How to Utilize JvZoo for Income in Nigeria (2024)

Want to get stated with JvZoo in Nigeria in 2024?

In this article am going to show you step by step how to start affiliate marketing using the JvZoo platform right here in Nigeria and make money.

I know it’s been a while I posted here on the blog.?This is due to some personal projects am working on.

Anyway, let’s gooo.

Just before then, for the existing readers of this blog who do not know what Jvzoo is all about;

What is JvZoo and is it Trustworthy?


JvZoo is a trustworthy global affiliate network, been in existence since 2011 that connects vendors with affiliates.

This means as an affiliate marketer you get to help product creators promote their products to your audience or customers and make sales?. You earn a particular commission ranging from 50% upwards.

For example:

If a product is being sold on JvZoo for $47 and you apply to become an affiliate for 50% commission, when you make any sale, you get paid 47/2 = $23.5

If you go ahead to make 10 sales, that?s $23.5 * 10, equals $235 in affiliate commissions, equivalent to N86,000

Simple as that.

For those of you who have heard of Clickbank; JvZoo is a great alternative to clickbank though it’s better when it comes to internet marketing products

Check out this detailed Jvzoo vs Clickbank post

How does JvZoo Make Their Own Money?

So how does jvzoo make money really? you may be asking, since it’s a completely free platform

They make money in three ways;

  1. They charge sellers of products that you’re promoting 5% of the gross selling price on each product or service through the Affiliate Program
  2. They also sell adverts space (So if you’re a vendor, i.e you sell on jvzoo and you want to get lots of affiliates, you can pay JvZoo and they’ll have your product banner posted on their page) so lots of affiliates will be able to see this and probably signup to promote your products
  3. I’m not really sure about this third one but I do see their emails from time to time promoting some products, so probably they also promote some products as an affiliate and get paid commissions just like you too (Warrior Plus does this alot).

That’s how Jvzoo make their own money.

Does JvZoo Accept Nigeria?

Yes, Jvzoo accept Nigeria. It’s a global affiliate network which means affiliates from all over the world are welcome to join and promote products to earn commissions.

Obviously, Nigeria is not an exception unlike programs like wealthy affiliate program where Nigerians are restricted.

In fact, I received a payout of $49 in January to my payoneer account, see a snapshot of the proof below;

jvzoo nigeria

Check the screenshot of the stats below; there are some of my jvzoo affiliate earnings from products I promoted;

jvzoo affiliate earnings

They pay to payoneer, and also paypal.

Now let?s get started.

The main reason I wrote this post is because I discovered a lot of Nigerians are searching for how to make money with the JvZoo affiliate network, and my job here is to help you guys make as much money as possible.

Just before I go ahead to show you the tips and techniques you?ll need to really crush affiliate marketing on JvZoo, I?d work you through a few stuffs you?ll need as a Nigerian.

First things first is to setup your account.

How to Create a JvZoo Account in Nigeria

Follow the quick step by step tutorial below

To signup on jvzoo from Nigeria is very simple and all you need is a working email; I always advise you use a gmail account I can’t remember when last I logged in my yahoo mail.

It’s the best to use and it’s what majority of people use these days.

If you don’t have gmail, then you can quickly head in to and create an account as soon as possible because it’s what you’re going to use.

Follow below now to create your jvzoo account

Step 1: Go to their website here:

When you are taken to the homepage, you need to scroll down a bit to where you have (Signup as a seller) or (Signup as an affiliate)

As see below;

jvzoo affiliate or seller

Obviously, you want to click get started on the affiliate part.

Step 2: Fill Your details carefully

Now you’ll be taken straight to the next page where you have to fill in your details such as name, country, etc..

Am sure you can do that, and you should make sure you enter your correct information carefully, the way I entered mine below;

enter details

Then click get started; in the next page they’ll ask you to click the verification link they sent to your email.

So check your mail and click on the link to get your account verified.

Getting Paid from the JvZoo Affiliate network

In the last step where you are taken to your dashboard, all you need to do is select how you’ll get paid your affiliate commissions and you can receive your payments to bank or payoneer via JvZoo Pay and also through PayPal.

Right here in Nigeria, as you already know, we tend to face issues when it comes to receiving dollar payments,


You guessed right.

Am referring to stuffs like PayPal account.

But good news, no worries though.

