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40 Paying Sites in Nigeria 2024: I Earned N250k+ From No. 5

Best Paying Sites in Nigeria 2023


Dataway NG


Earn up to N2,000 per job/task completed on owodaily by liking, commenting on posts, signing up to websites, etc... 

Buy data in bulk and resell for profits, earn N1,000 per referral and make up to N10,000 daily + other awesome benefits

Earn money online by browsing websites, viewing adverts, taking surveys, watching videos, playing game, installing apps on your phone, etc.

Make as much as N5,000 weekly spending just 5-10 minutes daily, minimum withdrawal is N5,000

Register and activate your membership, purchase data in bulk and start reselling instantly... N1,000 minimum withdrawal 

Start making money as soon as you join the membership taking surveys, watching videos ... minimum withdrawal varies 

Get paid to your bank account in Nigeria every Friday

Get Paid anytime to your bank account in Nigeria

Get paid in different methods; bank, paypal, payoneer, gift  cards, etc)

If you are looking for the latest paying sites in Nigeria and you want to see all of them in one place then you’re going to love this guide.

I’ve done a lot of research and will show you 40 of these sites including websites that pay you for surveys, news paying sites in Nigeria, the ones that pay you to chat, etc..

Plus I didn’t only list them based on category, I’ll also show you the payment method and minimum withdrawal/threshold of each as well as how to get started.

Plus at the end I’ll also show you some of my favorite ones that made me over N250k recently. 

Feel free to filter and sort through the list and find one you like.

I want Paying Sites in Nigeria within this Category

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I’ve decided to put paid surveys first on this list because with it you can start making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start, though it won’t make you rich but you can earn some easy money in your spare time.

This is cool for students too, so  if you are a student you obviously haven’t started any business yet, you may be looking for how to make money online in Nigeria as a student for free this is where to get started. 

Below are the survey sites that a Nigerian can join and earn money.

Note that the more surveys you complete, the more your chances of earning, so feel free to sign up to as many as possible.


Ysense, having paid over $34m+ to it’s users and been in existence since 2007, is one very good survey website and they’ve got over 30 million members.

This was the first ever survey website I signed up to, when I started online in early 2017. 

It was called clixsense then, looks like they rebranded.

It’s open to the world unlike other sites that limit their services. 

What you do on Ysense is to simply complete tasks and you see cash reward instantly, They support market researchers and others who rely upon the power of consumers, while offering their members a variety of reward opportunities.

To earn here, you test new services, watch videos, signup for websites, etc.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to make money online, ysense surveys might be just what you’re looking for.

and they have multiple ways for you to cash out your earnings. 


Payment Method: Payoneer, Skrill, Tango
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $20 (Payoneer), $10 (Skrill) 
Withdrawal Processing Time: 2-5 Days 
Official Website:


I signed up to this in 2020 and I was able to try the platform, earned small dollars and they’re legit. 

Warning: If you signup or login to your account with a vpn, you’ll be suspended and banned from ever joining so be careful not to mistakenly login with a vpn. 

You earn by 

  • taking surveys
  • watching videos
  • viewing websites 
  • posting or following people on tiktok
  • Solving captchas
  • through daily bonus
  • weekly sweeptakes
  • through the referral program (inviting others to join through your referral link)


Payment Method: Bitcoin, PayPal, Neteller, Payeer, Bank Transfer, AirTM
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $10
Withdrawal Processing Time: 24-48hours every  Thursday   
Official Website:


Swagbucks is a very popular online surveys website and I’m sure you must have heard of this at one time. 

You can signup to it and earn in various ways including but not limited to watching videos, playing games, searching, referring others etc.

Swagbucks is available in Nigeria and you can join and start earning what they refer to as SB on the platform, once you’ve earned enough SB, you can convert it to amazon gift card and use it to shop/buy things on amazon or convert to PayPal.   


