Dataway Ng Review: Make Up to N50K+ Weekly Reselling Data for Profits + Refer & Earn

Dataway Ng Review

Dataway Ng is an earning platform in Nigeria where you're given access to buy airtime/data in bulk and resell for profits. You'll also earn N1,000 + 1gb per referral and you can earn up to N50k+ or more weekly if you combine the various earning opportunities on the platform.  Withdraw your earnings to bank account anytime 


How Legitimate

Variour Earning Opportunites

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • You can earn in different ways on the platform and make lots of cash 

  • N50k+ or even more weekly is guaranteed if you're serious and consistent

  • Monthly rewards and cool benefits for members 


  • You won't get rich on the platform

  • Business model is not that scalable

Top Paying Earning Platforms in Nigeria


Dataway NG


Earn up to N2,000 per job/task completed on owodaily by liking, commenting on posts, signing up to websites, etc... 

Buy data in bulk and resell for profits, earn N1,000 per referral and make up to N10,000 daily + other awesome benefits

Earn money online by browsing websites, viewing adverts, taking surveys, watching videos, playing game, installing apps on your phone, etc.

Make as much as N5,000 weekly spending just 5-10 minutes daily, minimum withdrawal is N5,000

Register and activate your membership, purchase data in bulk and start reselling instantly... N1,000 minimum withdrawal 

Start making money as soon as you join the membership taking surveys, watching videos ... minimum withdrawal varies 

Get paid to your bank account in Nigeria every Friday

Get Paid anytime to your bank account in Nigeria

Get paid in different methods; bank, paypal, payoneer, gift  cards, etc)

What is Dataway Ng?

In this dataway Ng review am going to show you all you need to know about dataway Nigeria; the fast growing vending platform where you can make money online here in Nigeria by simply buying cheap data in bulk and reselling for profits.

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These bonuses are insane… and you will never, I repeat, never get them anywhere else online apart from me, ofcourse I created them.

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Definitely you don?t want to miss these bonuses above.

Now that you know the bonuses you?ll be getting, let me quickly share with you what Dataway Ng is all about.

With Dataway you can earn extra income by becoming a data reseller along with some other earning opportunities to make up to N50k+ weekly.


They offer affordable data/airtime and bill payment services, + an easy way to earn money online with their reseller services & affiliate-system and also give members access? to free internet data and monthly rewards.

Is Dataway Ng Legit?

The platform was launched in late 2021, around June and has since been operating. They currently have over 500,000+ members, even though it hasn’t been up to a year yet, this is a very legit way to earn extra little cash in your pocket especially for students.

I joined earlier when they launched and have been paid a couple times earning over N49,000 in total as seen below;

dataway ng review

Yes, it’s not much considering the fact that I didn’t make out time for it due to projects.

And from what I’ve seen so far; members are being paid on the platform; Of course those who are leveraging the referral program + some monthly gifts and awards.

With Over 50,000+ members the platform has grown really fast and should hit more soon, this is best time to become a member and make money from it as welll.

How Dataway Ng Works

The platform offers a lot of earning opportunities. This ranges from buying cheap data in bulk and reselling for profits, the dataway affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn N1,000 per referral, unlimited free data etc.

On the platform you can also buy airtime and pay bills, win prizes in their monthly rewards and many more.

Who is Dataway Ng best for?

Dataway Ng is best for those who do not mind earning some extra side income without doing complex stuff or much work.

I’d say it’s pretty much ideal for students, so they can earn easy cash to support themselves in school from time to time.

How to Register on Dataway Ng

It’s very easy to register on the platform and get started making money.

Once you’ve signed up, made payment to activate your account with their registration subscription fee of N2,000 you’ll be able to purchase data in bulk and resell.

You’ll also be given instant access to their affiliate program that pays you N1,000 + 1gb data per anyone you invite to the platform and you can withdraw anytime to your bank account with minimum withdrawal of N1,000.

All you need to register is your correct details such as name, email address etc..

and when registering, remember; online payment method means you pay with your atm while coupon code means you have to transfer money to one of the vendors to get coupon code in order to activate your account.

If you pay with your atm its faster because you will get instant access activation.

Alternatively, if you’re afraid or facing some issues and want me to register you instead, then message me on WhatsApp and make your transfer of N2,000 to my bank account.

I will assist you in registration, click here to message me on whatsapp

If you prefer to do it yourself, You can sign up with Dataway Ng here

Also remember you are getting my 13 bonuses I promised above if you use my link by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Click here to dataway Ng registration page (that’s my affiliate link)

Step 2: Fill in your details and make payment.

Step 3: Register successfully

Time to get my bonuses.

Step 4:? If you registered successfully following the steps I laid above, send me an email to with your proof and I?ll send my bonuses to you within 24 hours.

I don?t know how you are going to lay your proof but make sure you follow the link in this post to register and provide me enough proof so I confirm and send the bonuses to your email.

How Much Can You Earn on Dataway Ng?

They claim on the homepage that you can earn up to N250k+ monthly; this is a bit exaggerated but anything is possible.

Depending on what earning option you decide to go with, you can earn as much as you want, but the best way would be to combine everything to earn even more.

There are various ways to earn income from dataway;

Resell Data and Keep Profits

Data reselling is a very profitable small online biz for beginners to make money.

One of the ways is by purchasing cheap data in bulk and reselling to your friends and you keep profit.

You’ll get access to cheapest SME data bundles starting from

  • 500MB ? ?120,
  • 1GB ? ?240,
  • 2GB ? ?480
  • 5GB ? ?1200 to
  • 10GB for just ?2,400

Looks like dataway may soon become the cheapest data platform in Nigeria

Watch the short video recording below where I login to my Dataway website dashboard to show you the price for each bundle including MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile.

Really cheap, right?

All you have to do is purchase them in bulk and then you can resell high and keep profits.

You have a lot of friends on Facebook and WhatsApp to sell cheap data to.

With this you can make good profits

Leverage the Affiliate Program

Another way to make money on Dataway is through the affiliate program

It pays N1,000 per referral + 1gb.

So let’s say you are able to invite 10 people, you earn N10,000 + 10gb data.

The more you refer here, the more money you make.

There is also a monthly reward for top affiliate if you want to focus mainly on the affiliate aspect.

Is dataway Ng worth your N2,000 investment?

If you ask me, then I’ll say yes, this is a good way if you’re looking to make some fast easy cash then investing N2,000 is something you can give a try.

Who knows, you can even leverage the affiliate program of it and make X10 or even x50 of your N2,000 registration fee.

Pros or Good Side

  • Platform pays and you can withdraw anytime
  • Simple Money Making System
  • You can start earning immediately you signup and activate your account
  • Not Ponzi Scheme

Cons or Bad Side

  • Not a very sustainable online business

No doubt there are much better ways to make money online but this is one good one for a complete beginner who’s just getting started, have little to no capital and just needs something to earn him or her some quick cash.

It’s why I recommend this program as you can get started from there.

If you want to give it a try, you can click here to signup.

I hope this dataway ng review post helps you make some money online.

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