PayPal used to be the only way to receive commissions from the JvZoo network, but as at February 2019, they introduced different payment methods.

Right now, you can get paid straight to your Nigerian bank account from JvZoo, and you can use your Payoneer account as well.

So three options.

1. Payment to your Bank account

2. Payment to Payoneer (It?s 100% free to create a payoneer account at

3. Payment to PayPal

You can check my post on how to create a paypal account that sends and receive funds in Nigeria.

Whichever one you decide to use, just enter the details in your your payment settings and you’re done.

Now it’s time to get started.

Affiliate Marketing works in Nigeria and is Booming

Just incase you don’t know, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online right here in Nigeria and it’s really booming

It’s my No. 1 source of income online; in fact it’s what I do for a living and make lots of cash, you can go check my warriorplus post where I made over $1,000 in a month just promoting other people’s digital products and I even made a video of my $1000 live withdrawal from affiliate marketing.

Feel free to watch it below;

How to Make Money with JvZoo and Succeed in Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Well, I?m into JvZoo myself, though it?s not the affiliate network I really focus on.

Made some good commissions back then, but had to leave for Warrior Plus, an alternative to clickbank and one of the best affiliate programs out there.

I need let you know the honest truth;

Before I go ahead and show you some free ways to make money from JvZoo and other affiliate networks like WarriorPlus, Clickbank etc..

FACT is, as a complete beginner to affiliate marketing, your best bet would be to go for a paid step by step training so you don?t get to waste lots of years trying to do it yourself.

And if there?s a paid training I can recommend, it?s Affiliate Marketing Jumpstart Kit by my friend, Victory Akpomedaye, he’s the leading top and #1 affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

He’s made Over $250,485.201 (=N=100M) In Commissions From Affiliate Marketing In Less Than 2 Years as seen in some of his results below;

jvzoo in nigeria

So I advice you, get his training.

Meanwhile, below is how to get started with making money on JvZoo

1. Have your jvzoo account up and running (I already shared how to do this above)

2. Go to to see all the products that?ll be launching and request permission to promote.

You can also see some existing hot products to promote from the jvzoo marketplace not just muncheye

3. When you get approved, you can start promoting.

below is some cool ways to start promoting.

How to Promote JvZoo Products and make Sales

1. Email marketing

One great way to promote jvzoo products is through email marketing, in fact, this is not one great way, it’s actually the best way and it’s how pro affiliate marketers make sales.

They build an email list of audiences who are interested in a particular topic such as make money online, or internet marketing at whole, build relationship with the subscribers and then they promote products from jvzoo to them and make sales.

You can run Facebook ads to build an email list or you can launch your own software and get buyers list.

Buyer lists are email list of subscribers who have actually bought something; and they are the best kind of subscribers out there.

So you can either build an email list using platforms like Facebook, Google Ads or Bing or you can launch your own software, get sales and build a buyers list then promote jvzoo products to them.

Launching your own software cost millions of Naira so as a beginner you want to start with paid traffic using Facebook Ads, Google or Bing Ads.

Alternatively, you can use solo ads as well to build your list as it’s the fastest form of paid traffic.

With Solo Ads you can get up to 1,000 subscribers within 24hours… all you do is just pay a vendor with large subscribers list, and they send your optin page to their list and you get subscribers.

I have a post on how to build an email list for affiliate marketing, you can click here to go through it if you want.

2. Reviews

When a product is released, a lot of affiliates are going to start emailing their subscribers and these subscribers who are hungry to know more about the product will go to places like Google and YouTube in search of reviews to know if the product is good or not before they purchase.

So they will start typing words like ?Product name review? etc on Google and YouTube.

You can do reviews of these products and post to YouTube and add your affiliate link in the video description, once they see your review and are interested in the product, they go ahead to click on your affiliate link, checkout and make purchase and boom, you make commissions.

so you are actually ?Jacking? the launch? this is 100% free traffic and sales for you.

You are literally not spending a dime on Adverts, or email list whatever?

The only setback with this is that you can?t really scale.

Though you?ll get to make some money, not bad for a complete beginner.

That?s one of the free ways.

NOTE 1: You can review these products either on YouTube, or you can write reviews on your blog.

NOTE 2: To really succeed with launch jacking, you need to make sure the product, you?re jacking is from a TOP vendor and a lot of affiliates are promoting it?

