Isnt that commission too small?

Well, its not.

I didn’t do much work at all.

Youll see why shortly.

How did I pull this off and was able to bring in over 62 customers/sales?

I used WhatsApp.

I held a free training session there.

The model here is to hold a free training and at the end of the training; promote a particular product and make sales.

WhatsApp converts really well; Nigerians spend more time on WhatsApp, they prefer to reply and ask questions via WhatsApp and stuff, so if you hold a training it will provide them the space to freely and easily ask you questions about a particular product and you’ll convert more.

So the training held was on how cpa marketing works and how to make money with it and at the end an advanced class was introduced which sold for N5,000.

Whoever pays gets added to the advanced class.

– Step 1: We created a WhatsApp group and I filled that group up to the fullest (257 members)

I spent about 2-3 days filling this group with members who were interested in making money online with CPA.

– Step 2: Scheduled a free training on how to start cpa marketing.

Like I said earlier on, I didnt do much work here.

My main work here was to fill the group but the training was held by the product creator, which is one of the reasons I didnt do a 50-50% commission;

I would have probably collected N2,500 per sale instead of N2,200 but considering that hed be doing most of the work while my only duty was to fill the group with the target audience, the commission wasnt bad at all.

So I filled the group.

It was locked and the training started by 8:00pm

Finished around 10pm and was opened for question and answer.

Few minutes, sales started dropping.

Questions were dropping as well from members who were interested and wanted to pay but have questions.

This went on for about 5 days.

Answering questions and also encouraging and convincing others to buy.

Within 7 days a total of 62 people paid and were added to the advanced class.

That’s easy N310,000 revenue generated from WhatsApp.

At the end of the day I walked away with N143,000 as commission.

Lol, just like Who wants to be a millionaire haha.

You see;

I didnt create any product myself.

I just promoted another’s product and earned commission.

How do you get Started and achieve results like this too?

1. Find a good product to promote, you can see lots of products to promote by signing up to an affiliate network like expertnaire or you can contact a vendor directly and ask to promote their product.

Once youve found a good product youll like to promote;

2. Create a WhatsApp group, fill it with members and schedule a free training session related to that product.

For example: If you want to promote a product that has to do with making money with freelancing, you can schedule a free training to teach what freelancing is all about and how people can make up to $500 per month doing it

Explain everything, let members ask questions, reply to them etc..

At the end of the training, recommend the product on freelancing, and youll make plenty of sales.

Its as simple as that.

WhatsApp converts really well and if you know how to properly use it, you can make hell loads of sales.

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