how to do affiliate marketing without followers

“6 Strategies to Make Your First Affiliate Sale Without a Following

Who else wants to learn how to do affiliate marketing without followers?

You see;

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by promoting products and services through affiliate marketing.

The problem is, many people struggle to make their first affiliate sale due to not having any existing audience or followers.

This can be pretty discouraging, I know.

Here’s the good news: it’s not that difficult if you know what you’re doing.

It’s why I’ve decided to come up with this post to show you some marketing strategies that work to make your first ever affiliate sale even if you have zero followers.

These are some of the same strategies that I use to pull in $500-$1000+ monthly promoting affiliate products.

Below are some examples of products I’m promoting currently;

1. PipiAds – A high quality TikTok ad spy tool where you can get paid 20% recurring commission per sale .  I have earned more than $400 from promoting this product alone.

pipiads tiktok tool

It’s an ecommerce dropshipping tool so if you have a digital marketing related email list or blog you can also promote it.

But to get started with promoting it, you have to test the tool yourself first. Pipiads has a free trial where you can sign up for free and use before upgrading. Use that to learn about it so you can properly recommend to your audience.

2. AI writing tools: I made more than $800+ promoting AI writing tools such as Writecream, CopyAI, etc.

ai writing tools

Without wasting much of your time lets get to right away.

How to do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers

  1. Choose a good topic
  2. Find affiliate programs in your niche
  3. Use a lead magnet
  4. Offer Value
  5. Build an Email List
  6. Create a Facebook Group For Your Niche

#1. Choose a good topic.

The first thing you need to do is choose a niche that will be profitable for you and your readers.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out this article on choosing a profitable niche.

Next, you’ll want to find products that have great value for your audience. Ideally, these products are ones that can help them solve problems or accomplish goals and if they’re already paying for something similar (such as a membership site), then they’re even more likely to buy yours because it offers more value than what they’re already paying for!

#2. Find affiliate programs in your niche.

If you want to make your first affiliate sale, then you need to know how to find affiliate programs in your niche.

Affiliate programs are a great way to promote products and services without having any direct relationship with the company.

Affiliates get paid commissions when their links lead customers to purchase products or services.

Some of the most popular affiliate programs include Amazon, eBay, ClickBank and Commission Junction, but there are literally thousands of different options out there.

The best place to start is by searching Google for “affiliate program” + “your niche.”

For example, if your niche is home improvement, you can search for “affiliate program home improvement.”

This should bring up a list of all the companies that offer affiliate programs in this area. If you’re not sure what niches are available for you to promote, try searching for a broad topic like “marketing” or “business.”

#3. Use a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are special offers that encourage people to opt-in to your list.

how to do affiliate marketing without followers
Attracting Customers With Horseshoe Magnet

Lead magnets can be an ebook, video course or even a coupon code for your website.

The idea is that you’re offering something of value for free in exchange for their email address.

Once you have a lead magnet ready to go, it’s time to start promoting it! You’ll want to make sure that your offer stands out from the crowd so that people will be excited to sign up.

Here are some ways you can promote your lead magnet:

  • – Post on social media and invite people to join your list.
  • – Create blog posts featuring your lead magnet and link back to it at the end of the article (use a call-to-action).
  • – Include a link in any emails that you send out promoting other products or services (you should also include a link back to your website).

It’s important to make sure your lead magnet is relevant to your target audience and offers them some value.

If you’re selling fitness products, then a workout plan would be great as a lead magnet.

If you’re selling dog toys, then maybe a free ebook about training dogs could work well.

You can check out a (site where you can get free access to thousands of free ebooks, software etc… that you can use as lead magnet)

#4. Make sure you are bringing value to your audience.

If you want to make money online, then its important that you focus on offering value and not just trying to get people to buy from you.

You can offer in various channels such as a blog, social media like facebook and or twitter, on instagram or a YouTube Chanel.

Don’t leave out pinterest too.

Have one of these.

You should always be providing useful information and resources that are relevant to your niche.

Not only does this mean that people will come back and spend time on your blog again, but it also helps build trust in the eyes of the reader.

It can be tempting when starting out with affiliate marketing (or even blogging in general) to try and sell products as much as possible.

However, if you don’t have any followers yet, this approach isn’t going to work for you.

Think about where your audience are at right now and what they might need help with.

If they are looking for information on how to cook healthy meals then why not write an article about it?

You can use keyword research tools like keywordseverywhere to know what you are audience are searching for on google so you can create content.

#5. Work on building an email list.

You need to build an email list because this is the only way you will be able to communicate with your customers directly.

It is also the best way to build authority and credibility as an affiliate marketer.

People trust people who write emails or leave comments on blogs more than they trust those who just have a website.

Email lists are still the most powerful tool for generating sales online today, despite all the hype around social media marketing over the past few years.

Thats because email marketing gives you complete control over your message and how often it reaches people unlike social media where you can only post so many times before users start tuning out or unfollowing you altogether

Here is an article on how to build an email list for affiliate marketing, feel free to check it out if you want to learn more.

#6. Create a facebook group for your niche.

Creating a Facebook group is a great way to build a following, but it’s also a great way to earn money.

Your group will attract people in your target market who are interested in the same things you are. As long as you provide them with value, they’ll see you as an expert and trust what you recommend. That’s why it’s so important to create high quality content for your group.

You can use this group as an audience for affiliate products.

If you find something that fits your niche and has good reviews, you can start promoting it in your group.

Just remember to only promote products that are relevant to your audience.

FAQs about making money with affiliate marketing without followers

How do I do affiliate market with no following?

Use free social media platforms like Twitter or Pinterest to promote offers from your favorite affiliate networks. Create a free blog and write about products or services that are relevant to your niche and share articles from reputable websites on social media (don’t share the whole article).

Finally Create a Facebook group for your niche and invite people to join it. Ask them if they have any questions about the topic(s) covered by the group before inviting them so you can answer them right away (you want them to remember you as someone who helps them out).

Then share resources with the members of your group that they might find useful (like coupons or discounts), along with helpful information related to their needs (like how-to videos or articles).

This will help build trust between you and your audience while earning you some valuable exposure in an organic way that doesn’t feel spammy at all!

Do you need followers for affiliate marketing?

The answer is NO! You dont need to have a huge social media following or even any followers to start making money with affiliate marketing. The only thing that matters is your mindset towards making money online.

If you think that you can make money with affiliate marketing only when you have thousands of followers on Instagram or Facebook, then its time for you to change your mindset.

Can you be anonymous in affiliate marketing?

The answer is yes. You don’t have to be following people on social media or using your real name when promoting products as an affiliate marketer. You can still get sales from people who don’t know who you are!

How do affiliate marketers get followers?

They build a huge following by creating helpful contents on YouTube and asking those who watch to subscribe, writing seo articles on blogs and building an email list from the visitors who come to the site.

Key Takeaway:

Even if you don’t have any followers, you can make money with affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to affiliate marketing or have never made your first sale online, you can succeed and make money as an affiliate marketer.

The most important thing in digital marketing is to learn how to make your first sale.

So, keep in mind these 6 tips when promoting someone else’s brand and always sell the product and not the brand.

After you make that first successful sale expect to find more success in the future!

Following these tips and implementing them am sure you’ve now learned how to do affiliate marketing without followers.

Check out my most recent post on how to promote affiliate links and get unlimited free traffic

Let me know if you have questions.

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