HIWAP Review & My Special Bonuses: Make ₦10,000 Daily Online in Nigeria

I noticed a lot of my readers are actually looking for the latest income program opportunity to make money online here in Nigeria?

There is a brand new, super legit income program called HIWAP (Healthiswealth.ng Affiliate Program) that you can use to make up to ₦10,000 Daily Online in Nigeria.

So I’ll be doing a Hiwap review right here to show you what this program is all about and how you can make money with it.

But before then, I have good news for you:

The good news is that I have prepared 2 special bonuses in form of eBooks for any one of you who registers and upgrades for HIWAP using my referral link in this post.

So make sure you read this post till the end in order to claim the bonuses, and the 2 bonuses are limited to only first 100 people who register and upgrades using the link in this post.

This bonus will allow you to earn more on HIWAP.

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BONUS #1: Referrals Hacker Pro – Worth ₦20,000 

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BONUS #2: Health & Wellness Articles Writer worth ₦15,000

(This bonus will allow you to successfully make N1,000 Per article you write on HIWAP)

(In this Bonus, I revealed what I haven’t showed anyone before, It contains how you can become a health and wellness articles writer or blogger using your Android Phone, I show the Tools you need, The Lazy method for finding health topics to write about with screenshots, and step by step how to write the articles fast without any delay, and finally some recommendations to assist you on how to write it that will make HIWAP and anyone at all quickly accept and love you for it)

If you signup for HIWAP straight away and upgrade your account using my link in this post you are getting this 2 bonuses sent to your email within 24 hours.

and be quick about it

Because Thousands of people are reading this post right now.

After first 100 people, I will stop giving out my bonuses and it will end by 10th May, 2019.

Just send me an email after you have signed up for HIWAP using my link and also upgraded your account, and I will confirm and send the 2 eBooks to you.

WARNING: Don’t email me if you didn’t upgrade your account, I will only send my bonuses to people who actually registered and also upgraded via  my link.

So let’s get started.

HIWAP Review by Prosper Noah, Top Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria.

What is Hiwap?

HIWAP means Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program and was launched earlier March 2019.

In summary, they are Nigerians who desire to create options that work and online earning opportunity for the growth of Nigeria economy. Healthiswealth.ng is co founded and managed by Samuel Joy (A certified human nutritionist and personal health consultant) in partnership with Paul Samson PSO, the founder of NNU.ng, one of the top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria. Health is wealth project is fully managed by great minds and brilliant content managers like Egu Chris and Emmanuel Obiji and some other top members and great writers.

– According to their about page.

I have checked the whole of this website and since Paul Samson is in partnership with them, then they must be very, very legit website.

Though there are other secret features I use in discovering what websites are legit or scam, I won’t tell you those secrets though, if you like goan hit your head on the wall Lol..

How does HIWAP (Health is Wealth Affiliate Program) Work?

I have registered to the program myself.

As seen below:my Account

How to Make Money on the Health is Wealth Affiliate Program (Hiwap)

Now you need to read this slowly and carefully follow to know what you stand to benefit when you join Hiwap.

and this is where my bonuses is going to help make you a lot of money as well.

Ways to earn on HIWAP

There are different ways to earn money in the  healthiswealth.ng affiliate program and I will share exactly how with you.

But before I tell you, you need to be aware that registration is FREE, but in order to actually take part in making money there, you need to upgrade your account with N2,000

Yes, that is the membership fee.

Way 1: You Earn N1,000 per Article you write

You can earn and cash out by writing article for them (₦1,000 per article): That’s N10,000 everyday for 10 articles. And N300,000 every month just by writing articles for them.