Payment Method: PayPal & Convert to Gift Cards
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: Minimum of 500sb points (Gift Cards) & Minimum of 1000sb points (For PayPal)
Withdrawal Processing Time: 30mins to 7 business days   
Official Website:


This is another company where they pay you to voice your opinion, and its available to worldwide which means Nigerians can take part too. 

If you are paid to answer paid surveys, the chances that you have heard about PaidViewpoint is very high. They seem to have paid out a lot of money in rewards and this amount has caught attention of many people.

Many people even go as far saying that you can make up to $200 for every paid survey completed after signing up with them. 

PaidViewpoint pays for sure and you’re going to earn some good cash there but don’t go with high hopes as this is just like other survey websites, you can’t get rich overnight. 

So on Paidviewpoint you earn with trait surveys and market research surveys; traits pay you between $0.03 and $0.10 while market research pays anywhere from $0.25 and $1.50.

The more time you spend taking surveys, the more you earn on paid view point and one amazing thing about them is they don’t disqualify you on a particular survey unlike other survey websites. 

You are only presented with the ones you are guaranteed to get paid for, just answer and get credited + you can also signup anonymously if you like, without confirming your name or email address.  

There is referral program too where you get paid 20% of your referral’s earnings. 


Payment Method: PayPal & Gift Cards 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $15
Withdrawal Processing Time: Within 72 hours   
Official Website:


Survey Savvy

Just like other survey sites, survey savvy won’t cost you anything to join, and based on the information you submitted while filling your profile for signup you’ll be provided surveys that fit in that criteria. 

You’ll be emailed whenever there is a new survey available that matches the information you submitted beforehand, then you can complete and earn $3 per completed survey, and longer surveys pay up to $20. 

Plus there is a monthly draw of 50 people where members can earn $10 for free. 

Apart from completing surveys there is another way you can earn and it’s through their two tier referral program, that pays you 15%  of the amount earned through surveys by your referrals and if you referral refer others, you still earn from any survey they complete. 

Survey Savvy as you can see has multiple ways you can make money. 

It’s paying but could take some time for your payment to arrive according to what I heard from other members

Another downside is the fact that it doesn’t offer paypal or payoneer as it’s payment method. 


Payment Method: Cheque 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $1
Withdrawal Processing Time: Up to 12weeks   
Official Website:


This is another very good survey website, and on here you get paid in points which can then be converted to cash and paid to your paypal account. $1 equals to around 55,000 points 

On Toluna people who take surveys are referred to as Toluna influencers  as the surveys that you complete are used by brands to know what and what is working and not working for their business.

You can get lots of points and convert it to amazon gift cards, Starbucks, Playstation store, Paypal etc…

So you need to earn as many points as possible through the platform and some ways include

  • Taking the toluna surveys
  • Completing your profile
  • Sponsored polls voting
  • Through posting in the toluna community
  • Contests
  • Referring friends
  • playing games
  • Etc.  


Payment Method: PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Playsation store, Starbucks etc. 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $35 for Paypal cashout and less for other methods
Withdrawal Processing Time: 4 weeks maximum  
Official Website:


On mobrog once you’ve signed up for an account, you can start earning money, and they have 3  easy payment methods like PayPal, Skrill and Ecomatcher.

It was created by the market research service company Splendid Research and they use your feedbacks to develop and or improve their existing product. 

That’s it with paid survey websites, and you can earn on average $0.50 to $3 per survey on mobrog (which means you have the chance to make a lot of money by completing lots of surveys).

As soon as you’ve joined successfully, increase you earnings by doing simple stuff like completing your profile, taking surveys, downloading the mobile app,  invite others to join by posting to facebook, twitter etc..


Payment Method: PayPal, Skrill, EcoMatcher 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $6.25
Withdrawal Processing Time: 4 weeks maximum  
Official Website:


This is 100% Nigerian based where you earn money by answering paid surveys on the trends of consumption in Nigeria. The questions you answer in your feedback/surveys are used to determine future products or services, politics. 

