Creating a Successful Online Platform: Steps and Strategies

NOTE: This is still working perfectly in 2020.

I don’t know how to say this really.

But here’s the truth:

I have been looking for a way to create what i call a Sustainable Online Business??with my reader like you for a long time now.

A system where you don’t have to stress yourself,

or have any past experience or whatever.

and here it is finally.

Cash on Demand is one of the best Online Business System for Nigerians.

and there are Proof, this works.

Should I tell you??

On the 3rd December, 2018 I made a post on my Facebook timeline letting my friends know that Cash on Demand really works.
Below is the Post:

“I just sent out a message 10 minutes ago promoting one good stuff to my platform and here are results haha…. (Just 10 minutes ago)
cash on demand

7 Registrations so far…..

Right now, from these registrations, I’ve earned around $20

Now let me go to sleep and check results tomorrow morning and see what I’ve got.
One Great Stuff is this:
Whenever I have something of great value again, I will send to them, I make money and they do as well . . . SIMPLE!
I promise you, you’re losing a lot if you don’t have cash on demand system yet, and if you have and not using it, OYO is your case.”
That’s it.
So Let’s get started.

what is Cash on Demand?

It’s an online business system where;

  • You don’t need to own any website or a blog
  • It is not filling of surveys
  • Not reading of news or commenting etc..
  • No need for email marketing
  • Not networking

What you will get inside Cash on Demand?

You can use cash on demand system to:

  1. Get referrals quickly to any income program you join
  2. Sell your own products whenever you want
  3. Promote affiliate products and make money
  4. Render your services
  5. Etc…

It is a video Course (Chapter by Chapter) that will teach you how to create your own platform, grow that Platform for free and Make Money by selling to the people in that platform (whenever you need money, you sell to them)

You must sell to make money online, that’s certain for sure in every business online.

and Take Note:

Selling here doesn’t necessarily mean your own products. Because you are like “Ahhh Prosper, I don’t have any products to sell o”

In fact: The N10,000 Product I sold today in my platform wasn’t my own product.

That’s one beauty of creating your own platform and I can sell to them over and over again using the instructions in Cash on Demand.

How to Make Money using Cash on Demand?

Firstly, you will Create your own Platform in about 10 Minutes: Cash on Demand Will Teach you everything

Then you will grow that Platform: Cash on Demand will tell you what you will use in growing the platform e.g. Contents you can give to them, fastest way to bring people into your Platform.

Growing that Platform and giving them value will take about 1-30 days.

Keep Reading:

Thirdly: Once your platform has grown i.e. there are some amount of people in your platform, you will start making money from them:

Cash on Demand teaches you everything A-Z on how you can go about this ok?

I created my platform on the 14th of November following what cash on demand says, I then used like 3-4 days to grow that platform and the 5th day I started selling to them and making money.

Yea, I started seeing results in 5-7 days time.

That’s how simple and fast it can be.

It is all about setting up your own Platform, Growing it and Making Money for Life because you own it forever.

See, let me tell you the plain truth.

In order to never go broke again, you need to actually setup your own online business, not going into one program or the other every day by day.

Why not create your own platform, grow it within 30 days or less and make money?

Following the Instructions in Cash on Demand step by step, I was able to create my own platform (Not website) on the 14th of Nov. Last week, on applying the cash on Demand System instructions I started growing it and in just about 5 days I started seeing results..

At the time of writing this post, I have made around N15,808 in just 2 days as seen in the screenshots below (This is to show you how easy and fast it can be if you follow everything)

In the Cash on Demand System, they reveal live:

How one guy used the system to make over N350,000 in one night – He never spent a kobo on advertising – He did not even create ANY PRODUCT!

You will as well see How a Lady Corper who used the cash on demand system made Million Naira within 2 months.
again, there is also a guy who did N90 Million in 14 days… Everything will be revealed to you there.
and lastly, John, the creator of the course who did N263,060 after using the cash on demand system.

Am dead seriously, these figures are real and you will see everything in the cash on demand.

Don’t limit yourself to what you can achieve.

So because you saw someone made such big amount doesn’t mean its a scam. It’s not, people make such big money from what actually works.

This is exactly what Cash on Demand teaches you.

They teach you how to Create Your Platform of People , grow it and start making money endlessly, whenever you want.

and you don’t need a blog or website, you don’t need to build any email list.

If you want what to know what to expect after buying Cash on Demand system, I have decided to include some of the chapters in this Post.

The System Includes:

Setting Up Your Platform –

  • How to create your own platform of People
  • Building and Growing Your Platform
  • Best ways to build up your followership (People that you will make money from later on)
  • Chapter 6: Resource Places to Get Content for Your Platform
  • Directions to resource places where to get quality content to always give to the people in your Platform

Chapter 7:?

Product Ideas to Sell – what you need to sell, where to get product ideas and What you have to do when you don’t have a product to sell and Lots More. You won’t believe this until you have actually used it yourself.