Remember, the keyword here is TOP? when a top and well known vendor releases a product, hundreds of quality affiliates will be emailing to their large list of subscribers?which means a lot of people will be checking for reviews.

The more the traffic, the more sales you can make.

NOTE 3: Another thing to note is that, there are lots of others doing launch jacking, so you are not the only smart one lol?

In order words, there?s going to be competition for sure.

Plus, you can build jvzoo review sites too and write reviews about products (this is basically a blog setup to review products from jvzoo)

That?s it.

HINT: I?ve personally made over 1m in affiliate commissions doing Local launch jacking so it?s not as if am just giving you tips.

It works, and if you do it right, you?ll become real good in it as soon as possible.

3. Blogging

Blogging is another way to promote products from Jvzoo as an affiliate.

As you already know, you’re on my blog right now and If you go through some of my posts you’ll notice I promote one product or the other, it’s one great way to make money through affiliate marketing.

Below is how to get started with this:

  • Create a blog, here’s how to create a blog in Nigeria
  • Configure it for SEO
  • Write helpful articles

So basically, you need to setup a blog and research for keywords related to the product you are going to be promoting, write articles targeting those keywords and promote the products in these articles.

For example: If you’re going to be promoting a software on jvzoo that helps with building email list, then you want to create articles focused on email marketing and then you can recommend this software in the article.

The more articles you write and rank on google first page, the more traffic you get and this means more sales for you.

You can review some of the jvzoo products on your blog as well, this is a very good way to earn recurring revenue from your blog.

4. Free Landing Pages by Autoresponders

If you’re really low on budget then this one should get you started as soon as possible.

Email Autoresponders like Getresponse allow you create free landing pages on their platform to build your list and also redirect to affiliate offers.

So you can create simple optin landing pages to collect emails, and then redirect them to a product you’re promoting.

This is an easier and cheaper way to do affiliate marketing.


You can really make money from JvZoo from Nigeria, you just need to follow the right training and mentor if not, you?ll spend lots of years trying to figure things out.

You need to go at it from the professional angle which is building your email list, and promote offers to them over and over again (That’s the way it works).

So if you’re really serious and want to turn affiliate marketing into your full time sustainable business, I’ll suggest you go check Victory’s Affiliate Marketing JumpStart Kit

You may be asking “But Prosper, why are you recommending me to check Victory’s Training?”

Well, the reason is this: As said earlier on, I’m not really focusing on Jvzoo myself, I focus on WarriorPlus where I do $500-$1,000 per month, though the strategies to make money both from JvZoo or WarriorPlus and other affiliate networks are the same… but right now, I don’t have a personal paid training.

Moreover Victory is one of my mentors, I paid around N250k to attend his Digital Marketing/Affiliate Marketing/Product Launch Training October 2019 last year and I must say, whatever comes from that dude is high quality.

When it comes to affiliate marketing in the International Market (JvZoo) he’s the best.

So feel free, go check his Affiliate Marketing Jumpstart Kit and get it, all the necessary materials, training, etc you need to make money with JvZoo is there.

Meanwhile, check the short walk through video I made for you below;

CHECK Victory’s AffiliateJumpStart Kit Here?

If you can’t afford it, then start with the free promotional tips I shared with you in this guide.

Hope this JvZoo in Nigeria post helped you and if you face any issues, don’t forget to drop in the comment section so I can reply you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hello bro. Thanks, Prosper for this review.

    I am Clinton from Warri. I am a graphic, logo, app, web, and software designer, and entrepreneur.

    I stumbled upon JVZoo some time ago but I haven’t really started promoting anything. I noticed that a lot of resources are out there for how to be an affiliate but not a lotta resources are out there for selling or being a successful seller on JVZoo.

    I am far more interested in selling. I’m doing research on what is in high demand that I can sell. As well as, whether or not the JVZoo ads placements really brings leads and sales when advertising your product with it.

    I’ll be looking to sell something soon and have JVZoo affiliates promote it and I’d pay them commissions. That type of stuff. I really need to raise money for an upcoming project.

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    Because the last time I checked, it seems JVZOO requires that I have a paypal account to be able to sell my own product in their platform.

    Yes, I know Victory Akpomedaye is a Nigerian and he sells his own products in JVZOO, but I really don’t know how he managed to open his seller account.

    Could you be kind enough to guide me on how to open a JVZOO seller account as a Nigerian?

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