You can earn anywhere from $0.13 up to $3.25 per completed survey using their opinion app. 

Upon signup, you get sent available surveys via email, so you click through each of them, complete and get credited and when you’ve accumulated up to $10 you can withdraw.


Payment Method: GCodes gift Voucher, Virtual VISA Debit Card
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $10
Withdrawal Processing Time: 4 weeks maximum  
Official Website:


How you get paid here:  

  • taking surveys
  • you get paid to play games
  • you get paid for completing offers
  • you earn by watching videos
  • through daily challenges
  • Raffles 
  • Extra rewards through lucky numbers
  • participate in contests and earn rewards
  • Lastly, you earn for inviting friends to signup and earn with you

On Prizerebel you earn points which can be converted to cash, 100 points is equivalent to $1 so the more points you earn, the higher your chances of earning. 


Payment Method: PayPal, Gift Cards
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $5 (PayPal), $2 (giftcards) 
Withdrawal Processing Time: 24-48 hours (depending on your membership level) 
Official Website:

Offer Nation

This survey site has been in business since 2012 (over 9 years now) and one amazing thing about them is that unlike other sites, even if you don’t pass a particular survey you’ll still get points in order to console you for time wasted, and you earn for installing apps too.  

So if you can spend up to half or an hour per day here, you’ll be able to earn some money plus there’s also the referral program where you earn 25% for inviting others to the platform. 

offer nation

Payment Method: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payza, Amazon Gift Card
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $1 (PayPal, Skrill & Payza), $40 (bitcoin) 
Withdrawal Processing Time: 24hours 
Official Website:

TGM Panel

This is another legit survey website; it accept lots of countries and of course, Nigeria is among. 

Once you join, you can make money by answering questions, you’ll also be able to see how much each survey you complete will earn you. 

Lots of surveys available for you to complete and earn as much as you want. 

Another way to make money here is through their referral program where you are allowed to earn 10% to refer your friends and as you already know, almost all survey websites have this.

Obviously, lots of referrals equal lots of money. 

tgm panel

Payment Method: PayPal, GCodes
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $10 (Varies in different countries) 
Withdrawal Processing Time: Up to 4 business days 
Official Website:


An Italian company owned survey site existing since 2014.

Expect to earn anywhere from $0.50 to $1 per completed survey. 

Unlike other sites whose main aim for providing surveys is to gather market research data, survey time actually help students who need information from a group of people as well, so you earn rewards for helping with those two stuff through surveys.  

It’s available in over 57 countries including Nigeria.

Once you signup you are in, and all latest surveys will be emailed to you, meanwhile you can earn $0.25 instantly only for completing your profile first. 

A great way to get you stared earning. 


Payment Method: PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $20 
Withdrawal Processing Time: Up to 4 business days 
Official Website:


This is definitely one of the best survey sites out there and they accept Nigerians as well., it’s straight forward  as you get paid instantly $1 per completed survey. 

After you signup with them, you get taken to a page where they ask you a few questions in order to find the best surveys that match your profile. 

As soon as that’s done, you’ll be welcomed to your dashboard where you can start taking surveys. 


Payment Method: PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Coinbase
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: No Minimum (Cashout from $1 upward) 
Withdrawal Processing Time: Instantly
Official Website:

Univox Community

This is just like other survey websites and Nigerians can earn money here too, plus one amazing thing about this is the welcome bonus of $2 which you can convert to cash.

It’s owned by a market research company called Market-Cube that was launched early 2009. 

You earn through taking surveys, engaging in polls, spinning wheels, and when you participate in the forum discussions. 


Payment Method: PayPal, Virtual Visa Debit Card, Amazon Gift Card
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $25 
Withdrawal Processing Time: Up to 15 days 
Official Website:


Open to Nigerians and been in existence since 2012 

This one is a mobile app based survey type which means you need to download their app and complete surveys on your android. 