This is far better than NNU, wakanda, Naira4all etc.


1. Its Stress Free.
2. Because you own everything, and can always make money when you want, after creating your own platform.
3. Its your business.

It was created by My Internet Marketing Friend John Annavi?

I am a co-owner of this System.

So you can trust that this works.

Should you get it?

I highly recommend this, in fact: This is a real online business you create and start seeing results, and make money whenever you want.

But if you are the type that doesn’t take action, you will never get any result. (So it’s meant only for people who are ready to take action).

However here are some Pros and Cons.


  • Results is guaranteed if you follow step by step and implement what you learn.?.


  • It’s not for people who want to get rich overnight like Yahoo Boys Lol

Any Bonus Included?

Yes. When you get the Course, there are 3 Bonuses for you, they include:

  1. Fiverr: Video on how John my friend made over $350 on Fiverr.

How to get Started

I like to be plain whenever am recommending anything. If you are the type that doesn’t want to do any work at all, then do not buy Cash on Demand.

I repeat, do not buy.

Because you are going to use like 1-15 days to grow your Platform and finally start seeing results.

In my case after following Cash on Demand carefully and because I was serious, I was able to grow my platform and even started seeing results within 7 days only.

Results are guaranteed if you follow the instructions. It’s the truth. If you can remember well:

  • when I recommended NNU on this blog, were you scammed? Didn’t you make money? Sure you did. In fact according to my referral stats, Up to 631 People read and followed my recommendation of NNU as seen below and are still making money till date.

prospernoah recommendation right

  • what about wakanda? Didn’t you make money too?
  • and how about Naira4all? Shebi you made money as well.

Now what about Cash on Demand? This one is far better. I am recommending it again.

Here are Conditions, if you must get Cash on Demand

Am about to help you make a lot of money


1. You must be ready to dedicate your time to it

2. You will follow the System step by step after getting it.

3. You have to be patient to see results (Results are guaranteed 100%)

4. You must not be the type that after seeing all what you are to do in the course, you start saying “Ahhh, this thing is much na” without following it to make success.

So are you still Interested? Can you follow everything above?

If no, then you can close the page.

If yes, then congrats. I love your decision.

Cash on Demand System is Sold at N10,000 and that’s expensive mehnnn.

I have decided to give you access for only N5,000. This is strictly for my blog readers and I may decide to take the Price to the normal N10,000 at any time.

No one will question me for that.

So hurry up.

Getting Access and Making Payment

Make your payment of N5,000 directly to my Account below:

Prosper Noah

when you have made payment, send me an email to ( and I will give you Instant Access right away to Cash on Demand System eBook and videos.

Once you get it delivered to your email,

Follow below:

1.Open it and Go through everything

2. After going through, Create your Platform with the instructions (It takes 5 Minutes to create your platform)

Then Follow other stuffs there on growing it and making money

  • Just make sure you take it slowly and step by step.

There will be a way you can contact me when you have any issues concerning the Course. Have a great time making money.

Do you have any questions?

Leave it in the comment section and I will reply you as soon as possible.

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139 thoughts on “Creating a Successful Online Platform: Steps and Strategies

    1. Yes! Once you buy the Cash on Demand system at N5,000 you don’t need any money to start using it, creating your platform and making money for life.

      1. N5k is for the guide that teaches you everything bro.

        Lot of hard work is been put into creating the guide for you: lots of writings, doing videos and lots more.

        Would you want all those effort given to you for free?

        1. Ok , I will do it. But I do not know how to set up my own platform. Can you please throw more light on these. Thanks.

    1. As soon as you buy the Cash on Demand System, follow everything in it and start building your platform and earning.

      You don’t actually need money to start building

    1. Yeah just make your payment of N5,000 as instructed on this post and the guide will be sent to your email.

      So you can follow it, and start creating your platform and make money.

    1. Haha, yes in 2 Months…

      In the Cash on Demand System, they reveal live:
      How one guy used the system to make over N350,000 in one night

      – He never spent a kobo on advertising
      – He did not even create ANY PRODUCT!

      You will as well see How a Lady Corper who used the cash on demand system made Million Naira within 2 months….

      again, there is also a guy who did N90 Million in 14 days… Everything will be revealed to you there…

      and lastly, John, the creator of the course who did N200,000 after using the cash on demand…

      So they are all true and you will see proofs and all.

  1. How sure is this prosper Noah, I place u high oh don’t sell crap ebooks like one which was actually airdrop course then

    1. You will build your platform and focus on giving them what works and in return you make money from them.

      You learn everything step by step when you get the cash on demand system.

    1. Products are informational: Have you ever heard of “info products”? It’s a way of giving people valuable information on a particular thing.

      Things that will help the. (It becomes a product)

      It could be inform of eBook (Writing something in Microsoft word and selling) it for a specific amount of money or rendering services you are good at.

