How to Make Money Online in Nigeria without Spending a Dime

Guide: Making Money Online in Nigeria 2024 Without Any Investment [Legitimate Methods]

Did you actually know you can learn how to make money online in nigeria without spending a dime or want to learn how to make money online without paying anything?

and Wait:

  • Without Scamming anyone
  • No Yahoo or G-Boy Stuffs
  • Yes, No Money Investment

Sounds so untrue right?

The you’d need to read from beginning till the end of this article where I show you how I make money without spending a dime or investing any money.

>> I earned N130,000 in July 2018 from nnu alone.

The Amazing Thing:

I’d be showing you how you too can make money even without spending a kobo however you should note:

“There’s never food for a Lazy Man, Except you plan on scamming people which I’m not gonna be including in this post”

If you are asking this question then “what can i do to make money in Nigeria?”its either you are looking to make money online or you are looking to help a friend make money online [Which is not so True Lol].

Whichever it is, All i need is for you to make money.

You will learn how to make naira online straight in your local bank here in Nigeria..

But Hey,

If you really want to make money online you should follow tips that work really well and apply what you learn and definitely you are going to make success.

So without wasting much time let me go straight to the points.

But before then:

Do not be deceived that:

you can make money online doing nothing. Whoever tells you that only wants your money and nothing else.

and Hey;

You don’t need to Join Yahoo or Scam People to Make Money Online.

You’re going to learn right now.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2019 Without Spending a Dime

Like I said earlier; if you want to make money, you need to sell something [not necessary goods or so what] You should follow below carefully to learn of my own ways: Way I make money Online and replicate them to your success.

Alert: NNU is the latest Paying program in Nigeria with only N1,600 registration fee.

How Do I Make Money Online in Nigeria?

1: Selling my Skills or Making Money with what I Love.

This is one of the latest online money making opportunities.

One of the best ways you can make money online [or Offline] is doing what you love.

Trust me this is one of the easiest way of making money in Nigeria.

You may be asking How is this Possible?

Yes, there are a whole lot of people online who needs to get things done as soon as possible and need your skills to enable them finish their task.

On sites like, you can sell those skills, put up that you can do one thing or the other you love and people hire to work and you get paid.

Very Simple.

If I have Graphics Design skills, I can sell them on fiverr and get paid when anyone hires me.? You can create logos for people and get paid like the guy in the picture below.

logo design fiverr

This is one way I make money online. You can take a look at and see lots of things you can do and skills you can as well offer there and make money as a teenager.

A Quick Snap of my Fiverr Account: That is me getting paid for doing what I Love and using my Skills.

fiverr earnings prosper noah

Above is just to show you that you can get paid for the skills you have within you, start small and start something.

At the time of writing this post I’m withdrawing money from fiverr for a work i finished last 2 weeks [December 17, 2017].

Alert: NNU is the latest Paying program in Nigeria with only N1,600 registration fee.

The Fact Remains:

Learn a Skill, Sell the Skills, Make Money Over and Over Again.

You may checkout for what people are doing and create an account. Start up something as well.

Below is another way.

2. I Make Money Online Sharing what I Know with People

Do you know a lot of guys bank thousands just sharing information?

ebook riches

This is very simple.

Find Solution to a problem people are facing and create a Book on it. It’s usually known as eBook and all called [Information Marketing].

You Know What?

My 4 Years on the Internet I have come to discover that before you make money you need to SELL something.

I have tried lots of money making methods and the only and substantial one that has proven to bring in money even while I sleep is selling my own Products.

It’s called information Marketing like I said above, you find what people need and solve the problem. You sell it to them quickly! They are digital products such as eBooks.

People don’t need you to bring it to their door step, they pay for it and you send it to their email, they read and fix their problems. SIMPLE!

Few Examples of Most of my eBooks are below:

I find what problems people are facing, create an eBook providing the Solution to that Problem and In return they pay me and get their problem solved instantly!

That’s how I make My Money!

Writing eBooks and Selling easily and FAST.

Last Month, I wrote an eBook. See it here: and that same day published it online and made 4 sales the same day.

You can create your own eBooks and make money from home easily.

If you haven’t Made Money Online, its probably because you haven’t solved a Problem.

So here is how you get started to creating eBooks:

Think of a problem people are facing around you

For Example:

In my case, I know a lot of internet marketers in Nigeria need a PayPal account to receive their payments from abroad but unfortunately.

In Nigeria you are unable to receive payments with paypal, I made it possible to actually create a PayPal account that can receive payments without hassles right from here in Nigeria.

Ok right here:

  • Get Microsoft Word to write the solution
  • Convert it to PDF
  • Sell it.

Where to Sell Your eBooks?

  • Sell the eBooks on Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Sell on Forums like Nairaland
  • Let People Know about it offline
  • Etc..

This is professionally called INFORMATION MARKETING and products called Digital Products/Info Products.

Anyone can easily view or read from their device.

You can turn almost any knowledge you have that people need into an eBook and make Sales!

If you can’t write eBooks, then you should be able to market and sell a “Done for You” Product as seen below.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you are serious about making money or need to know how to make money online without paying anything then Affiliate Marketing is one good Stuff you can start right now.

It’s one best online business that pays in the long term.?

you may be asking “How does Affiliate Marketing work?”

Here you don’t even need a product of your own to make money.

The way affiliate marketing works goes like this:

  • You find another seller’s product [it’s created already]
  • You sell the product
  • You get commission whenever any one buys that product

It’s also my all time best.

Affiliate Program in Nigeria You can Join to Make Money Online

Jumia /Konga Affiliate Program

Ever heard of Jumia Marketplace? Where you buy stuffs online and get it sent straight to your door step.

Checkout: Affiliate Programs in Nigeria to Make N1,000 Every Minute

Checkout: Oriflame Nigeria Registration: How to Make Money for Life Easily

Also Read: 2 Best Online money making sites in Nigeria

Jumia has an affiliate program that pays you commission for selling their products.

Take a look at their commission chart below:


As seen above, you can see how much commission per sale.

It’s very simple to join the jumia affiliate program.

Thesame goes with Konga Affiliate Program

  • You join
  • Promote
  • Make a Sale
  • Get Paid Commission

Signup for Jumia Affiliate Program? | Signup for Konga Affiliate Program

  • Promote the Products on Facebook, Twitter
  • Promote on Forums like Nairaland
  • Offline
  • Etc..

You actually setup everything and expect huge commissions on autopilot. Yes, you earn over and over again for your hard work.

So in Summary,

Here is how to make money online without paying anything in Nigeria

  • Your Skills
  • Make Money Online Sharing what You Know with People
  • Affiliate Marketing [Selling others’ Products]


Do not be in haste to make money online. Instead follow guide that works as you can see in this post.

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Before I forget, I make money from the nnu affiliate program and below is a video of my first payment on my youtube channel.

So this is how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime or without money investment.

The only investment you have here is your time taken.

Take Action right now? and Make Money for yourself for Free.

If you are still in school, then this is how to make money in nigeria as a student as well.

Have any questions? Drop them in comment section and have a great day!

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  1. I have a fiverr account that has made me no money coz I lost out with a client while I was in NYSC camp. So he opened a dispute coz I couldn’t do the job.

    Now I need a 90% to step up again..pls can you help

    1. since he canceled the order, its gonna appear there and may affect people from ordering your fiverr gigs.

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      Wish you success

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