You get paid by doing  surveys, through cashback, apps download, watching videos and through their referral program that pays you for inviting others. 

and minimum withdrawal is very low plus they provide multiple ways to receive your payment. 

So when you’ve earned lots of points, you can redeem for cash. 


Payment Method: PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Bitcoin, App Store, Playstation, Xbox etc.
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $3 
Withdrawal Processing Time: Up to 15 days 
Official Website:

Hiving Surveys

Multiple ways to earn on Joinhiving ranging from 

  • taking hiving paid surveys
  • completing micro tasks
  • testing products
  • taking part in lotteries to win cash prizes  
  • Lastly is through inviting friends also known as the referral program

These are the various ways for you to earn on hiving surveys and 100points equal $1, so you should earn as many points as possible in order to meet the payment threshold. 

Also, you’ll get 300 points bonus for completing your profile alone and payment threshold is very low. \

Hiving surveys

Payment Method: PayPal
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $4 (4,000 points) 
Withdrawal Processing Time: Instantly
Official Website:


An android survey app that let’s you earn points for answering questions which you can convert to cash

Various ways you earn points:

  • Taking cashkarm surveys
  • Signup bonus (you earn this when you signup through an invite link)
  • Through watching app trailers and videos 
  • badges
  • spinning a wheel of paid offers and deals

This legit accept Nigerians as well so you can go ahead to signup and start taking surveys, earn and cash out when you reach minimum payment threshold but this doesn’t pay to paypal. 


Payment Method: Amazon, iTunes, Target
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $5 (6,000 points)
Withdrawal Processing Time: Instantly
Official Website:


This is very popular too just like swagbucks and accept Nigerians too; it’s strictly on taking surveys unlike other websites where you have to install apps and stuff.  

When you get emails for surveys you qualify for, you complete them and earn points which can be converted to cash. 

Ways to earn points here:

  • Through the opinion world surveys
  • Prize draws
  • through donations

Plus they have a nice payout threshold. 


Payment Method: PayPal, Amazon, etc.  
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $5 
Withdrawal Processing Time: Instantly for Paypal, 3-5 business days for Gift cards
Official Website:

Ipsos i-Say

Founded in 1975; This is a global market research company and the pay you for taking surveys and doing other stuff and in return you earn points which can be converted to cash plus they have a low minimum payout. 

Nigerians are welcomed too, and below is how you earn points here;

  • taking surveys in different categories like entertainment, lifestyle, politics, etc.
  • Participating in the loyalty program (the more active you are, the more rewards you earn)
  • Through monthly contests and draws
  • and then the referral program (invite friends and you earn)

Ipsos i-Say
Payment Method:
PayPal, Amazon, Virtual mastercards
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $10 
Withdrawal Processing Time: Instant
Official Website:


the panel station

This works in Nigeria and you earn points which can be converted to cash here through taking surveys & sweepstakes and the payment method is through Amazon gift cards, no PayPal.

1000 points equal to $1.5 and you need 3000 points ($15) to cash out your earnings. 

Official Website:


Launched in 2015, open to the world including Nigerians. 

On Wowapp you in various ways ranging from 

  • taking surveys 
  • watching videos 
  • completing offers
  • Cash back 
  • playing games
  • smartslide or Lock screen (earn rewards for 
  • Surfing the internet 
  • Through Chatting 
  • Lastly, through the referral program


Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Account, 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: Removed
Official Website:


It works in Nigeria and you earn here by:

  • taking daily surveys
  • Adhoc surveys 
  • clinic trial surveys (these are medical related surveys and they pay quite high) 
  • Referring new members.

That’s pretty much it on the ways you earn with palm research plus they have a fair minimum payout. 

palm research

Payment Method: PayPal Only
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $10
Official Website:

Quick Thoughts

It works in Nigeria.