      No need to even borther yourself;

      even if you don’t have a product, there’s a chapter in the Cash on Demand course that tells you what to do when you don’t have any product of your own to sell.

    1. Max Bounty is very hard to get approved to, especially if you are in Nigeria.

      That is why I recommend you Register for Peerfly, it’s easy and fast to get approved into.

      Check that my post again on CPA Marketing in Nigeria where I show you how to register and make money, scroll down a bit and you will see it or click this link:

  2. ‘You said a lady corper made over a million naira within to 2 months’ and ‘ it was created this month by your internet friend John.A’. are you telling us the truth at all. Please clarify those statements

    1. The system was created this Month, the Lady and other people in question has been using this method for over months, till it was finally discovered and put up in this system.

      Do read the post carefully

  3. How do we get traffic to these informational products on the platform and secondly, how do I receive payments on the platform?

    1. Traffic is from your Platform after its been created and grown, if you can read the post carefully, it says you will sell to your platform after its been grown and make money.

      Receiving payments is straight to your bank account for sure as you can see in my screenshots on this post.

      Take your time to read before you ask questions.

  4. People have asked all the questions,let us give you the benefit of the doubt,you can not suddenly decide to betray the trust and credibility you ve garnered over the yrs online.People love you and believe you,dont fuck us.I will pay tomorrow.

  5. Hello Prosper,
    Been a while though.
    I barely understood this post but you being someone I trust so well, I think I will purchase the Cash on Demand. But I hope I won’t get disappointed. I repeat: Please don’t disappoint me.

  6. I admire your passion for helping others get something out of online business, i have watched you closely and i do believe you’re genuine, I have also decided to give this Cash on demand system a try believing it has a great outcome. Do not disappoint us who trust in your works!

  7. sir, Prosper

    Firstly, Thanks for sharing this opportunity but am a bit Skeptical.

    you said -” Following the Instructions in Cash on Demand step by step, I was able to create my own platform (Not website) on the 14th of Nov…..

    what do you mean (Not Website)?

    Then what is it?

    I taught a platform is known as a website too..

    please clear my doubts…huh?

    1. Yea, its clearly stated here in this post. “No website needed”
      and you’re correct, a platform could also be a website.

      In this case, its different, you don’t need to own any website or whatever.

  8. There’s nothing strange about your Cash in Demand system or its N5000 selling price.
    What I find very strange rather is the kind of money you said some users of your system are already making. You said one user made N1,000,000.00 in 60 days, one
    other fellow raked in N350,000.00 in less than 3 weeks before the mysterious seller who pulled N90,000,000.00 (Ninety Million Naira), equivalent to $257,000+ (Two hundred and fifty-seven thousand US Dollars) exchanging N350 to the dollar. To
    compound the issue, this N90,000,000.00 was said to be made not in one month of
    30 days but in “14 days” or two weeks only! What a terrible testimony!!

    So please my brother, Prosper, how on earth did this happen; when, where and by
    who? Can we see a trackable proof of this N90,000,000.00 income made in 2 weeks?

    1. Yea it sounds impossible but very true.
      You see all that live in the System.
      Don’t doubt what you haven’t seen yet.

  9. This may sound too good to hear but, proving it is another thing. Will you mentor the buyer till he makes something out of it or you buy & be OYO?

  10. Very interesting article indeed
    But you made it confused because you said is free of charge and now 5k is involved in the name of ebook, Hmmmmmm
    Who to be blame you, your write up?

    Well, the 5k is not all that much but the issue is that at the revised usually be the case whereas after the payment what you see is what you take, after all the payment is made already.
    Please clear me bro so that i can go ahead and make the payment.

    1. Well, initially, the word “FREE” actually means you don’t need any capital to start the business.


      In order to get the eBook and Video tutorials on how to start the system, you pay and have it sent to your email immediately.

      After all, someone has spent a lot of time writing the guide and doing videos to teach you how to earn.

  11. Prosper I saw you saying PayPal account, what if I don’t have PayPal account, what will be the alternative?

    1. Well, sorry that was a mistake and I have corrected the comment.

      I meant I will send the ebook to his email, not paypal actually.

  12. I will like to do this if i buy another smartphone ‘coz the previous one has spoilt and i’m using small phone. I’m gonna contact you Prosper if i’m ready.

  13. I don’t see anything exact here,because there is a personal spending which is not wat u said for d beginning… U said totally free……

      1. Good evening Prosper. I’m Juliet. I just came across this article and would like to know if the cash on demand program is still valid and working as at now being October 2020. Expecting your genuine response

  14. Can I still pay 5k for this cash on demand am just seeing this post for the first time and I have never try any online business I just want to known if I can still pay the money

  15. Hello my boss plz I want to start my life with this way kf making money please how can I start pls and is the price still 5,000 pls

  16. Bro, I need a favour from you, I have only 3k pressently, can you give me the course to me? Please. Help a brother.

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