Make N10,000+ with the Konga Affiliate Program

Ever heard of the Konga Affiliate Program or sounds strange to you? This is one of the best and legit affiliate programs in Nigeria.

If you are on this post then it means you are likely looking to earn some money for yourself in Nigeria just by promoting others products;

  • On Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Offline
  • Etc…

But before i take you through the steps in making money from the Konga referral or affiliate program I’d like to show you what affiliate marketing actually is.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I always define it in a Very simple explanation. Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest ways to make money online in Nigeria or outside Nigeria. It goes like below:

  • You find a product that is created already: I some times call this a “done for you” product
  • You help promote? that product
  • When any one buys it using your link, you get commission

That’s just a simple definition of what affiliate marketing really is. You pick a product people are looking to buy, promote it to those people. They buy and you? make commission from the promotion/sale.

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So that’s it.

So what’s up with Konga Affiliate?

While there are many Online Shopping websites in Nigeria, many only allow you buy things but konga gives you an extra opportunity to make? more money through what it calls the Affiliate Programme.

konga affiliate program

So how does this work anyway?

You only signup and start promoting the products to people, and when they register and buy through a special link konga will give you; you earn your cash. But you may be asking how do i get started right away?

How to Signup for Konga Affiliate Program?

Anyone can easily signup and start making some cash from his or herself as soon as possible.

If you want to register and start making money in Nigeria then you should follow the procedures to get started right away.

Step 1: Go to Konga Signup Page.

Basically what you are suppose to do firstly is click here to visit the affiliate registration page on that page, you will need to click signup then follow below.

Step 2: Fill and Submit.

After clicking on signup, you will be taken straight to this page. Where you can fill your correct details and as well bank account details so they can pay you.

Konga does not really require any approval before you can start promoting them, so it’s very good and below are somethings you may be required to fill.

  • An Email .
  • Phone Number
  • Field for ID [Put in anything you can remember] Its an ID of your choice which is used in your affiliate links. It can be up to 20 characters long e.g. John, Jake20, etc..
  • Website URL [You can put your facebook profile there] if you have no website.

Feel all necessary field and finally hit signup.

That’s it.

You will now be welcomed with a successful notification in the next page.

So all you should do now is login to your dashboard.

Sounds cool right?

Now that you’ve signed up successfully you want to learn how to really make money and how you can get your links for promotion.

Follow below;

How to Promote Konga Products

Now this may sound untrue but if you can level up things and get as many people as possible to buy products though your link then you can be making up to N10,000+ weekly.

So how do you actually do this?

1. Social Media

One of the best ways to promote this products is via Facebook, twitter, etc.

If you have some decent amount of friends, try to find the latest trending or hot product to share.

When they buy through your link, you earn commission.

This method requires you have some good amount of friends on your social media account for maximum results.


  • More Customers
  • More Sales
  • More Commission on Autopilot

2. Website or blog.

This is another great way to make money with konga without your own products also known as the kon ga affiliat e

The method is quite simple as well;

  • Get a blog
  • Have some significant amount of visitors
  • Place konga banners and links

This method is the best because you can have sales automatically because the people who will be buying are the ones searching from google.

3. Promote Offline

This method works super doper cool. I have personally found it to be the most efficient way to promote konga products.

You simply tell people in your area that you can help them order things online from konga and they will pay on delivery.

You use your affiliate link.

Once you help them get the product online sucessfully and they pay, you get your commission.

Make good use of this method and you will be banking lots of money talking about N10,000+ if you put in more effort.

So now that you know the best ways to make money with this Affiliate, I will now guide you on how to get your affiliate links or banners for promotion.

How do you get your Kon ga Affiliate Link?

Step 1: Go to your login page.

step 2: Click on Promotion and you will be displayed with banners

The First link you see at the top is your general affiliate link


This link points directly to the kong marketplace where they can order anything.

So you can share this link but the downside is that some people may want to buy just one particular product.

So you may want to get an affiliate link to that exact product; this is where you need the second linking type called DeepLink Generator.

What is Deeplink Generator?

This is one is a bit technical but you can understand it.

Let’s say for example I want to buy a particular product “Bag” right away, you may want to get the affiliate link to it immediately. So you would not like to get the general affiliate link and start finding the product again.

That is where deeplink comes in.

With deeplink, all you need do is just copy the url of that product and paste in deeplink generator.

Click generate and you will be given a new link to that product alone.

konga affilate deep link generator

Warning: The link will be very long so make use of to shorten it before sharing on Facebook.

Banner for Blogs

If you have a blog of your own, you can click on the promotion tab >> Banner and Link.

Click on get banner code and paste the code on your blog HTML widget.

It would start showing immediately or may take a few minutes.

This is how to promote and use your links.

Commission Rates

6% commission on sale of Konga Daily products
4% commission on sale of Fashion products
3% commission on sale of Toys/Kids products
2% commission on sale of Sports and Fitness products
2% commission on sale of Automotive and Industrial products
3% commission on sale of Beauty, Health and Personal Care products
2% commission on sale of Home & Kitchen products
2% commission on sale of Electronics
1.5% commission on sale of Computers and Accessories
1% commission on sale of Phones & Tablets

You can earn up-to 6% commission on sale for all other categories not listed.

Now i believe you know how to make money with the konga affiliate program. Make sure you pay your tithe and send my own share hehe.

If you have problems, don’t hesitate to leave your comments and I will reply almost immediately.

Have a great time.

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