However this is like a bridge to other survey sites: this means that this survey app actually features other websites’ surveys for you to fill, in other words you have to click through to another site to complete the surveys before you earn.

Ways you earn here is through taking surveys, quick pools, etc.

quick thoughts

Payment Method: Gift Cards 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $10
Official Website: You have to download the android mobile App. 


Accepts Nigerians. 

Earn bitcoin and other cryptos using cointiply by taking surveys in different categories

Few ways to earn here include:  

  • cointiply paid surveys
  • offer walls 
  • bitcoin faucet (earn satoshi by completing simple tasks)
  • watching videos
  • playing online games 
  • through clicking ads
  • Cointiply loyal bonus
  • Promo code for free coins

You can earn as much coins as possible and 10,000 coins equal $1. 


Payment Method: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, etc. 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $3
Withdrawal Processing Time:  24-72 hours
Official Website:


If you want to get paid to read news in nigeria then these are the sites you want to check out. 

LPV Forum

A Nigerian Site, Launched in 2019 with over 42,000+ members and have reportedly paid over 3 million naira. 

UPDATE: Site no longer works! 

Here you get paid for reading news, posting and sharing sponsored posts on your Facebook profile and you also earn by referring others. 

lpv forum

Payment Method: Straight to your Nigerian bank account. 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: N5,000
Withdrawal Processing Time: 
Official Website

Newspay Forum

This is another Nigerian based news paying sites and this is similar to lpv forum.

You get paid for;

  • reading & sharing latest news
  • Getting Social
  • Participating in activities on the forum
  • Sharing viral posts to your facebook timeline 
  • Referring your friends

This is paying and been on since 2019. 


Payment Method: Straight to your Nigerian bank account. 
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: N4,000 to N10,999
Withdrawal Processing Time: 
Official Website

NNU Forum/Income

When you mention get paid to read news in Nigeria and you don’t bring up nnu, then the list is not complete.  

It was the No. 1 site ever launched that pays Nigerians for reading news; unfortunately they’ve gone out of business and no longer paying. 

This is just an honorable mention, they deserve my respect. 

Wakanda Nation

This is no longer paying too, it was the second news earning site to be launched after nnu forum. 

Due to one reason or the other, their website is still up but they are no longer paying, it’s now a full fledged affiliate site. 


This one stood the test of time and was the third news paying site in nigeria after nnu and wakanda nation, but finally they stopped paying too (maybe due to payment gateway issues). 


Another site that pays nigerians for reading news but didn’t last long. 

The site paid for sometime and stopped working; this is one reason I don’t really recommend news earning sites.

TBD Income

Update: The site is now out of business and no longer working.  


On this sites you can earn money right here in Nigeria by simply chatting and other related stuff; feel free to check them out and get started with anyone you are interested in. 

NOTE: This list won’t be much because most of these websites that pay you to chat limit their services to tier countries like USA, UK, etc. 

But below are the ones available to Nigerians.

This is a very cool website to make money simply chatting and on here, you simply signup and then you can set how much you want to get paid per minute from your clients. 

  • you can get paid to message/text guys (for females) – This is the adult section
  • you can coach people  
  • Chat readings
  • Get paid to video chat
  •  Etc.

You can charge as much as you like per minute  and lastly, they also have a referral program where you earn by referring others.

Official Website:


This is open to every country as long as you’ve got good communication skills. 

On Liveworld you get hired as a chat agent to monitor and moderate social media pages and other stuff. 


Official Website:

Accolade Support

Another get paid to chat site (USA though but anyone outside the US including Nigeria with good communication and typing skills can get hired too and make money) 

This deals mainly with the customer service department, so you get paid as a call center agent.

You get paid around $10 to $12 per hour. 

accolade support

Official Website:


There are a lot of sites that pay in Nigeria for sharing links on the internet and below is the list.

Adfly is a link shortener site and you get paid to shorten links and when you share that link and people click on it, you earn. 

