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Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos to get you started

You can see I haven’t updated you in a while now.

Its not intentional.

This is because I’ve been working on some projects, but there’s good news.

I decided to setup a specific page on this blog where I’d be uploading some of my free affiliate marketing training videos for you.

>>Here is link to the training page <<

This will guide you on how to start affiliate marketing as a complete beginner.

at the moment, I’ve uploaded about 5 videos to help you get started.

and trust me;

You’re not paying anything to learn all of these stuffs, its all for you 100% free, offering you all of the materials I use myself so you can copy and paste.

I will try in the mean time to add more videos that will help you.

All you just need to do is to continue taking action on what you learn from the videos because they are of high quality and they contain some of my powerful strategies on affiliate marketing AKA selling other people’s products.

Like I said before, it’s free for you to watch and you don’t need to pay anything, and also you don’t need to Opt-in to access the free training videos.

Wondering what “Opt-in” means? Haha

Well, that’s an affiliate marketing term for “submit your email address”

So, you don’t need to submit your email address before you access any of the videos

and you’re going to learn a lot and get familiar with terms like Optin, Autoresponder, Squeeze page and the others.

They are all on the page waiting for you to consume them and make good success.

Go watch the videos here >>

How to take full advantage of these Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos and Make Success

Free affiliate marketing training videos

Below is the video #1.

It’s very easy to understand.

What you really need to do is watch, follow and implement everything step by step.

20+ Affiliate Marketing terms you can expect to learn, so they won’t sound like new stuffs whenever you hear them somewhere

  1. List building
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Open Rate
  4. Click through rate
  5. Landing Page
  6. Squeeze Page or Opt-in page
  7. Thank you page
  8. Bing Ads
  9. Facebook Ads
  10. Google Ads
  11. Commissions
  12. Warrior Plus
  13. JvZoo
  14. Clickbank
  15. Email marketing
  16. Affiliate links
  17. Buyers List
  18. Email Subscribers
  19. Product Launch
  20. YouTube adsetc

There are lots more terms, so watch out for them in the videos.

In the next posts I’d be sharing some ways I make money online i.e. what I do, how I do them and lots more.

Don’t forget to leave your comments if you need any help.

and before I forget, I just made a review video on YouTube

Now that’s one way to make money with affiliate marketing;

By Reviewing products and offering potential buyers the decision to buy or not.

and you’re going to make a lot of commissions when people watch your videos and clicks through your affiliate link to buy that product.

and you should see that in the free affiliate marketing training videos very soon.

and I just wanted to notify you that I received a payment of N25,000 today being 14th June, from one Local affiliate network called Expertnaire I joined earlier;

Expert Naire

and hey, I received N36,750 from same network last week, June 6th as well;

Expert Naire 2

so for the last two Fridays, I got paid on a consistent basis, selling other people’s products (affiliate marketing).

That’s N61,750 in 2 weeks.

But we’ll talk about that, probably in the next posts.

Just follow the training for now so you can get the basic good knowledge on affiliate marketing.

Have a great time and let me know if you have any questions, I’d reply you.

21 thoughts on “Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos to get you started”

  1. Oga Pro, tnx for ur post. They’ve been very helpful. Can I run both clickbank and expartnaire the same time? How much will it cost me to lunch a blog?

    • Yea, but I suggest you start with one first and make good success before moving to other affiliate networks.

      As regards the blog, I’d do a tutorial on how to create a blog soon.

  2. I have gone through your work but i am yet to get the #30k so i need to work harder for it, except you have another way of helping

  3. Thanks for this idea boss..

    But sir pls can I start this affiliate marketing with Mobile phone or is it a must i use Laptop ( i asked this bcus i don’t have Laptop and i wish to start this thing) Thanks… Waiting for ur reply Sir.


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