Way 2: Earn N1,000 for everyone you Refer to HIWAP

You earn 50% (₦1,000) direct referral commission when you introduce your friends and family to join and take part in this earning opportunity on healthiswealth.ng

You earn 25% (₦500) indirect referral commission when your downline refer others (Unlimited earning)

You also earn 10% (₦200) matching bonus each time your downline complete their circle (Extra bonus)

Spillover enabled – This is the most interesting part as you wont need to wait for your downline. (No delay)

You can cash out your earnings without referrals as well.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

When you earn up to N5,000, you can withdraw your earnings straight to your bank account and they pay every Friday.

I’ve made two withdrawals already so you can see my payment proof below:

Proof 1: First payment of N67,000 

hiwap proof

Proof 2: Second payment of N19,000

If you want to earn like this then you don’t want to miss my 2 bonuses as stated earlier.

So you get alert and smile to the bank every Friday.

HIWAP Registration Guide: Step by Step to Register and Upgrade

Don’t forget that you are getting my 2 bonuses if you use the referral link in this post.

So follow the below tutorial on how to register for hiwap and upgrade.

Note: After registration, you need to upgrade your account with N2,000 in order to start making money.

Step 1: Click here to the Website

The website page will open.

Step 2: Click on the MENU button on the site and hit REGISTER

Step 3: Fill the registration form carefully and correctly, put in your correct details like name, email etc.

When done, an activation link will be sent to your email.*

Step 4: Go to your email and click on the activation link sent you by HIWAP.

Finally, make payment of N2,000 for HIWAP Epin to any of the ePin Distributors banks for to upgrade your membership in order to be eligible to make money.

There are lots of ePin distributors, but I trust the lady named Amaechi Uzoma.

So you can send the N2,000 to her account to get the pin you will use in upgrading your hiwap account.

Below is the Account Details to Pay your N2,000 to:








After you pay, Message Uzoma your full name, Email, Username, Phone number, and send debit alert to *08037859257 on WhatsApp. You will get the EPIN instantly without delay

As soon as you pay, she will give you a Pin to upgrade your account.

How to Upgrade your HIWAP Account with ePin

After she’s sent the pin to you, follow below to upgrade your account.

  • Login to your HIWAP dashboard, click on FINANCE
  • Copy and paste the EPIN you received from UZOMA HIWAP EPIN AGENT.*
  • Click on REDEEM
  • That’s all.

You will see a message that says Upgrade Membership Successful.

Then Log out of your account.

Login again and start earning.

After you upgraded successfully using my referral link then send me an email to prospernoah19@gmail.com for the 2 Bonuses.

Again be warned; If your account is not upgraded, don’t send me any email.

After I confirm that you registered and upgraded using my link, I will send the 2 bonuses to you within 24 hours.

Again below are my bonuses you get when you register successfully with my referral link.


Note: I will remove my bonuses by 10th of May, 2019.

Hurry up.

Make sure you go register, upgrade with your N2,000 and claim my 2 bonuses above.

That’s it guys.

Below is my YouTube Review Video:

Drop your questions healthiswealth in comment section, just in case you have any and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

I hope my Hiwap review and special bonuses helps you make more money online here in Nigeria easily and fast.

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      Read the post well, before you comment.
      You don’t have to refer anyone and even if you have to refer, my bonuses will solve everything for you easily and fast.

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      Your referral link is in your Hiwap dasboard, Copy it and use the strategy in my Bonus to promote and make money for yourself.

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      Well, I have given you the best option on this post.

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      Yes, if you upgrade, then send me your email to get the 2 bonuses.
      Make sure you follow the instructions on this post carefully.

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    Once again here my details
    Name: BLESSED
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    Blessed April 18, 2019

    I messaged you concerning my upgrade using your referral link, and you haven’t responded. I followed your guide, paid the N2000, to Uzoma, upgraded using your referral link and yet to receive your bonuses. I will rather appreciate it if you come out plainly and tell me the situation about your bonuses rather than remaining silent to my messages and email. If you are doubting my claims, check your back office for the username – chronicles.

    Once again here my details
    Name: BLESSED
    Username: chronicles
    email: onlinebeez2019@gmail.com

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