If you can get a lot of traffic/clicks to your adfly link, then you can make some good cash right here in Nigeria, it’s not much but if you’re consistent it will definitely pay off plus how much you earn is uncertain as it differs from advertisers to advertisers. 

You can share your links to social media like facebook, forums, blogs, etc. 


Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $5 (PayPal), $20 (Payoneer)
Official Website:

This is just like adfly as they pretty much do the same thing; a website where you can shorten links and also get paid when people click through that link and see ads. 

It also has a referral program where you earn 20% commission for everyone you refer.

Minimum/Payment threshold is $5 for withdrawals to Paypal or Webmoney and Payoneer is $20

Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney
Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $5 (PayPal & Webmoney), $20 (Payoneer)
Official website:


These are my favorite sites and programs am using to make money right now, I’ve earned over N250k+ from them recently and if you’re interested you can go through, learn more and get started with anyone you like. 


Owodaily is a digital jobs based site in Nigeria where you complete simple social media tasks and earn money directly to your bank account without much stress. 

You earn between N10 to N50 per task and even up to N5,000 maximum.  

Tasks include:

  • Liking a post on facebook
  • commenting on an instagram post
  • commenting on youtube video
  • and many more

They also have a referral program where you earn N1,600 per referral and I’ve personally earned and withdrawn over N100,000+ from owodaily. 

paying sites in nigeria owodaily

Minimum withdrawal is N5,000

You can go read more about it here 


On this website, you can earn unlimited mtn data for free which you can resell to friends and make money and you’ll also be able to make N1,000 per referral + extra 1gb monthly. 

It’s a data vending site that offers you opportunities to earn money, in summary; 

  • you can buy mtn data cheap on dataway and resell
  • you can refer friends and earn N1,000 each referral + extra 1gb
  • Anytime the people you refer renew their subscription, you still earn another 1gb monthly

So you can earn lots of data here and also lots of money through their referral program and I’ve earned and withdrawn over N30,000+… and got credited mtn data countless times too. 


Minimum withdrawal is N5,000

You can learn more about data way here  


Chop40k also known as Nairainflow is one of the fastest paying sites I’ve personally earned money from, in fact I’ve earned and withdrawn N124,000+ from it as seen below;


On Nairainflow you are provided with many online business opportunities to earn money as well as the resources needed to do that like:

  • How you can earn up to $250 on clickbank
  • Earning $100 daily using Crypto
  • How to setup a paypal account in Nigeria that receives payment and how to earn $10 daily to it. 
  • etc..

Plus they have an affiliate program which is what I actually used to make over N124,000 as seen in the screenshot above. 

Minimum withdrawal is N6,000

You can click here to learn more about Nairainflow


This site has been online since 2015 and I’ve been with them since 2017. 

It’s one of  the most legit sites out there and they give you all necessary materials needed. 

I’ve made over N150k from recommending  them; below are the benefits of Naira4all and how they help you make money: 

  • You’ll get list of legit websites that will pay you for viewing adverts
  • You get free blog and website setup for you
  • They show you legit sites that pay you for sharing links online
  • You also get free access to over 3,700 eBooks you can download and resell to make money easily
  • They have an affiliate program that pays you N1,500 per referral. 


You can click here to read my review of Naira4all  

And that’s it.

What do you think of this list of paying sites in nigeria 2024

Do you have questions? and Let me know what you think about this list and or if there’s anything you think I’ve missed along the way. 

Feel free to leave your comments.

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  1. I signed up on naira 4 all since yesterday and paid 3000 but they have not yet upgraded my account

  2. Thanks Prosper. I always like to follow your lead because I know that all you give out is always genuine. I have earned from some of your programs e.g. NNU but the others, the earning wasn’t much as I had to always be on those sites to do what is required and I didn’t have much time then. But, I will definitely try those programs that are working for you. I so much appreciate your effort in making life easier for people through your genuine tutorials and information, especially this era that people are looking for who to scam.

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