How I made $180.44 with Warrior Plus in 19 days and How you can get Started

It’s been over 2 months since I last updated you all on this blog. But not to worry, because I got something super hot for you.

On this post today I share with you my affiliate marketing strategy on how I was able to pull in such figures in just 19 days and without spending any money on Ads.

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As seen below is my warrior plus account and proof of commissions for you to confirm.

But before then, you may want to know what this warrior plus is all about.

How does Warrior Plus Work?

Am not talking about warriorforum here. 

Warrior Plus is an affiliate network.

Have you ever heard of Clickbank? What about JvZoo?

You must have heard of Clickbank for sure and you know its an affiliate network where you promote other people’s products and in return, you earn commission

Like wise, Warrior Plus is another top affiliate network where you can promote affiliate offers and make money.

If you are still very new to what affiliate marketing is, then you need to check some of my old post on affiliate marketing.

This is the concept of affiliate marketing

  1. Someone known as the Vendor creates a product. Let’s say he created a product like “video training on how to make money online”
  2. and he needs to promote it to a lot of people who are wanting to make money online, but he can’t do it all alone.
  3. Then he looks for you (the affiliate marketer) to help him promote his products, so he gives you an affiliate link
  4. When you promote the product using that affiliate link and anyone buys through your link, you earn the agreed commission

That’s it with affiliate marketing

It’s all about getting a product and promoting it and when people buy that product through your link, you earn commission

and commission ranges from 50-80 and even sometimes 100%

How to Make Money with Warrior Plus and how I Made about $180 within 19 days

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing then the first thing you want to do is signup to an affiliate network.

I’ve tried a lot of them like Clickbank, JvZoo and WarriorPlus.

I made around $25.47 on clickbank when I started back then.

Here was the payment sent to my Payoneer Account.

And you know as usual, I try my best to find what actually works so I can share with my lovely reader like you.

I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it Lol.

So here is what I did:

From January to February 10, 2019 I bought a lot of premium courses from Top Affiliate Marketers in the Industry.

  • 1: Commission Machine – $19.97
  • Bought some Solo Ads to build my Email List for Affiliate Marketing – $400
  • List building Black Opps – $97
  • Commissionology – $27
  • Commission Machine DFY – $27 Per Month
  • Etc.

Totaling about $600

That is how much I’ve spent to gain some new knowledge in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

All these are for testing sake and to find what really works so I can share with you to make money online.

So let’s continue:

Choosing Affiliate Network to Work with:

Like I said earlier, I’ve used Cllickbank affiliate platform and this year I tried 2 affiliate networks.

JvZoo and Warrior Plus.

After taking those premium courses I decided to start with JvZoo and I implemented what I learnt. So I earned about $59.68 within the first week.

Here is a screenshot of some commissions I made in the first week using JvZoo:

In total for that week, I made about $59+ on Jvzoo

But something happened:

I noticed the offers on Jvzoo were not that high converting and attractive so I moved to Warrior Plus with the same strategy:

and Boom within few days I already earned about $50 and 19 days I’ve earned over $180.44

I will share the exact same strategy with you right now but I have to warn you:

This works, so you should take it seriously:

You can check the below stats of some of the products I promoted.

I want to be as transparent with you as possible, so you can check the dates as well. I started on the 11th February, 2019.

How to make money with warrior plus

So you can see?

some times I made 3 sales in a day, some times, 4 sales and sometimes 2 sales

You want to get started right away?

let’s get started.

You need to signup with warrior plus affiliate

How to Register on Warrior Plus

First thing you want to do before getting offers to promote is to actually signup with them and signup is free. 

You will also need paypal account. The PayPal is for receiving your earnings when you want to withdraw. 

So Quickly head in to warriorplus.com and register an account.

After registration is complete then you want to apply to some offers.

As soon as you get approved to promote any of the products, the next thing you want to do is generate traffic, also known as visitors.

If they make purchase of the product, you earn commission.

So the next thing is the most important of all, because without it, you cant make any commissions on warrior plus or any affiliate network.

If you can generate the right type of traffic to the offers, you can make lots of sales and get commissions.

If you miss the traffic part, then you are not going to make a dime in affiliate marketing.

You need to be very attentive right now, because am going to reveal the best ways you can drive traffic and the one that actually made me $180.44 in my promotion of warrior plus offers.

So let’s get started

How to get traffic

There are lots of ways to get traffic in affiliate marketing and the methods are categorized into Free and Paid Traffic Method

I will share them with you here plus the best traffic method I advice you to use if you want to get the kind of results I got here.

keep reading:

Free Traffic Methods

Free traffic method includes:

  • Promoting the products on Facebook
  • Doing Product review videos on YouTube
  • Reviewing products on a Blog and driving traffic via seo
  • Etc.

They include:

  • Promoting the products using Facebook Ads
  • Promoting using Bing Ads
  • or Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads etc

Which is the Best Traffic Method to Make Commissions

I’ve tried a lot of them but I want to say:

Building an email list of subscribers is the best way to make money promoting warriorplus offers.

You need to build a list of people who are interested in a particular niche:

For example:

I created an email list of people interested in making money online.

and whenever I get any make money online product on warrior plus, I promote it to this list and they purchase and I earn commission.

How to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing

Now this is how you can use a list to make money with affiliate marketing:

  1. You get a good product from Warrior Plus
  2. Apply and get approved to promote it
  3. Get your affiliate link
  4. Promote it to your subscribers (in your list)
  5. Since they are interested, they will click and make purchase while you earn commissions

Building an email List is the best way to make money with affiliate marketing


Here is why:

If you just get your affiliate links from warriorplus and start promoting the products without building your list, most of the people that will click on your link may not be interested in buying the product in the first day.

and since you are not collecting their emails, you will not be able to follow them up till they buy.

That is why email marketing works super great:

You drive traffic and collect the emails of those people before sending them to the affiliate link.

If they don’t buy, you already have their email so that you can promote more offers to them.

Once they get into your email list, they are there forever and you can promote whatever offer you want to them at any time you want so they will keep making you money.

Forever and ever as far as they remain in your list.

For example: Below is one of my list of people interested in making money online.

I sent them an email promoting one offer on warriorplus, I sent to 75 people in that list, 15 clicked on my link and I made 3 sales within few hours that day:

and even after those 3 sales, I can still send them more and more offers because they are mine for life.

okay, Okay, Okay?

So you want to know how to build your list and earn with affiliate marketing?

Stay in touch, because I will be sharing step by step how you can create a list, drive traffic to that list and capture emails, promote offers to them and make money.

and I will be sharing lots of strategies with you on driving traffic via either paid or free methods to make money.

You don’t have to be a guru to make money online, you just need to follow instructions. 

That will be in the next post, so make sure you stay in touch for the next post on how to make money with warrior plus using email list.

and to make things easier for you, you can always head in to my affiliate marketing category so you don’t miss any post about affiliate marketing.

Do you have any questions on this one? Drop them and I’ll reply you soonest.

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