Understanding GoHighLevel Pricing Plans for Digital Marketing Agencies

You have three GoHighLevel pricing options to consider for your digital marketing agency or business. We’ll go over the pricing and features of each plan to assist you in selecting the one that best suits your particular requirements.

The available GoHighLevel plans and their respective prices are as follows:

  1. Agency Starter Plan: $97 per month
  2. Agency Unlimited Plan: $297 per month
  3. Agency Pro Plan (SaaS): $497 per month

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

Agency Starter Plan ($97/month)

The Agency Starter Plan is available at a monthly cost of $97, positioning itself as the most budget-friendly choice among GoHighLevel plans. This plan provides access to a comprehensive array of GoHighLevel features and is well-suited for individual businesses.

It’s essential to be aware that the Agency Starter Account grants access to only one account login, either for your personal use or for a single client. If you require an unrestricted number of sub-accounts, an upgrade to the Agency Unlimited account is necessary.

Agency Unlimited Plan ($297/month)

When you choose the Agency Unlimited Account, which is priced at $297, you unlock access to all the features included in the Agency Starter Account. Additionally, this plan comes with several valuable enhancements.

Unlike the Agency Starter plan, the Agency Unlimited Account provides you with the flexibility to establish multiple accounts for your clients and businesses. This empowers you to deliver a more customized and branded experience to your clientele.

Agency Pro Plan (White Label + SaaS Mode)- $497/month or $4968/year

This GoHighLevel pricing plan offers a SaaS mode and white label feature and it’s priced at $497 per month, delivering a comprehensive range of advantages.

This plan encompasses all the features available in the Agency Unlimited plan, while also granting you the capability to white label the entire platform with your own branding. This enables you to market GoHighLevel as your own product.

Features of GoHighLevel Agency Starter

The HighLevel CRM Starter account provides access to several key features, including:

  • HighLevel Agency Dashboard: This dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your sales and marketing activities, providing valuable insights into your business performance.
  • Opportunities Dashboard: A powerful tool designed to help you track and manage leads as they move through your sales funnel, enabling efficient lead management.
  • Contact Management: Simplify contact list management, allowing you to handle your contacts effortlessly. You can also add appointments, tasks, notes, and more for streamlined organization.
  • Customizable Follow-Up Marketing Campaigns: Easily tailor and automate your follow-up marketing campaigns to effectively engage with your audience.
  • Surveys and Forms: Capture leads efficiently using customizable capture and survey forms, facilitating valuable data collection.
  • Conversation Dashboard: Access all your email, SMS, and phone conversations in one place, making it convenient to review and manage your communications.
  • Calendar Scheduler: This tool enables you to capture and organize essential appointments within your GoHighLevel scheduler app, eliminating the need for additional scheduling tools like Calendly and Acuity.

Additional features included in the Starter account encompass:

  • Funnel Builder: Create and design sales funnels effortlessly to enhance lead conversion and customer engagement.
  • Two-way SMS Messaging: Engage in interactive and responsive SMS conversations with your leads and clients for seamless communication.
  • Website Builder: Build and customize professional websites without hassle, establishing a robust online presence for your business.
  • Voicemail: Efficiently manage and access voicemail messages, ensuring you never miss important communications.
  • Integrations with Other Tools: Seamlessly connect and integrate with various third-party tools, enhancing the versatility and functionality of your workflow.
  • Google and Facebook Attribution Reporting: Gain valuable insights into your marketing efforts through detailed reporting, tracking, and analyzing your performance on Google and Facebook platforms.

Features of GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited

Aside from having all the features of the Starter Plan, Here are some additional features:

  1. Limitless Client Sub-Accounts: Manage an unlimited number of sub-accounts for your clients and businesses, efficiently streamlining your operations.
  2. Workflow Builder: Create and design custom workflows to automate tasks and boost productivity, simplifying your processes.
  3. Customized White-Label Desktop App: Personalize and brand your desktop app with your logo and design, reinforcing your unique identity.
  4. Phone Support: Benefit from dedicated phone support to receive timely assistance and promptly address any inquiries.
  5. Chat Support: Access live chat support for real-time communication with the support team, ensuring swift solutions to your concerns.

Features of GoHighLevel SaaS Pricing

HighLevel White Label

HighLevel offers a white-label option that empowers businesses to fully customize and brand the platform to align with their unique identity. This feature allows for the replacement of all GoHighLevel branding elements with personalized logos, colors, and branding elements, effectively presenting the platform as a distinct product of the business.

Beyond cosmetic changes, the white-label option provides businesses with the flexibility to independently set their pricing and billing structures, separate from GoHighLevel’s standard pricing.

This versatility is particularly valuable for businesses looking to include the platform as part of a comprehensive service package or bundle it with other products and services.

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

HighLevel’s Software as a Service (SaaS) feature enables agencies to resell the software while retaining 100% of the profit. In this capacity, agencies act as resellers of the HighLevel software, while the software remains the property of HighLevel.

Through GoHighLevel SaaS, businesses can offer both services and software to their clients, effectively operating as a hybrid service and software company simultaneously.

AI Conversational Bot

With the GoHighLevel SaaS Pro account, businesses gain access to robust artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, facilitating the automation of various processes, particularly conversation moderation.

The AI bot is capable of engaging in conversations in both spoken and written language formats. Leveraging AI and machine learning, businesses can automate conversation moderation, saving time and effort.

It analyzes and comprehends the content of conversations, enabling efficient and effective responses, thereby enhancing the overall communication experience and streamlining conversation management within the platform.

Advanced API Access

This pricing package provides extensive API access, enabling businesses to integrate and utilize the platform’s functionalities in a flexible manner. Additionally, the plan includes the convenience of email and text rebilling, facilitating seamless and automated billing processes.

Other features available for agencies include the SaaS dashboard, non-payment lock-out, automatic sub-account generation, GoHighLevel SaaS snapshot (enabling the export of an entire account to another HighLevel account), automatic Twilio rebilling, and more.

Features for clients encompass Facebook Messenger chat, reputation management, 2-way text messaging, Google My Business chat, missed-call text back, and others. This plan is ideal for agencies seeking to enhance their revenue by reselling the GoHighLevel platform to clients under their own branding.

FAQs on GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

Does GoHighLevel Have a Free Plan?

While GoHighLevel does not offer a free plan for its platform, you can experience it at no cost by signing up for a 14-day trial.

How Much Do GoHighLevel Pricing Plans Cost?

Here are the pricing options for the different agency plans:

  1. Agency Starter Plan: $97 per month or $2,970 per year. Agency Unlimited Plan: $297 per month or $4,970 per year. SaaS Mode: $497 per month or $4,970 per year.
  2. How Much is GoHighLevel Per Month?

Opting for the monthly payment option with GoHighLevel will require you to pay either $97 per month, $297 per month, or $497 per month, depending on your selected plan.

Can I Upgrade My GoHighLevel Plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your GoHighLevel plan at any time. The additional cost for the upgrade will be prorated based on the remaining payment period. Starting from the following payment period, you will be charged the full cost of the upgraded plan.

Can I Pause My GoHighLevel Plan?

You have the option to temporarily pause your GoHighLevel plan for a maximum of two months. If you wish to extend the pause beyond two months, please contact customer service to make the necessary arrangements.

Can I Cancel My GoHighLevel Plan?

You are free to cancel your GoHighLevel plan at any time for your convenience. However, please be aware that no refunds will be issued for any remaining duration of your current subscription.

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